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    Top 10 places to visit in and around Kerman

    When most people start planning their travel to Iran, they include cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, and Tehran. However, the attractions of Iran does not limit to these cities, and there are also others that you can consider to visit. As an example, the city of Kerman, with a great heritage and numerous places to visit.


    The Largest Aquarium Tunnel in Iran Opens in Bandar-e Anzali

    Iran is well-known for being home to a number of historical monuments, magnificent palaces, local bazaars, and also majestic landscapes. However, in addition to these attractions, there are some other places worth visiting. For instance, the new built largest aquarium tunnel opens in Iran in Bandar-e Anzali recently. It already attracted many visitors who mostly have an interest in marine.


    The Best Hotels in the Central of Tehran

    Tehran as the capital city of Iran is home to a number of historical monuments, national museums, and beautiful palaces. Most international exhibitions in Iran also have been held in Tehran. As a result, there are also many hotels in the city ranging from 5-star to boutique hotels and budget accommodation. Here, we are going to introduce the best hotels in the center of Tehran.


    Yasuj; the capital city of nature in IranThe best time of year to visit Yasuj is from early June to mid-September

    People and population of Yasuj According to the 2016 census the city has a population of approximately 135,000 inhabitants. People living in Yasuj are mostly Lur and speak an Iranian dialect known as Luri.


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