Iran Travel Tips

Standard 24 May 16

Summer in Iran | Caspian Coolness or Desert Heat?

Iran: land of ancient wonders, delicious food, and... scorching summers?

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Standard 24 May 13

Iran's Springtime | Where to Go and What to Do

Iran, a country with a rich history and diverse landscapes, offers something for everyone. From mountains to deserts, each region has its own unique beauty.

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Standard 24 May 13

Unusual Foods in Iran | Weirdly Wonderful Dishes

Iran is famous for its high-quality, flavorful, and diverse cuisine. From fragrant main courses to decadent desserts, refreshing salads, satisfying street snacks, and even fruits, Iranian food offers a constant stream of surprises for your taste buds.

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Standard 24 May 11

Iran Ethnic Groups | Language, Traditions, and Culture

Iran, a country with a long history, is home to many different ethnic groups. This variety is more than just a complexity of Iranian culture; it is a defining feature. Iran has become a multicultural center due to these various ethnicities.

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Standard 24 May 11

Traveling to Iran by Land | All You Need to Know

Iran, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning natural landscapes, offers a unique travel experience. While flying is a common way to reach Iran, for some travelers, the journey itself is just as important as the destination.

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Standard 24 May 08

Social Media in Iran | Accessing & Staying Connected

For many travelers, social media has become an essential tool for staying connected with loved ones back home, sharing travel experiences, and documenting adventures.

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Standard 19 October 12

13 Best Autumn Destinations in Iran

Are you planning to travel to Iran during Autumn? Are you wondering where are the best places to visit in Iran in the fall? Would you like to add some of the most spectacular autumn destinations in Iran to your travel plan? 

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Standard 24 March 12

Discover the similarities between Iran and Italy

Iran and Italy are similar in a great many ways. Despite their linguistic and geographic differences, both countries are strikingly similar in several ways. You may even have heard people saying that Italy is the Iran of Europe, and on the contrary, Iran is the Italy of Asia.

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Standard 24 March 12

Iran Travel Costs: A Budget-Friendly Guide

Iran has something for everyone: history lovers can discover different ancient sites that have stood for centuries. Nature lovers can explore serene deserts, green rainforests, jagged mountains, and emerald jungles while enjoying the country's favorable climate.

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Standard 24 March 08

Most Common Farsi Phrases for Tourists in Iran

Iran, a land steeped in ancient history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality, beckons travelers with its captivating charm. From the majestic ruins of Persepolis to the bustling bazaars of Isfahan, every corner of this captivating country offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Standard 24 March 08

Jomeh Bazaar in Tehran | Antiques & Local Culture

In the heart of bustling Tehran, Iran, lies the Jomeh Bazaar, a vibrant marketplace steeped in history and tradition.

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Standard 24 March 08

What Is Nowruz? All About the Iranian New Year!

Nowruz, literally translating to "new day" in Persian, signifies the Iranian New Year and the beginning of spring.

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Standard 24 February 17

Tehran Metro: Lines, Stations, and More (2024)

Tehran is a popular travel destination among tourists. Visitors are drawn to its famous landmarks, places, the grand Bazaar, parks,  museums, and hospitable, friendly people.

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Standard 19 July 10

Top 15 Traditional Hotels in Shiraz to Stay in

Shiraz is one of the most visited cities in Iran by both local people and international visitors who travel to Shiraz in the hope of visiting some of the most magnificent sightseeing in and around the city. If you are planning to travel to Iran and Shiraz is in your itinerary, you may wonder about where to stay.

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Standard 24 February 04

Iran Boutique Hotels for a Memorable Stay

Boutique hotels in Iran have a special place in our hearts - they're not just about lavishness and top-notch amenities; they’re bursting with character, offering experiences that few others can match.

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Standard 23 November 12

How Iran Celebrates Christmas Eve?

As Christmas Eve approaches, the air is filled with excitement and joy as people worldwide prepare for this beautiful festival and welcome the upcoming new year.

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Standard 23 October 31

Discover Iran's Four Seasons: A Country of Year-Round Delights

Iran is a vast country with an endless history, hospitable people, and beautiful culture.

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Standard 23 October 24

Alcohol in Iran | All You Need to Know

Iran, with its rich history and vibrant culture, is a country that piques the curiosity of travelers from around the world.

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Standard 23 July 23

Iran Tours for U.S. citizens

Traveling to Iran is one of the ways you can experience authentic ancient history and culture.

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Standard 23 July 20

Can I Travel to Iran from UK?

The desire to explore new cultures and destinations often leads travelers to consider visiting Iran, a country with a rich history and vibrant traditions.

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Standard 23 July 20

Can I Travel to Iran from USA?

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, more and more Americans are venturing beyond their familiar borders to experience new cultures and destinations.

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Standard 23 July 16

Tehran International Airport: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you planning a trip to Iran and wondering what to expect from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA)? Look no further!

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Standard 23 June 07

Things to Bring Back From Iran

Regardless of what they are, souvenirs have exceptional quality.

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Standard 22 June 22

Things to Know Before Traveling to Iran (2023 guide)

Since 2019 and the Covid-19 outbreak, everyone has been impatiently anticipating borders to be open again and planning their next destination.

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Standard 23 July 05

Iranian's Customs and Traditions - Fun to Know or Essential?

Each society has cultures and traditions that identify its heritage and make it uniquely different.

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Standard 23 July 04

Visiting Iran as a Woman: Is It Safe?

Traveling to Iran as a woman is an enriching and captivating experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the country's rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture.

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Standard 22 November 14

Are Iranians Tourist Friendly?

Iran is a developing country with a population of 84 million.

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Standard 23 February 20

Best Time to Visit Iran

Iran, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a country located in the Middle East.

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Standard 22 November 17

Most Important Holidays in Iran | Monthly Guide

Holidays can be an excellent time to enjoy and travel; however, knowing how your destination celebrates holidays is vital because sometimes you may be unlucky to find out tourist attractions are closed.

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Standard 22 November 14

Iranian Festivals and Celebrations

It is true that festivals highlight a region’s cultural splendors; visiting a place during festival days and participating in these traditional treasures while also taking in the local culture would be an unmatched experience.

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Standard 23 January 16

Fun Things to Do in Iran | A Fun Guide!

When asked to list the top highlights of Iran, it might not be easy to know where to begin.

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Standard 22 December 24

Does Iran Celebrate Ramadhan 2024?

Ramadhan is one of the five pillars of Islam, besides the declaration of faith(Tawheed); praying five times a day; alms-giving (zakat); and the pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj).

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Standard 22 November 23

Best 5 Star Hotels In Iran to Stay in 2023 + Pics

During your visit to the land of culture and civilization, you might be interested in staying in 5-star hotels in Iran.

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Standard 22 November 14

Do Iranians Celebrate Christmas?

Christmas, the most beautiful festival of the year for many people, is on its way.

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Standard 22 November 14

Best Time to Visit Iran

Iran is a vast country with endless history, hospitable people and beautiful culture.

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Standard 22 October 24

All About Persian Saffron | The Best in the Whole World

Saffron-producing plant is known by its scientific name, Crocus Sativus.

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Standard 22 October 24

Best Hotels in Mashhad

For many Muslims, a trip to Mashhad is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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Standard 22 October 24

Traditional Persian Breakfast You Should Try

The first meal of the day is breakfast. It is the most important meal since it gives you the nutrition and energy you need to start the day.

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Standard 22 October 11

 What is the Language of Iran?

Farsi, which is also known as Persian in the English language is the language of Iran.

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Standard 22 September 15

Is Iran a Beautiful Country?

Each and every person in the world should travel to Iran.

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Standard 22 September 26

Necessary Words Before Traveling to Iran

Actually, the words "Farsi" and "Persian" have the same meaning and can be used interchangeably.

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Standard 22 September 15

What Is the Iranian New Year? All About Nowruz!

One of the richest cultures in the world, Persian culture, has had a significant impact on other cultures as well.

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Standard 22 September 11

Iran Visa 2023 - 24

Iran's borders were formally opened to visitors in October 2021.

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Standard 22 August 25

Famous Cities of Iran, Must-See Cities in Iran

Owing to Iran's geographical location, every single part of it has exclusive beauty; in this article, there is a list of the top 20 famous cities of Iran that every traveler must visit.

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Standard 22 August 29

What is the Currency of Iran?

Iran is one of the most ancient countries in the world and is full of amazing historical monuments.

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Standard 22 August 29

Is Iran Safe for Tourists?

Iran has long been projected in the mainstream media as a violent country plagued with wars, riots, terrorism, and violence.

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Standard 22 June 16

5 Outdoor Activities to Do in Iran

Iran is a country of breathtaking landscapes, infinite skies, bare deserts, wild mountains, and astonishing wildlife. Since Iran is a country of four seasons; the beauty and attractiveness of each season can be entirely felt, from rainy and green areas covered with forests and waterfalls in the north to the warm and sunny coast in the south, therefore doing outdoor activities in Iran is a must when traveling to this beautiful country.

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Standard 20 February 16

Traveling to Iran Visa-Free in 2023

If you have any doubts about traveling to Iran, you shouldn’t! With great history, beautiful nature, numerous sites to visit, and some of the most hospitable people, Iran is a wonderful destination for all tourists.

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Standard 20 February 08

Opening Hours & Entrance Fees of Iran's Historical Heritages 2023

Without a doubt, one of the main concerns for every traveler to a new destination is the cost of the travel. Of course, the costs of traveling to Iran depend on different factors such as the time of travel, the type of accommodation you choose, whether you choose to use public transportation or not, and so many others. 

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Standard 20 January 25

10 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Iran

For many international tourists, traveling to Iran can be fun, exciting, and full of different types of adventure. Travel to Iran, with a mix of endless deserts, ancient monuments, and rich culture, can be particularly rewarding. The country has something for every taste.

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Standard 20 January 18

The Best Places to Travel around Iran in Every Season

What are the factors that you think about when planning a trip? Which one is more important for you? Do you always go to a place during its best time? Or prefer to enjoy the low season and having the place by yours? 

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Standard 20 January 11

Travel Guide for Solo Women Travelers in Iran

For many solo female travelers, traveling to Iran is a big concern. They would like to travel to Iran to explore the rich and fascinating culture of the country. However, most of the time, they are told not to travel to Iran as a solo female traveler.

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Standard 19 December 16

How to Travel to Iran as an American, British or Canadian Citizen

What are your biggest challenges in traveling to Iran as an American? Do you know whether American, British, or Canadian citizens are allowed to travel to Iran? Do you have any idea about the level of safety in Iran for Americans?

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Standard 19 December 02

What Language is Spoken in Iran

The Persian language is one of the most important and key elements of Iranian identity. The language is considered as Iran’s official and national language.  Since a long time ago, the Persian Language has been very influential in other countries such as India and former Ottoman emperors.

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Standard 19 November 30

What is the Dress Code in Iran?

One of the most concerns of traveling to Iran for many visitors is the Iran dress code. Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 all women in Iran, including foreigners, have been required by law to wear loose-fitting clothes to disguise their figures.

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Standard 19 November 23

Which Iran Tours is the Best for You?

Are you planning to visit Iran? Wondering when is the best time to travel to Iran and which Iran tours are the best for you? Don’t know how many days are enough for your trip to Iran? 

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Standard 19 November 19

All about having access to the Internet, Wi-Fi and Sim Card in Iran

For almost everyone, it is critical to have access to the Internet and phone calls. It is more serious, while traveling, to be able to have contact with loved ones. Some people manage their internet needs with the Wi-Fi provided at their hotels, or public areas, however, others prefer to have their own network all the time.

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Standard 19 July 22

All about Iranian Currency and Money Exchange in Iran

If you are planning to travel to Iran, you have probably made a decision about your destination cities, booked your flights, made a hotel reservation, and so on. Now it is time to ask yourself some questions about Iranian Currency and money exchange in Iran.

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Standard 18 November 28

A complete Guide about Iran Public Transportation

When traveling to a destination for the first time, people face different concerns such as where to accommodate, what places to visit, how to exchange their money, and of course how to commute within cities and between cities and transportation system.

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Standard 19 November 03

Best Time to Visit Iran: A Season-by-Season Guide

Travelers have different criteria to choose a destination for their next trip. While some people think about the cost of their trip, others pay attention to weather conditions and the number of sightseeing that they want to visit every day.

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Standard 19 July 17

Is it Safe to Visit Iran in 2023?

Iran is a wonderful country for all nations to visit. Whether you're interested in going to cultural and historical places, try local food, shopping, or visiting new people, the country is one of the best places for all of these.

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Standard 19 October 06

6 Reasons for Traveling to Iran with a Tour Guide

For sure when planning to travel to Iran, you ask yourself many questions. Such as, how deep you need to know the new surroundings. Are you interested in the hidden stories of the city? Do you want to discover the best local places there?

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Standard 19 September 29

How to get Iran Visa in 2023? | Complete guide

If you are planning to travel to Iran and have a number of questions in mind, here we are going to fully inform you about Iran visa policy and documents you need to apply for Iran visa and so on.

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Standard 19 September 23

Iran Travel Insurance | How to Choose the Right One!

We understand that besides having fun, everyone cares about their health during their trip. Generally speaking, simple medical care and medicines are quite cheap in Iran. However, any health issue that requires hospitalized could cost a lot.

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Standard 19 September 08

Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Travel to Iran

Iran is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, therefore you can find a number of historical monuments, local bazaars, and amazing sites in the country. As a result, there is more than you expect to see and experience in Iran.

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Standard 19 September 04

The Best Places for Muharram & Ashura Observances in Iran?

Traveling to Iran during Muharram, especially on the day of Ashura, is an opportunity to experience the passionate religious ritual in Iran.

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Standard 19 August 31

All about Iran Prepaid Debit Cards for International Travelers

Financial matters are one of the most concerns of every tourist who is planning to travel to Iran. One simple question most of our clients ask us is: 

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Standard 19 August 27

Driving and Car Rental in Iran | Complete Guide

If you are planning to travel to Iran and wondering what the conditions to bring your own car to the country is, what is the condition to get Iran driving license, what are driving rules in Iran, or how to rent a car in Iran and so on, in this article we are trying to answer all these questions.

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Standard 18 June 02

Bam Travel & Tourist Attractions Guide

Iran is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and therefore, there are a number of cities in the country which has more than thousands of years of history. One of these cities is Bam in Kerman Province. The city and its cultural landscape were listed as the World Heritage Site of UNESCO in 2004.

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Standard 19 July 21

How to Book a Tour to Travel to Iran?

If you are planning to travel to Iran, but don’t know how to book a hotel in Tehran, how to buy a ticket from Shiraz to Isfahan, or even looking for a professional guide to help you see some of the most amazing historical sites in Iran, we are here to help you with that.

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Standard 19 June 30

Tehran-Iran and Van-Turkey Restart Direct Train Services

According to Tasnim News Agency (an Iranian one), direct train services between Iran and Turkey restarted on Monday, 24th June 2019, with a passenger train leaving capital Tehran for Turkey’s eastern city of Van.

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Standard 18 June 14

Tehran Travel Guide

Tehran; the historical metropolitan Tehran; the historical metropolitan Tehran; the capital city and the heartbeat of Iran, the same as most other capital cities in the world, is the biggest city in the country.

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Standard 18 November 29

Best Dishes in Iran for Vegetarians

With a variety of culture, and therefore, numerous cuisines in different parts of the country, Iran is one of the greatest places for food lovers! In every corner of the country, you can find some of the most delicious dishes.

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Standard 18 December 25

Best Books to Read before You Travel to Iran

With no doubt, it is crucial to learn more about the culture, history, and people of a country prior to visiting it. And there is no way better than reading books that include these items. That is why we have gathered the books which could give you all the information you are looking for this amazing country with thousands of years of history. Here, is the list of best books to read before you travel to Iran. Hope you enjoy reading those! 

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Standard 18 December 02

No more Passport Border Stamps on Foreign Tourists’ Passports

Iranian Government Easing Entry Rules: No more Passport Border Stamps on Foreign tourists’ passports In March 2017, US president, Donald Trump, ordered a restricting rule for travel to the US for those who have visited Iran, in addition to Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

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Standard 18 December 02

Iran is as safe as European Countries for Travelers

Safety has been one of the major concerns of every traveler who wanted to travel to Iran, especially after US sanctions. However, a recent study on global security has shown that Iran is as safe as European countries for travelers according to a new interactive map showing the risk level around the world. 

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Standard 18 June 26

Iran; The Country with Four Seasons

Iran with 1,648,195 Km2 (636,375 mi2) land area, is one of the 20 largest countries in the world. 

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eavar banner private tours

Iran Travel Tips

Iran is one of the most stunning countries in the world, home to several ethnic groups and a distinctive culture. Some people are hesitant to book travel to Iran because of false information spread by the Western media.

Travel to Iran does not have to be challenging at all, though, since the country's tourist industry is expanding as diplomatic ties deepen and Western-world hostility is not as pervasive as the media would have you believe. Ancient Persia is accessible, especially in the central area where important monuments have been preserved, the infrastructure connecting them is expanding and where tourists are not subject to the same strict regulations as residents. 


Important Tips Everyone Should Know About Iran

With proper advance planning and knowledge, you may easily avoid the restrictions and pressures of travelling in what is considered a restricted and challenging country to visit. Use this detailed checklist and list of 20 valuable tips as a starting point when you visit Iran.


What You Should Know Before Visiting Iran

This is our list of the top things to know before visiting Iran to help soothe your concerns about travelling in this great nation.


1. Iran is Safe and Devoid of Radical Islamists!

We will start by dispelling one of the most widespread misunderstandings regarding Iran's safety. Even though Iran is located in the Middle East, there are no signs of armed conflict or Islamist organizations like ISIS. Actually, travelling in Iran is completely safe!

All significant media channels portray Iran as dangerous and risky to travel to. The people of Iran are really kind and helpful. They want you to enjoy your trip and tell your friends about it so that more people will travel to visit Iran.

Locals know what the media and many of the globe believe of their nation and want to demonstrate their kindness and generosity. Tourist theft is extremely uncommon, and even the Morality Police typically leave travellers alone.

So take precautions in crowded areas like bazaars to avoid being a victim of pickpocketing.

Despite all of this, Iran has a sizable military and law enforcement presence. Avoid taking pictures of any military bases or governmental structures; keep away from them if you encounter any protests.

Do your study and consult locals if you are considering travelling to any of Iran's dangerous regions, such as the borders with Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq.


2. There is No Hate Toward Americans!

Iran USA

Since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, ties between the Iranian and American governments have not been the greatest. Few government demonstrations have occurred since then. The sometimes-heard "Down with the USA" phrase refers solely to American politics and has nothing to do with its people.

Notwithstanding the anti-American signs and chants that may be seen in various public spaces in Iran, all Iranians—including those taking part in government demonstrations—are friendly and cordial to Americans. If you are an American visiting Iran, you may be confident that Iranians will treat you as if you are any other visitor and will not let politics interfere with their hospitality, so do not worry!


3. Persians are not Arabs

Iranians are Persians, not Arabs, despite Iran's Middle Eastern location and proximity to Arab nations. The Arabic race only makes up about 2% of the nation's total population. While the majority of Iranians and Arabs are Muslims, Iranians have unique customs, a different language, a different calendar, and national holidays that date back thousands of years. While sharing a script and specific terms with Arabic, Persian is not to be mistaken for Arabic as the nation's official language.


4. Two Names Call the Currency!

Rial or Toman? Learn to ask that question frequently since failing to do so might be an expensive mistake!

Iran's national currency is Rial, which trades at about 500,000 IRR to one USD. There are many zeros in that number, so the locals have removed one zero and referred to the new figure as a toman.

Iranian Money

1 Toman is equal to 10 Rials. You must add a zero to the end of any price mentioned in Tomans to convert it to Rials. While it seems complicated at first, you will quickly understand it. To avoid unintentionally paying too much for an item, it is crucial to ask Toman or Rial constantly. As most sellers quote in Tomans, you should double-check any price that looks too good to be accurate by 10.

According to rumours, Iran may formally implement Toman as the official currency in the upcoming years; however, this has yet to happen.


5. Have Much Money in Cash!

While travelling to Iran, be sure to bring cash because none of the country's ATMs accepts international credit or debit cards due to the sanctions. Hence, you are screwed if you fail to pack all your cash for the entire vacation.

Determine your daily travel budget (e.g., $50, $100, etc.), and then pack a little more in case. Although the US Dollar is preferred throughout the nation, Tehran also accepts Euros and British Pounds.

The nation has two exchange rates: the official rate and the black market rate, with the latter, obviously being far better. Only convert some of your foreign Currency into Rials at a time; you risk getting ripped off on the exchange rate back if there is any leftover, or you risk being unable to exchange outside Iran.

Refrain from carrying thousands of dollars in your bags. As we have indicated, stealing is uncommon; however, keep some cash hidden in different places just in case. You can get a debit card from one of the many companies available if you find carrying big amounts of cash difficult and unsafe. Most stores nationwide accept direct debit card payments, and you may also use ATMs to get cash.


6. You Should Wear Appropriate Clothing.

Because Iran is an Islamic nation, you must adhere to the Islamic dress code. These are a few things to remember.


Women must cover their heads, arms, and legs. This includes slacks, a loose, long-sleeved shirt, and a hijab.

As long as your shirt is long and covers your bottom, you can wear leggings or skinny jeans. It would help if you were covered all the way down to your ankles when wearing pants.

The most typical method of head covering is using a scarf. Do not assume you must dress all black because the local ladies do it stylishly and in brilliant colours.

While not as frequently among the younger generation, black is nevertheless worn frequently.

Women Attire in Iran


Males should pack long, lightweight pants, as shorts are prohibited in public. It is OK to wear T-shirts in public. Men can also wear sandals.

Men Dress Code

It is not the end of the world if you wear incorrect attire; apart from some furious stares from the older generation, you will usually wind up having a friendly local tell you what to wear.

Tehran residents push the limits regarding what they wear in public, but you will only know for sure if you visit the nation.


7. There Are Several Customs in Iran to Observe

When you visit a new place, you want to learn as much as possible about the people, including their history, culture, and traditions.

Iran has several regional customs that may take some getting accustomed to, so it's crucial to familiarize yourself with them before visiting to avoid unintentionally upsetting or disrespecting someone.

The following are a few of the most typical ones that surprise visitors:

Men and women who are not connected should avoid touching. This prohibits embracing or shaking hands with those who are the opposite sex.


Avoid making public shows of affection while travelling with your partner. Whenever you are invited to someone's home, it would be a good idea to bring a present. Flowers, candy, or pastries are acceptable. We want to make a special note of Ta'arof since it is probably the most challenging tradition for visitors to understand. Ta'arof is a hospitality trait where it is normal for someone to decline payment for a service.

The person may politely decline your money if you buy something (such as a souvenir or a cab ride). Then it is up to you to insist that you wish to pay despite their objections. After two or three attempts, they will finally take your payment. If they continue to refuse, you may have just encountered some incredible Persian hospitality! Yet when the procedure is through, they will likely accept the money.

Refrain from buying your clothes in advance because Iran offers affordable shopping. Bring only one headscarf and one piece of comfortable clothing; you may buy more there. The most excellent part of visiting Iran is its culture, which you will learn to appreciate and fall in love with after a few days.


8. It would be best if you Got a Visa Before Traveling to Iran

You will require a tourist visa if you want to travel to Iran. This procedure used to be somewhat challenging, but things are now simpler because of the implementation of visa-on-arrival in 2016.

Iran VIsa

The Ministry of Iran said on February 14, 2016, that residents of 180 nations could now request 30-day VOAs at most international airports, including Tehran, Shiraz, Mashad, Tabriz, and Isfahan.

However, there is an exception to this rule, and we have some unfavourable news if you are from the USA, the UK, or Canada. There is no chance of obtaining a VOA and travelling freely in Iran; you must join a guided trip in order to visit. Your travel agency will assist with arranging your visa.


9. You Will Discover How to Enjoy Yourself Without Alcohol.

Iran does not have any nightclubs, taverns, or pubs where people might go out and drink as it is illegal. However, there are other activities that you can enjoy.


10. Before You Enter, Take Off Your Shoes!

As practically every Iranian home, mosque, and hotel room has carpeting, Iranians remove their shoes before entering a home or a mosque. It is advised to remove your shoes while entering a residence that has been invited or a mosque's prayer chamber, but it is not required to do so when entering a hotel room.


11. Tap Water Is Drinkable!

In most Iranian cities, tap water is safe to drink, but you should always double-check with the locals. In order to avoid purchasing several plastic bottles throughout your vacation, we advise always carrying a refillable bottle with you. Drinkable water is also typically available in parks, metro stations, and shopping centres.

Tap Water

12. The Traffic is Awful!

We are being nice when we say awful. Iran's traffic is really crazy.

Whether you cross the street or ride in a cab while visiting Tehran, do not be shocked if you have a lot of "Holy crap!" moments. It is better to wait for a local to join you on your obstinate quest to the other side if you try to cross a busy road, even though nobody is actively trying to run you down.


13. Wi-Fi is Available, But You Should Be Patient!

Free Wi-Fi is available at every hotel and guesthouse, but expect it to be a little slow. While some hotels only offer Wi-Fi in the lobby or eating areas, others also offer it in the rooms. Everything is dependent on how upscale your location is. Tea and coffee shops often provide internet in large cities.


14. The Taxi System in Iran is Different

Iran has a different taxi system compared to other countries. Throughout the nation, there are three different kinds of taxis:

The calling taxi is the most common and least expensive form among locals since the cost is shared among the 4 passengers. It often operates when the driver waits at an intersection or in a taxi station while calling out the destination until the car is fully filled. It also works the other way around, and occasionally, passengers may signal their destination to passing taxis until one of them stops. Travellers often advise using something other than this kind of transportation.

Taxi Iran

The operation of the second type is similar to that of a typical taxi in most European nations. Nevertheless, remember to tell the driver exactly where you are going and to negotiate a fee before getting in. While there are no taximeters in Iranian cabs, asking the locals what the typical taxi fare is for your location is preferable.

The quickest and easiest method is to use the Iranian Uber. You can learn more about it in the next part.


15. Iran's Version of Uber Is Called Snapp

Iran has an app named Snapp that is comparable to Uber. It is a ride-sharing software where users can order cars to move around the city, and drivers can register.

Snapp has a great price that is set by the app, and you pay in cash when you arrive at your destination. As there is no meter, the driver will choose a route that is as straight as possible.

You will receive the driver's name, car model, and registration number when you reserve it, ensuring you are riding in the appropriate vehicle.


16. Get an Iranian SIM Card

Contrary to what you may have been advised, it is a good idea for foreigners to get a tourist sim card in Iran.

In this manner, you may use WhatsApp and Snapp on the move, phone hotels to make reservations, and stay in contact with your loved ones back home.

We recommend doing this yourself, as you can get sim cards at the airport or from any retailer.

When you enter the phone store, bring a local guide or phrasebook. The only kind of identification you will need to present is your passport. 


17. Thursday And Friday Are The Weekend Days

The Iranian Calendar deviates slightly from the rest of the world's Calendar. The weekend is Thursday and Friday of the Persian week, which runs from Saturday to Friday. Typically, the stores are open from Saturday through Thursday from 10 AM to 9 PM. Yet, food stores often open at 6:30 AM and shut at 10:30 PM daily. Moreover, malls and shopping centres are often open between 10 AM to 11 PM, and they are open on Fridays as well. In big cities, restaurants and cafés typically have extended hours of operation, with cafes operating daily from 8 AM to midnight and restaurants operating from 11 AM to midnight.


18. Many Iranians Speak Basic English

Iran's official language is Persian, which is spoken in several regional dialects. Many of Iran's educated population speak Basic English, which is generally better among those under 30. Despite this, learning some actual Persian words and phrases like greeting, addressing, and asking for pricing is advised to make communication easier while you are there. In addition, as Persian prices are typically put on items, learning how to write numerals in Persian is essential.


19. You Might Require A Power Converter And An Electrical Adaptor

You will require an adaptor if you want to use electrical equipment that operates at a different voltage range because Iran's standard voltage and frequency are 220 V and 50 Hz, respectively. Moreover, Iran uses type C European plugs, so if you need to use other outlets, you will need a converter. 

Iran Electrical Outlet

20. Some social platforms are blocked in Iran

You cannot access certain social media platforms in Iran such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook,..., since they are blocked here. Make sure to use network apps, which you can be in contact with your family members back home.

Bottom Line

Slowly, visitors understand that Iran is the best destination because of its warmest people, oldest history, fantastic architecture, most barren deserts, lush mountains, and islands, among other things.

Travelling across Iran is such a fantastic experience. The people's kindness will astound you, the culture is intriguing, and the scenery is extraordinary.

Iran is also widely misunderstood, and many people believe the media's propaganda about how risky or challenging it is to visit there. To prepare better for your trip to Iran, you should read helpful travel information before leaving.

In this blog, we prepared a list of 20 valuable tips you should know before visiting Iran.