After booking a ticket to a destination, passengers face the next most time-consuming matter, which is Hotel Reservation!

After making a reservation to a destination, passengers face the next most time-consuming matter: a hotel reservation. If you also have this problem, you are in the best possible place for this subject.

Please note that in Iran, we have a wide range of hotels in every corner of the country. You can find modern hotels based on star levels in metropolitans. Hotel-inns, traditional hotels, houses, Ecolodges and some spectacular types like the rocky one in Kandovan Village. As a reliable travel agency in Tehran, we will ensure that your hotel will be booked upon your request on time and as per your specific instructions.

For any queries that you may have, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via We will check all the options based on your request and let you know so you can choose the best one that suits you.

Iran Hotels Booking

Iran is where great legends, great victories, and terrible defeats all share a home. It is the spiritual pinnacle of Islam and the inheritor of Persian legacies. The country still retains much of its aesthetic appeal, and the people there are some of the friendliest and most outgoing people on the planet. In the pristine palaces, ziggurats, and mosques, relive ancient splendor or unwind with the friendly locals over tea.

You need to be aware of the entire process because booking a hotel in Iran is different from booking one in any other location in the world. It is essential to book a hotel before you arrive, especially during the high season when demand for hotel rooms skyrockets, and you might miss out on some of the best hotels in the city. In addition, if you are traveling to a different country, you might have to research various hotel amenities and options and choose a hotel based on your preferences.

On the other hand, booking a hotel can be confusing and frustrating; one of Eavar's services is providing booking services for all hotels in different cities in Iran. You can use this service to have the best hotel booking experience and enjoy your stay in the best hotels in Iran.

Price of Hotels in Iran

The price of hotels in Iran depends on various factors; It is clear that the more stars the hotel has, the more expensive it will be. There is a wide range of prices depending on what type of hotel you plan to stay in and what budget you have for the hotel stay. Usually, the price of cheap hotels in Iran is between 30 and 70 dollars, mid-level hotels are between 70 and 110 dollars, and high-end and luxury hotels are over 110 dollars per night.

Best 5-star Hotels in Iran

Luxury Hotels

Best 5-stars Hotel in Iran (Luxury Hotels) in Iran, there are numerous 5-star luxury hotels for those seeking the highest level of service. They have received their ranking based on international standards, and they provide the best service. The following are 10 of the best choices if you are looking for a luxurious stay in Iran:

1. Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran

2. Abbsi Hotel in Isfahan

3. Shiraz Grand Hotel in Shiraz

4. El-Goli Pars Hotel in Tabriz

5. Golden Palace (Ghasr E Talaee) Hotel in Mashhad

6. Darvishi Hotel in Mashhad

7. Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran

8. Zandiyeh Hotel in Shiraz

9. Arg-E-Jadid Hotel in Yazd

10. Dariush Grand Hotel on Kish Island

Cheapest Hotels in Iran

Looking for affordable lodging in Tehran, Iran's capital? Here is a list of some cheapest Iran hotels and resorts:

1. Firouzeh Hotel in Tehran (4-star)

2. Eskan Forsat Hotel in Tehran (4-star)

3. Traditional Kohan Hotel in Yazd (4-star)

4. Grand Hotel 1 in Tehran (4-star)

5. Isfahan Tourist Hotel in Isfahan (4-star)

6. Howeyzeh Hotel in Tehran (4-star)

7. Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel in Tehran (4-star)

8. Esteghlal east wing Hotel in Tehran (4-star)

9. Parsian Kowsar Hotel in Tehran (3-star)

10. Karoon Hotel in Tehran (3-star)

Eavar's hotel reservation servicesAfter purchasing a ticket to the desired location, passengers must deal with the next most time-consuming issue: booking a hotel!

You are in the best location for this topic if you also have this issue. Please be aware that there are numerous hotels located throughout Iran. In major cities, modern hotels can be found by star rating. Inns, traditional hotels, historic homes, Ecolodges, and spectacular lodgings like the Kandovan Village's rocky hotel are all options.

As a reputable travel agency in Tehran, Eavar guarantees that your hotel reservation will be made promptly and per your specific instructions. With any taste and budget, you can use Eavar's hotel reservation services and create a memorable experience of booking and staying in Iranian hotels. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions. We will look into all options based on your request and let you know which is best for you.

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2. Please be careful to inform us about the correct age level based on passengers’ Identity Card. (Infant= under 2 years old, Child= 2-12 years old and Adult= more than 12 years old).

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