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Iran Mall: The Ultimate Shopping Destination

Iran-Mall is a true marvel that stands as the largest mall in the world and an extraordinary commercial, cultural, and social endeavor.

Situated west of Chitgar Park in Tehran, this colossal complex spans an astounding 1,700,000 square meters, captivating visitors with its sheer magnitude.

The mall is a retail paradise with many retail outlets, From local treasures to international brands, this shopping haven offers a diverse range of products and styles to suit every taste.

With over 700 stores, a diamond atrium, a fashion avenue, and a dazzling "crystal atrium" featuring a mesmerizing water feature,the mall is a true haven for shoppers seeking an unforgettable retail experience. And for book lovers, there's a charming book garden with several bookstores that house around 67,000 titles.

But the magic of Iran-Mall doesn't end with shopping. It's also home to an on-site museum, art galleries, and a cutting-edge cinema and theater space with 2,000 seats. It's more than just a mall; it's an all-in-one cultural and entertainment destination. So, if you're wondering why you should visit this monumental masterpiece, read on to discover the countless reasons that make Iran-Mall a must-visit spot.


How big is Iran Mall?

How big is Iran Mall

This enormous complex covers an impressive 1,700,000 square meters, making it one of the largest malls in the world. To really understand just how massive this incredible place is, think about this: if you were to spend just five minutes in each store, it would take nearly three days to visit every single store in Iran Mall. That's how vast and expansive this shopping paradise is, where you'll find endless options and experiences at every turn.


Iran Mall Sections and Attractions

Iran Mall, beyond being the largest and most comprehensive Iranian shopping center, is a captivating experience. It goes beyond mere retail; it also features many attractions and awe-inspiring sections. If you plan to visit Iran Mall, here are some of its main sections and attractions:


Iran Mall Jame Mosque

Iran Mall Jame Mosque

The mosque within Iran Mall is a captivating sight, showcasing magnificent architecture adorned with intricate tile and plaster decorations.

Inspired by the design of the Grand Bazaar, it serves both as a place of worship and a unique attraction. The mosque features a dome design reminiscent of the Hafiyeh Shiraz dome, boasting five domes in total. The tile and plaster designs, adorned with turquoise, azure, white, and brick hues, add to its visual splendor. In addition to the Iran Mall Jame Mosque, Iran Mall also provides 40 prayer rooms spread across various areas.


Iranian Garden or Mahan Garden of Iran Mall

Iranian Garden or Mahan Garden of Iran Mall

It may be interesting to know that Within Iran Mall, a delightful surprise awaits in the form of Mahan Garden. Strolling through this garden, one can immerse themselves in the beauty of lush greenery and the soothing sound of flowing water. Inspired by renowned Iranian gardens like the Shazde Mahan Garden in Kerman, it features a flat and staircase design.

The garden boasts two entrances adorned with glass facades, connecting the northern part of Iran Mall to the picturesque lake and musical waterfront on the southern side. A restaurant is nestled within the Iranian garden, offering a serene dining experience across different floors.

Notably, the garden is covered by a membranous roof, intelligently designed to control sunlight while promoting plant growth and creating captivating vistas. This versatile space also accommodates various ceremonies and events, providing a remarkable setting for special occasions.


Didar Garden Or Rendezvous Garden

Didar Garden Or Rendezvous Garden

As its name suggests, Didar Garden is a place to meet and speak. This garden serves a delightful rendezvous spot. The garden is located adjacent to the traditional bazaar and it graces the landscape at approximately 14 meters high.

The garden boasts a glass roof that allows natural light to cascade, while the presence of palm trees adds a touch of mesmerizing beauty. As you stroll through its pathways, you'll encounter brick facades reminiscent of the architectural styles found in Iran's desert regions, such as Kashan and Yazd.

Within the garden, enchanting sights await, including a glass bridge over water, a glass platform, and a mesmerizing staircase waterfall adding a touch of wonder and allure to the tranquil ambiance.


Traditional Market of Iran Mall (Haj Ali Akbar Timcheh)

Traditional Market of Iran Mall

This bazaar is a collection designed based on historical patterns and methods of Iranian architecture regarding historical markets and related buildings. This bazaar is a venue for displaying and selling handicrafts, souvenirs, and products from various parts of Iran.

Inspired by iconic Iranian markets like Tabriz, Isfahan, and Shiraz, this traditional bazaar comprises a central dome, four souqs, and a main corridor. It is adorned with architectural marvels such as Moqarnas, Karbandi, Yazdi Bandi, gypsum, intricate tiling, and diverse motifs, and it exudes a charming ambiance.

It is located on the second floor of the commercial area and it features several distinct sections, including the Mirror Hall, a space adorned with exquisite reflections, the Pantry, offering a variety of culinary delights, the Market Order, where a range of goods can be found, and chambers that beckon with hidden treasures.

Within this traditional Iranian market, four notable spaces cater to your shopping needs. Visit Firouzeh Hall, known for its Iranian artistry and industry, offering enamel dishes, pottery, inlay work, and mesmerizing mirror crafts. Zomorod House showcases authentic, hand-woven Persian carpets, while Aghigh House displays antique artifacts and crafts. And if you are searching for a wide range of Iranian souvenirs, Diamonds House is the place to explore.


Mirror Iran Hall

Mirror Iran Hall

The mirror Hall is a captivating highlight within Iran Mall's traditional Bazaar. It features a staggering collection of over 38 million pieces. It is inspired by the renowned mirror hall of the National Assembly and as you step inside you will be mesmerized by the intricate mirrors adorning the ceiling and walls.

The hall's floor showcases an exquisite carpet with vibrant patterns and colors, creating a stunning contrast against the mirrored surroundings, resulting in a truly extraordinary and awe-inspiring scene.


Iran Mall Pantry

The Iran Mall pantry is decorated with impressive architecture and echoes the ancient tradition of providing a space to relax, converse, and savor refreshing cool syrup. With its roots stretching back to the Islamic era and Timurid times, this Pantry exemplifies the essence of these historical gathering spots.


Ivan Eshragh

Ivan Eshragh

Ivan Eshragh is a magnificent structure within Iran Mall. It rises 25 meters high and it spans from the first floor to the roof, serving as a direct connection to the diamond porch through the northern corridor. With its golden hue and stunning design, the porch resembles glistening crystals, adding a touch of enchantment to the building. On the terrace, nestled between the intricately designed crystals, you'll find commercial spaces offering special goods, surrounded by inviting cafes and teahouses.


Bagh-Ketab (Jondi Shapoor Library)

Bagh-Ketab (Jondi Shapoor Library)

This garden is designed to create a space for reading and studying. The Jondishapour Library is named after Jondishapur University. The library's interior design is made of earthy tones and woods to convey a sense of authentic Middle Eastern hospitality and comfort. It is built on three floors and equipped with more than 45,000 volumes of books, manuscripts, and documents. There are also separate reading studios for those interested in reading books in a more secluded, private area.

The statues of three crucial figures in Persian history, Ibn Sina, commonly known as Avicenna, Abu Ali Hasan ibn Ali Tusi known by his honorific title of Nizam al-Mulk, and Abu Rayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Biruni commonly known as al-Biruni, are displayed in this library.


Iran Mall Restaurant and Coffee Shop

Iran Mall Restaurant and Coffee Shop

After an eventful day of shopping, you can satisfy your cravings at the diverse range of restaurants and coffee shops available at Iran Mall. Here are some active restaurants and coffee shops within Iran Mall:


  1. Umm Sharif
  2. Sajj
  3. Qureshi
  4. Self-Service Qureshi
  5. Hani


Fast Food:

  1. Manchbox
  2. Fricadel


Coffee Shops:

  1. Pantry of the Grand Bazaar of Iran
  2. Cafe Didar
  3. Book Café
  4. Café Cinema
  5. Sports Café
  6. Café Lounge Cinema and Cappuccino


Melal Restaurant Garden of Iran Mall

Melal Restaurant Garden of Iran Mall

For those who enjoy dining outdoors and enjoy exploring different flavors, a visit to the Melal restaurant garden is a must. At the Garden of Nations Restaurant, a selection of delicious dishes awaits you. The outstanding feature of this restaurant is the provision of different cuisines from different countries.


Iran Mall Cinema

Iran Mall Cinema

At Iran Mall, entertainment is taken to another level with its state-of-the-art cinema. Located on the west side of the complex, the cinema boasts 12 halls, comprising nine public halls and three special halls. Moreover, the Iran Mall cinema even features a cinema café, allowing you to grab a snack or beverage before or after your film.


Iran Mall Sports Complex

Iran Mall offers more than just shopping and sightseeing; it features a range of facilities, including a comprehensive sports complex. Let's explore the different sections of this complex:

  1. Ice Track: Located on the eastern side of the mall, the Iranian Mall Ice Track spans 3,600 square meters. Here, you can enjoy thrilling sports like skiing and ice hockey.
  2. Squash Complex: The squash complex boasts four modern and advanced courts, providing a dedicated space for squash enthusiasts.
  3. Pool and Spa Complex: This complex features separate pools for women, children, and gentlemen. Additionally, it offers amenities such as saunas, Turkish baths, and a spa for therapeutic purposes.
  4. Bowling: Iran Mall's bowling area comprises 16 lanes and offers a spectacular view of the Martyrs Lake of the Persian Gulf and the musical fountain.
  5. Multi-purpose Stadium: Located in the roof garden, this stunning stadium includes courts suitable for various sports and non-sporting events. It also houses the Rocket Sports Equipment and Physical Fitness Shop.
  6. Wellness Road: An intriguing feature of Iran Mall is the 1.6 km wellness road, accessible 24/7.
  7. Sports Medicine Clinic: This clinic provides specialized facilities such as an aquatic therapy center and modern sports devices for sports health tests and rehabilitation of athletes and the elderly.
  8. Fitness and Health Center: Operating 24/7, this center offers various fitness services and includes an organic restaurant for health-conscious individuals.


Iran Mall Amusement Park

Iran Mall Amusement Park

Iran Mall caters to the entertainment needs of families, particularly children, with its well-equipped Amusement Park. Alongside shopping and exploration, you can indulge in hours of fun and games. Here are the facilities offered at Iran Mall Amusement Park:

  1. Indoor Roller Coaster
  2. Space Laser Games
  3. Children's Theaters
  4. Electronic Games Championship
  5. Hit Boat Track


Iran Mall Amusement Park also offer some services, including Various competitions, such as painting competitions, to encourage creativity and participation. They also host birthday parties and events for children and young people in dedicated party rooms and ceremonial spaces.


Iran Mall Hotel

Iran Mall Hotel

If you're traveling to Tehran and planning to visit Iran Mall, don't worry about accommodation. The mall offers a great five-star hotel with modern engineering and an Asian-inspired design. With 123,000 square meters across 18 floors, the hotel has 359 rooms offering unique views of the Persian Gulf lake and Iranmall waterfront.


Other parts of Iran Mall

Iran mall has other additional remarkable facilities worth exploring. One such feature is the specialized automotive exhibition, boasting unique architecture that showcases a variety of vehicles. An art exhibition is also present, providing a space to appreciate artistic creations. The exhibition center serves as a venue for various events, offering ample space for showcasing products and services. Moreover, Iran Mall is equipped with a helipad, allowing helicopter landings and takeoffs from high-rise buildings. The helipad, covering an area of 26 square meters, is the largest metal helipad in the vicinity and is situated in the northeast section near the exhibition center. Notably, the mall incorporates an automatic underfloor heating system, adding to the distinctive attributes of this extraordinary structure.


How to get to Iran Mall

How to get to Iran Mall

If you're going to Iran Mall by private car, rest assured as Iran Mall offers ample parking space across multiple large parking lots, ensuring easy access to all floors.

So, to reach Iran Mall from Tehran, simply take Shahid Kharrazi highway and select the Grand Bazaar exit. If you're coming from Karaj, follow the Karaj and Azadegan highways to reach the Grand Bazaar exit.

Alternatively, you can opt for special taxis or the subway to reach Iran Mall. If you choose the subway, disembark at Chitgar station or Iran Khodro (Line 5 Metro) and take a short bus ride from Shahid Bagheri town or a taxi to reach Iran Mall conveniently.


Quick Shoppers Guide to Different Sections of Iran Mall

Quick Shoppers Guide to Different Sections of Iran Mall

If you're interested in shopping at this mall, it's helpful to know where to find specific products. Let's explore the different sections of Iran Mall and their offerings:

  1. Hyperstar: Located on the G1 floor, Hyperstar is a significant hypermarket where you can find everyday essentials. From groceries and fresh produce to household goods and personal hygiene items, Hyperstar provides a wide range of products. You'll also find makeup, cleaning supplies, electronics, and home appliances.
  2. Home Decoration: The G0, G1, and G2 floors are dedicated to home decorations. The G0 floor offers a variety of household accessories, while the G1 floor features specialty stores with furniture, textiles, and artwork. The G2 floor showcases contemporary and traditional designs, including stylish dishes, bedding, lighting fixtures, and decorative pieces.
  3. Household Appliances: On the G0 floor, you'll find a collection of home appliances, including kitchen appliances and electronics, in various designs and colors.
  4. Leather Products: For shoes and leather goods, the G0, G1, and G3 floors are your go-to destinations. These floors offer a wide range of products to meet different tastes and preferences.
  5. Jewelry and Accessories: The G0 and G1 floors cater to those seeking exquisite jewelry and watches. You'll find a diverse selection of jewelry pieces and accessories to adorn yourself or find the perfect gift.
  6. Cosmetic Products: The G1, G2, and G3 floors focus on beauty and health products. Explore these sections to find cosmetic items that match your preferences and needs.
  7. Garments: Sports enthusiasts can head to the G3 floor, where they'll discover a comprehensive collection of sportswear, sneakers, and sports accessories.


Bottom Line

Iran Mall stands the largest mall in the world and as a premier destination for shoppers seeking a comprehensive and enjoyable shopping experience. With its multitude of sections and offerings, from the everyday essentials to exquisite jewelry and watches, there is something for everyone at this expansive mall.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore this Tehran shopping mall and indulge in a delightful shopping adventure. Plan your visit to Iran Mall today and Explore the various sections, discover unique products, and indulge in the pleasure of finding exactly what you're looking for in one convenient location.

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