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Jomeh Bazaar in Tehran | Antiques & Local Culture

In the heart of bustling Tehran, Iran, lies the Jomeh Bazaar, a vibrant marketplace steeped in history and tradition.

Often referred to as the Friday Market, it lives up to its name by opening its doors only on Fridays, transforming into a treasure trove for curious shoppers and a captivating immersion into Iranian culture. As one of the oldest and largest bazaars in the Middle East, Jomeh Bazaar is an essential experience for anyone seeking a taste of authentic Tehran and its unique offerings.


Where is Jomeh Bazaar in Tehran?

Where is Jomeh Bazaar in Tehran

The Jomeh Bazaar, also known as the Friday Market, previously operated in the Parvaneh parking lot, located on Jomhoori Street. However, it has recently relocated to a new and more spacious location.

New Address of Jomeh Bazaar: The bazaar is now situated in the Art Garden of Abbasabad Lands, accessible via the Hammet highway (east to west) after the Haqqani exit or the Haqqani highway (west to east) after the Modares highway and National Library Boulevard.

This new location offers not only the vibrant market experience but also the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding attractions, including the Nature Bridge, the Water and Fire Park, and the Tehran Minaret Dome.

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What to Expect at Jomeh Bazaar

What to Expect at Jomeh Bazaar

The Jomeh Bazaar in Tehran, known as Parvaneh Jomeh Bazaar, is renowned for its lively and bustling atmosphere on Fridays. Visitors can expect large crowds navigating the bustling alleyways, creating a dynamic and energetic environment.

The bazaar boasts a vast and diverse array of merchandise, catering to a wide range of interests.

Some of the must-see items at Jomeh Bazaar include:

  1. Traditional Clothing: The Jomeh Bazaar is a haven for those seeking traditional Iranian clothing, particularly scarves and mantos (long coats worn by women). The market offers a vast selection of beautifully designed and affordable new items, making it a great starting point for completing your wardrobe.
  2. Diverse Handicrafts: Jomeh Bazaar boasts an array of handmade items, representing the artistic heritage of various regions in Iran. These include intricately engraved trays, decorative objects, and other metal pieces, beautifully glazed pottery and ceramic items, exquisite jewelry featuring precious stones and intricate designs, a wide variety of handmade items created by local artisans, including students, offering a unique shopping experience and supporting the local community.
  3. Persian Carpets: Renowned for its exceptional selection, the Jomeh Bazaar offers a diverse range of hand-woven Persian carpets. These carpets, known for their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and high quality, cater to different tastes and budgets.
  4. Antiques and Collectibles: For those seeking historical treasures, the Jomeh Bazaar presents a unique opportunity to discover vintage coins and historical artifacts, old cameras and furniture, and other collectible items.

Finding hidden treasures requires patience and an eye for detail, but the possibility adds another layer of intrigue to the Jomeh Bazaar experience.

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Tips for a Successful Jomeh Bazaar Visit

Tips for a Successful Jomeh Bazaar Visit

It is important to note that cash is the primary mode of payment at the Jomeh Bazaar. While some vendors may accept debit cards, it is not universally adopted. Carrying sufficient cash is essential for a smooth shopping experience.

While English is understood by some vendors, learning a few basic Farsi phrases can be helpful for interacting with vendors and enhancing the overall experience. These may include greetings, common courtesy phrases, and basic bargaining terms such as:

  1. سلام (Salam) – Hello
  2. تشکر (Tashakhor) - Thank you
  3. چقدر است؟ (Cheqadre ast?) - How much is this?
  4. کمی تخفیف میدهید؟ (Kami takhfif midaheed?) - Can you give me a discount?
  5. خیلی گران است (Kheyli gharan ast) - It is too expensive.
  6. لطفاً (Lotfan) – Please

As with any crowded marketplace, exercising caution with personal belongings is advisable. Keeping valuables secure and remaining vigilant are essential practices.

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Jomeh Bazaar

Final Takeaway

Whether you are a seasoned collector, a fashion enthusiast, or simply curious about Iranian culture, the Jomeh Bazaar is a must-visit destination on your trip to Tehran. So, don't miss the opportunity to experience the magic of this marketplace when visiting Tehran.

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