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    Sizdah be dar

    On 13th of Farvardin, (it is coincided with 2nd of April) all Iranians struggle to make the best of this day and complete the memorable holiday of Nowruz.


    The Radif of Iranian music

    When we talk about the heritage of Iranian music, our purpose is not a special form of it, but our look at all the instrumental and vocal songs, individual and group performances, martial, ritual, religious, epic, mystical, marriage and mourning , fun and tragic music, traditional techniques and knowledge, oral literature and technology related to music, and all the cases which are the result of talent, taste, thinking, worldview, creativity and the initiative of all generations that have come to us orally and written from teachers to the students.


    Carrying “Nakhl” in Ashura ritual

    After the Safavid Empire was formed and the Shia was chosen as an official religion in Iran in 16th century, various customs were established in many parts of the country to consolidate this religion in our land.


    Ten Local Iranian Desserts and Sweets You Will Love

    When you travel to Iran, you will understand that Iranian people make some of the best desserts out there, they flavored their desserts with saffron, rosewater, pistachio, and some more delicious flavors you will love.


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