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    Yasuj; the capital city of nature in IranThe best time of year to visit Yasuj is from early June to mid-September

    People and population of Yasuj According to the 2016 census the city has a population of approximately 135,000 inhabitants. People living in Yasuj are mostly Lur and speak an Iranian dialect known as Luri.


    30 Tir Street, the crossroad of religious in Tehran

    While Tehran is known as one of the most populated cities in the world, there are a number of places to visit in this city. For instance, historical houses, beautiful palaces, national museums, and of course the Grand Bazaar of Tehran. Most of these monuments are located at the center of Tehran, where it is believed to be the historical part of the city.


    Rasht the Best City to Enjoy Local Cuisine

    For most travelers, one of the interesting parts of each travel especially when they go around in a new destination is trying the local cuisines. By traveling to Iran you will definitely notice and become surprised by the number of local dishes you can find in every four corners of the country. While there is a different type of dishes served in the country, in each city or village there are also some local dishes.


    Sanandaj; the second home to Kurdish people

    One thing that all travelers to Iran they confirm they all experience is the hospitability, kindness, and being helpful of Iranian.


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