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Similarly, the Iranian New Year is known as “Nowruz”; literally translating to “New Day”. It signifies the first day of spring, the season of creation and the resurrection of nature. Consequently, Nowruz has an evident relationship to the Bundahishn’s text of primal Creation. Nowruz is not an isolated concept. The spirit of Nowruz becomes palpable among the Iranian people in the days leading up to New Year and continues for several days thereafter. Therefore, to fully appreciate the celebrations of this season one needs to have a comprehensive understanding, not only in regard to the ceremonies of Nowruz, but the related feasts and traditions.


Hawraman - Cultural Landscape of the Kurdish Lands

The word “Hawraman” consists of “hawra”, referring to Ahura (or Ahura Mazda), and “man”, which carries the meaning of home or land. In other words Hawraman (or Uraman) is the land of Ahura, home of Ahura Mazda. The name Hawraman refers to the distinctly Iranian history that belongs to this region and its people. The Kurdish nation which spreads across vast swaths of land, crossing the international borders of Iran, Turkey and Iraq, all speak the Kurdish language or a variation of its dialects. In point of fact, the language of those living in the Hawraman region is referred to as “kurdi” and is of a dialect known as “Uramani kurdi”. This dialect is one of the oldest forms of parlance within the Kurdish language, and today is only spoken by several thousand people inside the Hawraman locale.


Things to Know Before Traveling to Iran (2022 guide)

Since 2019 and the Covid-19 outbreak, everyone has been impatiently anticipating borders to be open again and planning their next destination. For those who are tight on budget and time but wish to experience every type of climate and entertainment during their trip, including visiting sunny beaches, magical deserts, lofty mountains, historical sites and buildings, living with nomadic people, or even feeling the rush in crowded cities, traveling to Iran would be a suitable decision. 


5 Outdoor Activities to Do in Iran

Iran is a country of breathtaking landscapes, infinite skies, bare deserts, wild mountains, and astonishing wildlife. Since Iran is a country of four seasons; the beauty and attractiveness of each season can be entirely felt, from rainy and green areas covered with forests and waterfalls in the north to the warm and sunny coast in the south, therefore doing outdoor activities in Iran is a must when traveling to this beautiful country.


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