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Top 10 Spas in Tehran: Ultimate Guide for Relaxation

Aside from its iconic traditional landmarks, incredible museums, beautiful gardens, grand palaces, huge bazaars, captivating people, and vibrant cultural life, the Spas in Tehran are one of the must-visit destinations visiting Iran.

If you’re looking for a place to recharge during your vacation, here it is! From reinvigorating authentic Thai massages to beauty treatments that give your skin that extra glow, we’ve prepared a handy list of the best massage centers in Tehran and their addresses to help you make the most of your pampering session and elevate the whole experience.


Best Spas in Tehran

1. Tolo-e Alvand Specialized Massage and Skincare Center

Address: Tehran - Abshenasan West - Sardar-e Jangal North - First Panjtan - Sahand Building - Unit 171 - Floor 1

Tolo-e Alvand Specialized Massage and Skincare Center

Tolo-e Alvand is one of the best massage centers in Tehran, employing professional human resources, advanced equipment, and several years of experience.

This specialized massage center is located in a spacious, modern, well-equipped, and tranquil space, where people come daily for therapeutic massages, facials, and skin cleansing.

Tolo-e Alvand Massage Center aims to provide innovative services in line with international standards, and therefore, since its establishment, it has been using advanced devices with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in a significant increase in the speed and quality of its services.

Tolo-e Alvand Services:

Various types of massages: Relaxation, Candle, Hot Stone, Swedish Salt, Russian, and Thai massages

Specialized massages with advanced devices in a short time

Facial treatments, skin cleansing, wrinkle reduction, and skin rejuvenation

Hair loss prevention and traditional medicine

  • Deep pressure massage, therapeutic cupping, and eye massage

2. Janan Massage and Relaxation Center

Address: Tehran - Pounak - Sardar Jangal - Tabatabaei Alley - Corner of Toreng Street - Yasaman Alley - No. 6

Janan Massage

Among the best massage centers in Tehran, Janan Massage Cabin stands out. This massage center is considered one of the most modern and well-equipped centers in Tehran, offering the best services to visitors with professional and experienced massage therapists, state-of-the-art equipment, and innovative technologies.

Some of the prominent features of this specialized massage center include a spacious, modern, and well-equipped environment, offering massage, relaxation, and meditation by experienced individuals with international certifications, providing VIP massages with high-quality oils, and using new tools such as pub sticks, Thai stones, herbal plants, and salt pillows.

Janan Services:

Relaxation, Thai oil, facial, therapeutic, royal candle, Russian, hot stone, hot chocolate massages, and more

Meditation before the massage and serving cold and hot beverages

Environment designed with sea salt, soothing atmosphere, and offering various herbal teas

Skin cleansing, rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, and micro-needling

  • Hydration, exfoliation, and skin transparency by experienced staff

3. Geniusa Specialized Massage Center

Address: Tehran - Tehranpars - Rashid Street - Corner of Alley 148 - No. 119 - Negative Floor 2

Geniusa Massage Salon, with 5 years of brilliant activity is one of the best massage centers in Tehran. This specialized facility utilizes modern equipment with innovative technologies and experienced staff to provide the best services to its clients.

In addition, to reduce the cost of services for customers, they offer gold and silver cards, allowing you to benefit from the unique and high-quality services of this massage center at the lowest cost.


Therapeutic Massage

Luxury Massage

Relaxing and Invigorating Massage

Hand and Foot Massage

Special Massage


4. Niloufar Abi Specialized Massage Center


Khooi Branch: Tehran - Farmanieh Sharqi - Pasdaran - Shahid Nourian Street - Khooi Alley - South Side of Khooi and Hashtom Mountain Intersection - No. 18

Simaye Branch: Tehran - Shahrak-e Gharb - Simaye Iran - No. 58

Niloufar Abi Specialized Massage Center

Niloufar Abi Beauty and Massage Center, with over 16 years of remarkable experience and performance, is one of the best massage centers in Tehran. It is the first official massage center in Iran and provides high-quality and unique services using advanced equipment with innovative technologies and expert human resources.

All massage services in this center meet the highest level of quality and comply with international standards. Currently, more than 25 massage specialists are working in this center, and they have been able to attract maximum customer satisfaction through their professional services. Therefore, don't miss the opportunity and join the visitors of Niloufar Abi Massage Center for the best relaxation and soothing massages.


Harmony Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, and Royal Thai Massage

Aromatic Herbal Oil Massage, Oil and Hot Towel Massage, and Swedish Massage

Hot Stone Massage, Oriental Massage, Chocolate Massage, and Korean Herbal Massage

Milk and Honey Massage, Herbal Compress Massage, Candle Massage, and Performance Massage

Head, Face, Hand, and Foot Massage



5. Maisa Massage Salon

Address: Tehran - North Dibaji Street - Mahmoud Nourian Street - Golbarg Alley - Nobakhti Alley 1 - Unit 2

Maisa Massage Salon

Maisa Massage Center, with its shining years of activity and the presence of specialized human resources, is among the best and most experienced massage centers in Tehran. This massage salon is located in a spacious, calm, and pleasant environment, equipped with advanced devices and modern technologies.


Relaxation Massage

Full Body Massage

Facial Massage

Slimming Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Swedish Massage

Therapeutic Massage and Foot Massage



6. Eva Specialized Massage Salon

Address: Tehran - Shariati Street - Above Mirdamad - Manzarnejad Street - No. 45 - Unit 4

Eva Specialized Massage Salon

Eva Massage Salon is also considered one of the best massage centers in Tehran due to its specialized and unique services, along with adherence to health principles and standards.

This massage center in Tehran has over 15 years of experience and a shining track record. It's worth noting that Eva Massage Center uses modern techniques in line with international standards for massages, which has significantly enhanced the quality of its services.


Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage

Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Candle Massage, and more

Facials, Skin Cleansing, micro-needling, and Skin Rejuvenation

Group Sports, Fitness, and Body Conditioning



7. Hana Massage Center

Address: Tehran - Mini City - Artesh Boulevard - Ground Forces Boulevard - Kandrowi - Babayi Highway towards the west - Gilbahar Alley corner - Unit 24

Hana Massage Center

Hana Massage Center, with its specialized human resources, advanced equipment, and shining track record, ranks among the best massage centers in Tehran. This Tehran massage center aims to attract the best masseurs in Tehran by incorporating Japanese culture and massage standards and seeks to satisfy visitors by providing specialized and high-quality services. Additionally, Hana Massage Salon has a Japanese Onsen bath and offers the best services.


Therapeutic Massage

Facial Treatments and Spa

Resting Room, Study Room, and Japanese Restaurant



8. Good Life Massage and Spa Center

Address: Tehran - Argentine Square - Beheshti Boulevard - Corner of West 10th Street - Unit 8

Good Life Massage and Spa Center

Good Life Massage is one of the best sports, beauty, and massage centers in Tehran. This specialized massage complex provides the best services to visitors by utilizing the power, experience, and expertise of its human resources, as well as modern equipment in a spacious and well-equipped environment. The mission of this massage center is to offer specialized services to individuals and create a sense of vitality and joy in them.


Swedish, Relaxation, and Russian Massages

Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Candle Massage

Prenatal Massage, Full Body Massage, and Scrub Massage

Women's Group Sports and Fitness

Swimming Pool, Hydrotherapy, Snow Room, Traditional Bath, and Facial Monitoring



9. Ariana Massage and Spa Center

Address: Sepahar Street, near Yadegar, No. 200, Unit 3, Shahrak-e Gharb, Tehran

Ariana Massage and Spa Center

Ariana Massage Center is one of the specialized centers in Tehran that provides massage and therapeutic massage services for both women and men. As most men prefer to receive deep-pressure massages, Ariana Massage offers a combination of therapeutic massages.

The combined therapeutic massage includes the best massage styles, deep tissue techniques, and hot stone massages for enhanced pleasure and stress relief. For women, relaxation massages, hot stone massages, and aromatherapy are recommended based on their needs.


10. H Beauty Salon

Address: Pasdaran, Negarestan 10th Alley, No. 3, Unit 2

H Beauty Salon

H Beauty Salon is located in an approximately 300 square meter salon in the prime location of Pasdaran. This beauty salon offers a wide range of beauty services for men, including haircuts and hairstyling, specialized groom makeup in a separate area with VIP service, massages for both men and women, skin cleansing and facials, manicures and pedicures, scalp and micro-blade eyebrow treatments, hair restoration and prosthetics, hair keratin treatment, color services, specialized texture and light for men, and a separate area for women.


Benefits of  Massage

Benefits of  Massage

Today, many individuals choose massage as a suitable solution for treating various issues and improving their health. The significant advantages of massage include pain reduction, decreased stiffness, muscle tension relief, anxiety and depression control. Additionally, if individuals face muscular problems due to sports injuries or other reasons, therapeutic massage is considered an ideal and appropriate solution to alleviate these issues, significantly improving the overall health condition of the patient.


Types of Massage Techniques

Massage encompasses various techniques and methods, such as applying pressure, kneading, and precise hand movements on the muscles to improve the condition of body tissues. Here are some of the famous massage techniques and why you may need them:


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common type of massage and is characterized by its soft, long, kneading strokes combined with shorter, rhythmic tapping strokes. It uses light-to-moderate pressure and is ideal for those new to massage or looking to release tension from the body. The five major strokes used in Swedish massage are effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, and vibration.


Thai Massage

Thai massage dates back at least 2500 years and is known for its deep stretching techniques. It is sometimes referred to as "assisted yoga" because it involves more active movements.

Thai massage in Tehran will help you with pain relief, improve blood flow, increase flexibility, and boost energy levels. It focuses on rhythmic compression of muscles, movement of joints, and acupressure to reduce stress and improve flexibility. It is often used to treat back pain, balance problems, and migraines.


Sports Massage

Sports massage techniques are not limited to athletes and can benefit anyone looking to recover from sports injuries, correct imbalances, or reduce muscle pain. Sports massage involves faster strokes than Swedish massage and may include compression, pressure point therapy, friction, and joint mobilization.



Reflexology is a massage technique that uses gentle-to-firm pressure on specific pressure points of the feet and hands, which are believed to be associated with various areas of the body. It aims to restore natural energy levels, provide pain relief, reduce fatigue, improve mood, and promote relaxation and better sleep.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage targets troubled spots in the body, such as knotted areas between muscle fibers. Despite its intensity, the massage should not be painful. It uses slow, firm, and more intense strokes or friction to work out the body. Deep tissue massage is beneficial for soreness or injury, muscle imbalance, tightness, and chronic muscle pain.


Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese technique that applies finger pressure to specific points of the body to alleviate pain and loosen muscles. It provides benefits such as back pain relief, improved posture, increased blood circulation, better sleep quality, and reduced stress and anxiety.

Consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended before experiencing Shiatsu massage, as it is more therapeutic and may require special consideration.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates lymph flow throughout the body, helping to eliminate toxins and build a strong immune system. The technique involves long strokes to move lymph fluid, allowing organs to process and filter it out. Lymphatic drainage massage can be performed by a specialized therapist or even at home using a massage chair. It helps maintain a healthy immune system and can be combined with other massage techniques for enhanced benefits.


Bottom Line

After having a long day visiting Tehran tourist attractions, a massage can work like a miracle. It has both rejuvenating and therapeutic effects. You can visit various massage centers in Tehran, but the quality of services provided may vary from one center to another. In this blog, we have introduced 10 top massage centers in Tehran to you. We hope these tips have helped you choose a suitable center and provide you with the desired relief from fatigue and pain.


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