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Iran Domestic Flights Booking

Many people like to travel by air, which can be fun and save time. On the other hand, Iran is the second-largest country in the Middle East, so getting around takes time, but there are so many beautiful places to see that you cannot miss them. Traveling by plane is the best option if you want to see as many Iranian cities as possible in a short time. Time savings are the primary advantages of flying by bus or train travel. Aerial travel can save you a lot of time and effort for the remainder of your journey in Iran. Additionally, Iran's flights are less expensive than those in other nations, so you will spend your money wisely. The opportunity to take in the splendor of various cities from a breathtaking vantage point is yet another unique aspect of flying. An unforgettable experience will be taking in the nighttime city lights in Tehran or the fascinating Pink Lake in Shiraz. However, it can be challenging to book a ticket. Eavar provides excellent airline ticketing services throughout Iran, so you can easily find an intercity plane ticket that gets you from point A to point B inside Iran.

Iran Airlines Booking

Iranian domestic airlines serve nearly 50 million passengers annually with more than 400,000 domestic flights. We have looked at some of Iran's best airlines below:

  • Mahan Air: Mahan Airways is one of Iran's most well-known airlines, operating Airbus aircraft in various flight classes for passengers.
  • Iran Air (Homa): Iran Air, formerly known as Homa, is Iran's oldest and most well-known airline. This airline transports passengers daily to various Iranian cities using Airbus aircraft. Iran Air is Iran's largest airline, with 43 operational aircraft.
  • Iran Air Tour: Before the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran Air Tour was a branch of Homa Airline that operated flights in economy class; However, Mc Douglas aircraft are used by this airline, which is a separate business in today's time.
  • Kish Air: Kish Air is not considered a big airline because it only has twelve planes. On the other hand, Kish Air is one of the best Iranian airlines because of its other characteristics.• Kish Air is well-known for acquiring a set of relatively new aircraft. This airline offers economy and business class flights to 22 domestic and six international destinations. Other major Iranian airlines are as below:
  • Aseman Airways
  • Qheshm Air 
  • Zagros
  • Caspian

Except for Iran Air, it is virtually impossible to book domestic flights outside of Iran due to the absence of English-language online booking systems that accept credit cards from other countries. You can use Eavar's flight booking service to book tickets for each of the above airlines in the easiest way.

Catering in Iranian Airlines

Iranian Airlines offer two classes as below:

Economy Class

Passengers will receive various meals and snacks throughout the day in economy class. You will receive a box with milk, cheese, butter, bread, biscuits, and jam for breakfast. If you wish, the flight attendant will also serve your black tea, which can be sweetened with sugar from the package. Lunch and dinner may differ depending on the airline. All of the meals come cold. The attendants will provide you with mostly Olivier salad or ham sandwiches. Persian Kuku and chicken nuggets with pickles and tomato garnish are frequently served. As a dessert, you can have a pack of fruit juice, water, and a piece of cake or chocolate.

Business Class

Business class flights have better food in terms of quality and variety. You will be served fruit slices, butter, cheese, a bagel, tea or coffee, and breakfast items that you can enjoy. All meals, including lunch and dinner, will be served hot. You can savor mouthwatering Persian fare, like a variety of kebabs, and healthy international fares, like marinated, cooked chicken fillets with mashed potatoes and vegetables on top.

Iran Domestic Flights Price

By Western standards, domestic flight prices are meager and are set by the government. The cost of Iran domestic flights could vary depending upon the airline, the departure, and the destination cities; in general, the domestic flight price is between 60 and 200 Euros. 

Most Busiest Iranian Airline Routes

Mehrabad, Tehran's domestic airport, and Imam Khomeini, Tehran's international airport, handle more than 30% of Iran's total air traffic. Although a significant factor in airline route congestion is special holidays, flights from and to Tehran are the busiest. Mehrabad Airport in Tehran serves over 40,000 passengers daily and hosts nearly 350 flights daily. Every day, there are flights from and to Tehran from all of Iran's major cities, with the most flights coming from Mashhad and Shiraz. Some of the busiest Airline routes in Iran are as below:

  1. Tehran to Shiraz and Back
  2. Tehran to Mashhad and Back
  3. Tehran to Kish Island and Back
  4. Tehran to Bandar Abbas and Back
  5. Mashhad to Isfahan and Back
  6. Shiraz to Mashhad and Back

Tips for Booking Domestic Flights In Iran

Here are some valuable tips you should consider for booking flights in Iran:

  1. Book at least two to three weeks before your departure to get a lower-than-average price.
  2. Iran's domestic flight season is considered to be March, April, September, and October. February is the cheapest month to fly to Tehran. Skyscanner says that September is the cheapest month to fly internationally to Iran.
  3. Depending on whether the flight is scheduled or chartered, some airlines offer tickets at lower prices. This is especially true if you want to buy a ticket from Mashhad to Isfahan, for example, on a domestic flight.
  4. Even though there are many theories about booking on Tuesdays to save money, there is no consistent truth about which days are the cheapest to fly. Even though this is not always the case, it is usually more affordable to leave on a weekday, especially for flights to Mashhad and Kish Island. The best way to save more money is to change your travel date by one day to see which day is cheaper for your particular route.
  5. You must arrive at the Mehrabad airport one hour before your domestic flight. Additionally, the gate will close 25 minutes before departure.
  6. In economy class, your baggage cannot weigh more than 30 kilograms, while in business class, it cannot weigh more than 60 kilograms.
  7. Keep your passport with you at all times. The staff at the airport will check it several times.
  8. There are multiple terminals at large airports like Mehr-Abad. Check with your airline to determine which terminal you should use to board.
  9. Men and women go through separate security screenings at the airport. You must dress appropriately for Iran because women will also be scrutinized for their hijab.
  10. Check to see that you are not taking any items that are prohibited.

Facilities at the Airports

Almost all Iranian airports have these items:

  1. Banks: Although bank branches are at airports, they typically do not provide services for changing currency. Ensure you have enough cash on hand to avoid problems.
  2. ATMs: But remember that Rials are all machines given out!
  3. Duty-free shops, gift shops, and cafes: You can purchase snacks, drinks, gifts, and souvenirs. Keep in mind that these shops typically have higher prices than those in the town.
  4. WiFi: It will be challenging to find free Wi-Fi. While free WiFi is available at some major airports, you usually need a SIM card or an Internet connection to get your password via email and text message. You will also need to speak a little Farsi to read the instructions.
  5. Information desk
  6. Mobile charging spots: You can charge your devices at the charging stations in the departures and arrivals areas if you run out of power.
  7. Sleep zones: You must sleep on the seats because airports have no sleep zone. So, if you want to spend the night at an Iranian airport, bring a blanket, a sleeping bag, or a recliner.
  8. Prayer rooms

Eavar guarantees that your tickets will be booked promptly and per your specific instructions as a reputable travel agency in Tehran. Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions. We will look into all the options based on your request and let you know which is best for you.

Conditions & Refund Policy:

1. Online ticket purchase is not transferable to others, and passengers will not be accepted if their name doesn’t match with the ID card.

2. Passengers will be responsible for any discrepancy in passport information (including name, family name, and passport number, date of birth, expiry date, and place of issue).

3. Please be careful to inform us about the correct age level based on passengers’ Identity cards. (Infant= under 2 years old, Child= 2-12 years old, and Adult= more than 12 years old).

4. Refunds condition will be announced upon your request as per each airline has a different policy.


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