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Nahjol Balaghe Park | Nature-Crafted Playground in Tehran

For those seeking respite from the urban hustle and bustle, Nahjol Balagheh Park stands as an oasis of tranquility within the bustling metropolis.

As one of the cleanest and most spectacular parks in Tehran, it provides a serene escape for residents and visitors alike. Beyond its lush greenery, the park is adorned with a variety of amenities and entertainment facilities, creating an inviting environment for leisurely strolls, family outings, or simply unwinding amidst nature's embrace.


Phases of Nahjolbalaghe Park

2. Phases of Nahjolbalaghe Park

NahjolBalaghe Park, sprawling over 35 hectares, has become a prime attraction in Tehran, drawing tourists year-round. With a one-story design featuring slopes ranging from 10 to 35 degrees, the park offers a panoramic view of the valley's depth from its highest point. This vast green expanse unfolds in four distinct phases, each contributing to the park's diverse offerings.


Phase One (Opened in 2008)

3. Phase One (Opened in 2008)

Spanning from the north of Shahid Hemet highway to Hamila Boulevard, this 35-hectare section forms the heart of NahjolBalaghe Park. Here, visitors encounter the solemn memorial of the unknown martyrs and the exhilarating Bilino amusement park.


Phase Two (Operational since 2012)

4. Phase Two (Operational since 2012)

Expanding across an impressive 65 hectares from the area north of Hakim highway to Hemet highway, the second phase adds substantial acreage to the park's footprint. As additional phases unfold between Farahzad and Jalal Al Ahmad Street, NahjolBalaghe Park is set to span 6,500 meters in length and cover an expansive 200 hectares.

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Phase Three (Opened in 2015)

5. Phase Three (Opened in 2015)

Located in the northernmost part of Bostan, extending from Ponk Square to Niayesh Highway, the third phase offers a serene retreat. Since its ceremonial unveiling in 2015, this section has contributed to the park's allure, providing residents and tourists with a scenic escape.


Phase Four (Coming Soon!)

6. Phase Four (Coming Soon!)

While still under construction, Phase 4 promises to extend the park's length to a staggering 6,500 meters and its area to a sprawling 200 hectares. Imagine the possibilities – new recreational hubs, scenic vistas, and an even deeper connection with nature in the heart of Tehran.

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Design of the Nahjolbalaghe Park

7. Design of the Nahjolbalaghe Park

Nahjolbalaghe Park in Tehran boasts a unique architectural design that gracefully adapts to the natural slope adjacent to the river and valley. Spanning across multiple floors and intricately divided by two rivers, the park features a visually striking suspension bridge that enhances its allure. With a slope ranging from 10 to 35 meters and an elevation of approximately 55 meters from the park's floor, Nahjolbalaghe Park offers visitors a dynamic and immersive experience. The carefully crafted design, accentuated by communication tunnels connecting different phases, ensures both aesthetic appeal and practical accessibility, making it a distinctive landmark for residents and tourists alike in the heart of Tehran.


Attractions of Nahjol Balaghe Park

8. Attractions of Nahjol Balaghe Park

Nahj al-Balagha Park in Tehran enchants visitors with a myriad of captivating sights, contributing to its widespread popularity.

The Nahj Ol-Balagheh Bridge, a prominent feature, proudly holds the title of Tehran's first suspension bridge and Iran's second. With a length of 285 meters and a width of 2 meters, this iconic bridge soars to a height of 65 meters, reaching a maximum elevation of 85 meters. Serving as a symbolic connection between Nahj al-Balaghe Park and Pardisan Park, the bridge accommodates up to 200 visitors at a time, offering a breathtaking journey with panoramic views.

Within the park, a poignant attraction is the memorial dedicated to the unknown martyrs, established in Mehr 1389. This solemn section not only pays homage to the martyrs but also features a beautifully designed structure, creating a serene atmosphere for reflection. Various religious ceremonies and events take place in this part of Nahj al-Balaghe Park, adding to its distinct ambiance.

Adding a touch of enchantment to Nahjol Balaghe Park is the mesmerizing light tunnel, a 260-meter-long marvel designed and implemented in April 1400. Renowned as the country's largest light tunnel, it boasts captivating illumination, making it a haven for photography enthusiasts. The play of lights and colors within this tunnel, especially at night, creates a visual spectacle that beckons visitors to capture unforgettable moments. For a memorable experience blending engineering marvels, tributes to history, and artistic displays, Nahj al-Balagha Park stands as a multifaceted destination in Tehran.

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Diverse Entertainment in Nahjol Balaghe Park

Nahj al-Balagha Park stands out as a hub of diverse amusements, catering to the interests and moods of every visitor.


Health Roads

9. Health Roads

Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy the park's health roads, featuring eight longitudinal and three transverse walking tracks. These paths, akin to a professional club, offer benches for relaxation and people-watching opportunities.

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Cycling Tracks

10. Cycling Tracks

Cycling enthusiasts are drawn to one of Tehran's most popular cycling tracks within Nahjol Balaghe Park, boasting a scenic 9 km route. For those without bicycles, rental stations offer an array of options, each available by the hour.


Amphitheater and Open-air Cinema

The park also houses an amphitheater that hosts engaging shows, providing a delightful experience for theater enthusiasts. Artistic entertainment continues with the Nahj al-Balagha cinema, an open-air venue active during significant sports competitions.

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Bilino Amusement Park

Calling all budding engineers and playful youngsters! Bilino Amusement Park is a unique haven where construction equipment transforms into thrilling playthings. From operating miniature excavators to maneuvering a grab crane, kids and adults alike can unleash their inner builders in a fun and safe environment. The park's affordable play options make it a truly inclusive playground for all.


Six-Dimensional Cinema

12. Six-Dimensional Cinema

As day transitions to night, the six-dimensional cinema in Phase 1 takes center stage, boasting the largest screen in the country. Here, visitors can indulge in a cinematic experience that transcends traditional boundaries, with photographers on hand to capture their most thrilling moments.


Bungee Jumping

13. Bungee Jumping

For those with a taste for the extraordinary, the bungee jumping platform awaits at a height of 65 meters, offering an exhilarating leap into the void. Swings and cable cars provide additional amusement, creating an elevated perspective of the park's scenic beauty, though a separate fee is required for these attractions.

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Horror Safari Tunnel

15. Horror Safari Tunnel

As the excitement at Nahj al-Balagha Park unfolds, visitors can immerse themselves in additional thrilling experiences. The horror safari game, an adrenaline-pumping seven-minute journey, guarantees fear and excitement for participants between 130 and 200 cm tall, making it a thrilling adventure for those seeking a heart-pounding challenge.


Skating Rink and Boat Ride

16. Skating Rink and Boat Ride

Excitement continues with a skating rink, where young individuals showcase their skills and enthusiasm for the sport. The park's water attractions include a boat jumping ride that accelerates into a pool, offering a unique and thrilling experience.

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Echo Tunnel

17. Echo Tunnel

In 2013, an underpass made of concrete was introduced beneath the Hemet highway, serving as a linkage between phase one and phase two. From its inception, this 52-meter long tunnel in NahjolBalaghe earned the moniker "Echo Tunnel," a title affectionately bestowed by the public. Renowned for its acoustics, the tunnel's concrete and polished walls are adept at reflecting sounds. Should you happen to traverse this passage and witness individuals enthusiastically screaming and expending energy, don't be taken aback! You might find yourself enticed to partake in this unique auditory adventure.


Hotels Near Nahjol Balaghe Park

18. Hotels Near Nahjol Balaghe Park

Planning a trip to Tehran and eager to explore the majestic Nahjol Balaghe Park? Choosing the right accommodation near the park can enhance your experience significantly. Here are some options to consider, catering to different budgets and preferences:

  1. Pardis Apartment Hotel: Offering comfortable and affordable apartments, Pardis Hotel is ideal for budget-conscious travelers seeking independence and space. Enjoy the convenience of a kitchenette and unwind in the homely atmosphere.
  2. Tavrij Apartment Hotel: Another excellent option for budget travelers, Tavrij Apartment Hotel provides clean and cozy apartments, perfect for families or small groups. Its proximity to the park allows for easy access to outdoor adventures.
  3. Alvand Hotel: This 4-star hotel strikes a perfect balance between affordability and comfort. Elegant rooms, a serene setting, and helpful staff ensure a pleasant stay. The hotel's restaurant offers delicious local and international cuisine, while the amenities like a pool and gym provide recreational options.
  4. Homa Hotel: For those seeking true luxury, Homa Hotel is a beacon of elegance. This 5-star establishment pampers guests with spacious rooms, opulent furnishings, and personalized service. The rooftop restaurant boasts breathtaking city views, while the spa promises rejuvenating treatments.

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Why Nahjol Balaghe Park Captivates Tehran?

19. Why Nahjol Balaghe Park Captivates Tehran

Tehran's Nahjol Balaghe Park isn't just a green space; it's a magnet for locals and tourists alike, offering a captivating blend of nature, recreation, and stunning vistas. Let's unravel the many reasons why it reigns supreme as one of the city's most popular destinations:


1-Nature's Embrace

  1. Winding paths weave through lush greenery, culminating in breathtaking panoramas of the city and beyond. From hidden waterfalls to vibrant flower gardens, the park is a haven for both tranquility and visual splendor. Visitors can escape the urban bustle and find solace in the park's natural beauty.
  2. For the active souls, Nahjol Balaghe offers a plethora of athletic opportunities. Dedicated trails cater to runners, cyclists, and walkers, while dedicated areas facilitate sports like football, volleyball, and skating.

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2- A Playground for All

  1. From children's playgrounds to picnic areas, the park caters to family outings and creates lasting memories.
  2. For adrenaline seekers, there's plenty to get the heart racing. Soar above the valley on the scenic cable car, take a plunge on the jump boat, or challenge yourself at the skate park.
  3. Sculptures by renowned artists dot the park, creating an open-air gallery, while theaters and cinemas offer artistic entertainment for all ages.


3- Beyond the Green

  1. Situated away from the city's core, Nahjol Balaghe offers a welcome escape from the cacophony of Tehran. Yet, it remains conveniently accessible via highways and public transportation.
  2. The park holds historical significance, with the Memorial of the Unknown Martyrs serving as a poignant reminder of sacrifice.
  3. From delectable local cuisine at park cafes to vibrant bazaars selling handcrafted souvenirs, Nahjol Balaghe caters to every taste and desire.


Best Time to Visit Nahjolbalaghe Park in Tehran

20. Best Time to Visit Nahjolbalaghe Park in Tehran

Nahjol Balaghe Park charms visitors year-round, but spring (April-May) and autumn (October-November) offer its most enchanting experience. Spring paints the slopes with vibrant blooms, while autumn bathes them in warm hues, both offering ideal temperatures for leisurely walks and outdoor activities. Summer can get quite hot, while winter's occasional snowfalls lend a unique beauty to the landscape, albeit with some facilities having limited hours. So, choose your season based on your preferred scenery and activity preferences!


Nahjolbalaghe Park Location

NahjolBalaghe Park graces Farahzad Valley, easily accessible from key highways in Tehran: Yadgar Emam, Hashemi Rafsanjani, and Hemmat. Nestled between these thoroughfares, the park serves as a central retreat for city dwellers. Its strategic location ensures a swift escape into nature, offering a serene haven amidst the bustling urban landscape.

21. Nahjolbalaghe Park Location


Final Takeaway

Nahjol Balaghe Park, a breathtaking blend of nature and thrills, isn't just Tehran's green haven, it's your playground. Hike peaceful paths, scream in the sound tunnel, cycle scenic trails, or soar on the sky bridge. From serene gardens to family fun, this multi-layered wonder has something for everyone. Unwind and explore!

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