Standard 18 December 03

A Complete Guide To Ski Resorts Around Tehran

Iran may not be the first option for skiers, however, having a number of ski resorts make the country one of the best destinations for people who are keen to explore the world and try the same experience in a new place.

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Standard 19 January 14

National Museum of Iran, the oldest and most important one

National Museum of Iran is in the top 10 list of museums in Tehran according to tripadvisor.com, and actually the first choice of every traveler who has an interest in architecture, archeology, and history.

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Standard 19 June 26

2 Towers of Tehran, the old and modern symbols of the capital city

Sometimes, when you are looking at a picture on a website or a travel magazine, you recognize the place in a second and guess the name of it.

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Standard 18 October 27

National Jewelry Museum of Iran

There are a few museums in the world which exhibit the magnificent and invaluable collection of jewelry.

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Standard 18 August 04

Golestan Palace; the Combination of Qajar and 18th Century

Most of the capital cities around the Globe are known as a megacity with lots of traffic, however, if you dig in there is always something to see and enjoy.

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Standard 18 May 27

Niavaran complex

Tehran has been the capital city of Iran for more than two centuries, and as a result, there are a number of palaces which were used by kings and princes of both Qajar and Pahlavi Dynasty.

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Standard 18 June 14

Tehran travel guide

Tehran; the historical metropolitan Tehran; the historical metropolitan Tehran; the capital city and the heartbeat of Iran, the same as most other capital cities in the world, is the biggest city in the country.

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Standard 18 September 04

Nightlife in Tehran; the city which never sleeps

The same as most capital city all around the world, Tehran is also the busiest and the liveliest city in Iran. As we understand nightlife is an important item to consider while everyone travels, here we are going to introduce different types of nightlife in Tehran in this article.

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Standard 18 May 07

Tehran; the old districts of the town

Today, Tehran is not only the capital city of Iran but the heartbeat of the country.

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Standard 19 May 22

8 Most beautiful local Bazaars in Iran

Since centuries ago, bazaars have an important cultural influence in Iran. Whenever a city was about to develop, the first thing was done by the governor at the time was establishing a bazaar, a school, a bath, and a mosque all as a complex at the center of the city.

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Standard 19 February 18

The Best Hotels in the Central of Tehran

Tehran as the capital city of Iran is home to a number of historical monuments, national museums, and beautiful palaces. Most international exhibitions in Iran also have been held in Tehran. As a result, there are also many hotels in the city ranging from 5-star to boutique hotels and budget accommodation. Here, we are going to introduce the best hotels in the center of Tehran. 

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Standard 19 February 10

30 Tir Street, the crossroad of religious in Tehran

While Tehran is known as one of the most populated cities in the world, there are a number of places to visit in this city. For instance, historical houses, beautiful palaces, national museums, and of course the Grand Bazaar of Tehran. Most of these monuments are located at the center of Tehran, where it is believed to be the historical part of the city. 

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Standard 19 February 05

The Carpet Museum of Iran, one of the must-see museums in Tehran

There are some valuable items in each country that makes people of the region be proud of, and Persian Carpet with a history of thousand years is one of those in Iran. Among all the places in the country to visit and learn about this magnificent art, the carpet museum of Tehran is the best place to learn about the history, different types of carpets, and carpet weaving.

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Standard 19 January 24

The Tehran Music Museum, one of the best museums to visit in Tehran

Iranian are well-known for being artists in different types of art and music, and these are two inseparable items from Iranian lives.

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Standard 18 December 17

The Moghadam Museum, the incredible house at the heart of Tehran

The Moghadam Museum is one of the most incredible houses in the world due to its architecture, history, and items which are stored and exhibited at the house. With the traditional Iranian architecture, there is a small garden, several turquoise ponds, and lots of trees in the yard.

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Standard 18 November 17

A Tour of Iran's Most Famous Architectural Landmarks

Iran is full of landmarks whether they are cultural, historical, or natural. Architecturally speaking, though, it has been greatly influenced by both its various ruling dynasties and pre- and post-Islamic elements. Read on and take our tour of the most iconic architectural landmarks in the country. 

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Standard 18 November 03

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Tehran as the capital city of Iran is home to numbers of museums especially the national ones. Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is one of those. The museum is located on the western side of Laleh Park in a concrete modern building, which is surrounded by different types and models of sculptures.

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Standard 18 August 21

Top 10 Museums to Visit in Tehran

In every city, there are numerous places to visit. However, considering the time limit of every travel, it would not be possible to visit all the places and every passenger should plan to visit the best and must-see places.

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Standard 18 June 13

The Sa'dabad Complex

The historical and cultural complex of Sa’dabad is a collection of mansions and palaces which is located in refreshing and good weather foothills of Mount Tochal and the lush and green valley of Darband in Tajrish distinct, North of Tehran. 

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