Iran art

Standard 19 August 01

Persian Miniature; the Breathtaking Flourished Persian Art

Iranian are known for being great artists. When you travel to Iran, in every corner of the country you can find a unique type of handicraft and artwork. Among all of them, one which goes back to at least a thousand years ago is the Persian Miniature.

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Standard 19 July 14

Traditional and Folklore Music of Iran

Iran has different styles of traditional and folk music. In every city and village from north to south, and west to east, there is no single place without its own traditional music.

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Standard 18 August 23

Mina-kari (enamel), the art of love and fire

Mina-kari is one of the most beautiful Persian arts that you can see the best kind of these handicrafts in Isfahan. The history of this art dates back to 5000 years ago.  

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Standard 18 August 14

The Radif of Iranian music

When we talk about the heritage of Iranian music, our purpose is not a special form of it, but our look at all the instrumental and vocal songs, individual and group performances, martial, ritual, religious, epic, mystical, marriage and mourning , fun and tragic music, traditional techniques and knowledge, oral literature and technology related to music, and all the cases which are the result of talent, taste, thinking, worldview, creativity and the initiative of all generations that have come to us orally and written from teachers to the students.

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Standard 18 August 12

Pateh Weaving Handicraft

In every city in Iran, you can find a unique piece of art which has a history behind. From north to south, and east to west of the country, there are various types of Iranian local handicrafts. 

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Standard 18 July 24

Kamancheh Iranian Instrument

The instrument is used in different countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran, it is also can be noticed in the Kurdish music.

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Standard 18 July 03

Hossein Behzad; master of Iranian Miniature

Iranian art and painting are linked with numerous artists. When it comes to miniature, the name of Master Hossein Behzad comes to mind. He is definitely one of the greatest Iranian miniaturists in the 20th century.

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Standard 18 June 30

Persian Carpet; the variety of pattern, color, and material

Every country is famous for some items, and Iran is very popular for its carpet. If you ever travel to Iran, it would be a great idea to have a visit to Carpet National Museum of Iran in Tehran.

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Standard 18 June 28

Iranian Folkloric Dance

Local dances in every corner of Iran, are not only beautiful but have signs of mysticism, prayer, and martial arts. 

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Standard 18 June 10

Top 5 Iranian Handicraft; on the occasion of World Handicrafts Day

June 10th is celebrated as World Handicraft Day worldwide. The World Handicrafts Council was established by the UNESCO with 90 countries as members. 

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Standard 18 June 02

Iran Handicrafts

Persia has been a center of civilization for at least 7000 years.

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