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    Persian Saffron; the Red-Gold Ingredient

    Saffron is one of Iran’s non-oil exports. Although it’s grown in only a few provinces throughout the country, it’s easy to find it in the various spice markets. Persian Saffron; the Red-Gold ingredient grows from late October to mid-November, early in the morning before the sunlight women harvest the flowers before they bloom, so the stigma (which is the actual Saffron) is out of any dust. Once the flowers picked, they start the process of separating the purple stigma from the purple crocus flower.


    The most delicious food in Iran

    Iran is well-known for a wide range of delicious food. While Kebab may be considered as one of the most popular, but there is other types of foods in the country which in this article we are going to introduce the most delicious cuisines in Iran.


    Some of the Best Iranian Beverage and Drinks

    Iran is a well-known country for the variety of cuisine served in every corner of the country. The same is true for beverage and drinks. If you travel to Iran during the hot summer or cold winter, you will definitely find a suitable drink that helps you bear the heat or cold weather.


    Best Places to Visit in Yazd

    The picturesque city of Yazd is a well-preserved mud-brick old town with distinctive wind-catchers, and numbers of historical sites. One of the most interesting points about the city is its unique architecture, where you can find old houses with the magnificent platform and interior design.


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