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13 Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Visit This Island in Iran

Islands don’t usually come to mind when talking about Iran, but in fact, it has several in the Persian Gulf. The largest is dolphin-shaped Qeshm, known as “the island of seven wonders.” Read on to discover 13 reasons why everyone needs to visit this amazing island.


History in heaven; Eram Garden

The moment you hear the name of city Shiraz, you can definitely smell the fragrance of citrus, with unparalleled effects in front of you. You can go for hours wandering on its streets and fulfilling your moments with a magnificent flavor, or give your heart to Hafiz and Saadi, and review their poems to learn life lessons.


A Tour of Iran's Most Famous Architectural Landmarksa

Iran is full of landmarks whether they are cultural, historical, or natural. Architecturally speaking, though, it has been greatly influenced by both its various ruling dynasties and pre- and post-Islamic elements. Read on and take our tour of the most iconic architectural landmarks in the country. 


7 Alternative Places in Iran That Tourists Should Visit

The first-time itinerary of Iran often counts the cities of Esfahan and Persepolis as must-visits, along with Shiraz perhaps. However, there are many overlooked spots which definitely deserve their place at the top of the list. Here is our round-up of the most underrated cities in Iran.


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