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Top Must Watch Iranian Movies

Since the 1930s, some of the most significant works of cinematic art have been created in Iran, the country of cinematic geniuses.

The first movie theatre opened in Tehran in 1904, marking the beginning of Iranian cinema's history as an art form.

At the time, theatres in Iran were packed with Iranians eager to see these crude masterpieces, which were less than 10 years old. Iran wouldn't create its own national movie, a cinema of morality, humanism, abandon, and honesty, though, for another 25 years.

The first film school was established in 1925 and soon the national cinema of Iran began to emerge. Since then, the Iranian film represents the nation, the heart and soul of a person who has struggled with the hardships of life and hope for the future in decades of upheaval.

Iranian movies have developed into interesting, turbulent, soulful, and tragic cinema as a result. It serves as a genuine voice through which Iran may convey its many intriguing stories, and it continues to be a true monument to the tenacity and resilience of the Iranian people.

In this article, we introduce you to the best Iranian movies both awarded in the national movie festival and rated at the top of IMDb’s top Iranian movies list.


Best Iranian Movies at Cannes Film Festival

One of the most significant international film festivals, the Cannes Film Festival is held annually and has judges from all over the world who choose the festival's best films. We have discussed the awards that this festival has given to Iranian filmmakers and cinematographers in this section.


1. Life and Nothing More (1992)

life and nothing more

Original Title: Zendegi va Digar Hich

Award Title: Best Film

In an effort to locate the kids who starred in his film a few years prior, a director and his son visit a location that was affected by the Gilan earthquake.


2. The White Balloon (1995)

the white baloon

Original Title: Badkonake Sefid

Award Title: Golden Camera, Fipresci Prize

A number of people attempt to assist a young girl in finding the money her mother gave her to buy a goldfish.

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3. Taste of Cherry (1997)

taste of cherry

Original Title: Ta'm e Guilass

Award Title: Palme d’Or

In quest of someone who will secretly bury him under a cherry tree after he commits suicide, an Iranian guy drives his automobile.


4. The Blackboard (2000)

the black board

Original Title: Takhté Siah

Award Title: Jury Prize

It centres on a group of Kurdish refugees who fled Iraq after Saddam Hussein's Iraq bombed Halabja with chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq War.


5. A Time for Drunken Horses (2000)

a time for drunken horses

Original Title: Zamani Barayé Masti Asbha

Award Title: Art and Experience, Fipresci

Young Iranian Kurdish kids fight to save their sick little sibling.

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6. Kandahar (2001)


Original Title: Safar-e Ghandehar

Award Title: Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

After receiving a letter from her suicidal sister, an Afghan-born lady living in Canada embarks on a risky voyage through Afghanistan in an effort to locate her.


7. Under the Moonlight (2001)

under the moon light

Original Title: Zir-e Noor-e Maah

Award Title: Best Feature

Seyyed Hassan, a seminary student, is set to become a cleric until a young boy steals his vestments right before the ceremony.


8. At Five in the Afternoon (2003)

at 5 in the afternoon

Original Title: Panj é Asr

Award Title: Un Certain Regard Jury

Agheleh Rezaie, a young lady in post-Taliban Afghanistan, goes to school against the wishes of her conservative father in an effort to further her aim of becoming the nation's future president by learning more about democracy.

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9. Crimson Gold (2003)

crimson gold movie

Original Title: Talaye Sorkh

Award Title: Jury Prize

An Iranian pizza delivery driver is inspired to commit a crime after witnessing the worst forms of social unrest and corruption in his hometown.


10. Bitter Dream (2004)

a bitter dream

Original Title: Khab-e Talkh

Award Title: Camera d’Or

Esfandiar has been carelessly preparing bodies for the journey to their ultimate resting place for the past forty years. He falls unwell one day while he is getting ready for a funeral. Could he also be nearing death?


11. Nobody knows about Persian cats (2009)

nobody knows about persian cats

Original Title: Kasi az Gorbehaye Irani Khabar Nadareh

Award Title: Special Jury Prize

Two young Iranian composers, Negar and Ashkan, decide to form an underground band and hunt for additional musicians to join them, but the government keeps getting in the way. The two young individuals attempt to obtain credentials to leave the nation for Europe because they are tired of being prevented from speaking their minds.

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12. Certified Copy (2010)

copy conforme

Original Title: Copie Conforme

Award Title: Best Actress for Juliette Binoche

A middle-aged British author is in Tuscany to promote his most recent novel when he encounters a French woman who guides him to the town of Lucignano. While there, a coincidental query exposes more.


13. Goodbye (2011)


Original Title: Bé Omid é Didar

Award Title: Best Directing

Directed by Mohammad Rasoulof, It narrates the tale of a young attorney looking for a visa to leave Tehran, much like Mohammad Rasoulof did in the winter of 2010–2011.


14. The Past (2013)

the past

Original Title: Le Passé

Award Title: Best Actress Prize for Bérénice Bejo

In order to return home back to Iran, an Iranian guy deserted his French wife and her two children. His wife begins a new relationship in the meantime, which her husband learns about when she asks for a divorce.

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15. Nahid (2015)


Award Title: Promising Future Prize

A lady who is currently in a new relationship with a man attempts to put the shards of her previous life back together.


16. The Salesman (2016)

the salesman

Original Title: Forushande

Award Title: Best Screenplay for Farhadi and Best Actor for Hosseini

She is attacked in their new house while Ranaa and Emad, a married couple, are performing in "Death of a Salesman," and despite his wife's terrified protestations, he is determined to discover the attacker.


17. 3 Faces (2018)


Original Title: Se Rokh

Award Title: Best Screenplay

This Iranian movie tells the story of three actresses at various career junctures; one from before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, one well-known celebrity now who is well-known all throughout the nation, and a young girl who longs to enrol in a theatre academy.

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18. A Hero (2021)

a hero

Original Title: Ghahreman

Award Title: Grand Prix

Counted as one of the best Iranian movies of the decade, the story is about a man called “Rahim” who is currently incarcerated due to a debt he was unable to pay back. He tries to persuade his creditor to drop his grievance against the payment of a portion of the debt during a two-day leave. The strategy, however, is not followed.


19. Leila's Brothers (2022)


Original Title: Baradaran-e Leila

Award Title: Fipresci Prize for the Best Film

One of the best new Iranian movies ” Leila's Brothers “ tells a story about a 40-year-old Leila, who has taken care of her parents, four brothers, and herself her whole life. A family that regularly quarrels and is stressed out by several debts in the face of a bad economic situation. Leila devises a strategy while her brothers struggle to make ends meet.


Best Iranian Movies at Venice Film Festival

The Golden Lion, given out by the Venice Film Festival, is regarded as one of the most significant film prizes in the world. Venice is one of the most notable film festivals in Europe. At different times during the festival, various best Iranian movies have been screened and many Iranian artists and directors have shined.


20. A Fire (1961)


Original Title: Yek Atash

It is a piece of the 1336–1341-produced documentary series that was directed by Ebrahim Golestan. The narrative of extinguishing one of Ahvaz's largest oil well fires is depicted in this film.

A Fire had its world debut at the Tehran Film Center in May 1340. It was also shown at the Venice Film Festival that year, where it won the prize in the documentary films section.

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21. The Cow (1962)

the cow movie

Original Title: Gaav

Directed by Dariush Mehrjui, it is a movie about An elderly peasant in a lonely and barren hamlet, Masht Hassan, who is the sole owner of a cow. He loves the cow like a child. His cow passes away while he is away. The locals immediately disposed of the body since they knew Masht Hassan had a special bond with his cow. When he returned, they informed him that his cow had escaped. Masht Hassan is heartbroken; he begins to spend all of his time in the barn munching hay and gradually comes to think that he is the cow.

The Cow was part of the new wave of Iranian cinema and was one of the first Iranian films that received attention and admiration in the West and Europe. The Cow won the Venice Film Festival Fipresci award in 1971.


22. Det Means Girl (1995)

det means daughter movie

Original Title: Det Yani Dokhtar

It is one of the best Iranian movies directed and written by Abolfazl Jalili and produced in 1372. The film typically explores the hardship of the young (in this case, a teenager working in a Tehran workers' hostel who is attempting to collect funds for his sister's mysterious paralysis) in a realistic yet impressionistic manner.

It was shown in the official competition section and won the UNICEF award.


23. The Silence (1998)

the silence

Original Title: Sokout

Directed by Mohsen Makhmalbaf, tells a story about “Khorshid”, a blind boy, who, his hearing being sensitive, is busily tuning new instruments. He takes the bus every day to get from his house to the music workshop. His mother advised him to put his finger in his ear so that the alluring noises he heard along the road wouldn't follow him and cause him to get lost. But every day, the temptation of voices leads him to new locations.

The Silence won both The President of the Italian Senate Gold Medal and CinemAvvenire's Award for Best First Film in Venice Film Festival Awards, 1998.

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24. The Wind Will Carry Us (1999)

the wind will carry us

Original Title: Bad Ma Ra Khahad Bord

Behzad, an irreverent city engineer, visits a small Iranian town to maintain watch over a dying cousin. The movie then shows how he modifies his own attitudes as a result of his attempts to blend in with the neighbourhood.

Directed by Abbas Kiarostami, the movie won the Grand Jury Prize and the Fipresci Prize at the Venice Film Festival.


25. The Circle (2000)

the circle movie

Original Title: Dayereh

One of the Best Iranian movies “Circle” directed by Jafar Panahi was the only Iranian film to win the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 2000.

The narrative of six women who broke out of jail and had various consequences is told in the movie. Each of Fersheta, Maeda, Ilham, and Nargis is seeking a place to call home.


26. The Day I Became a Woman (2000)

the day I became a woman

Original Title: Roozi Ke Zan Shodam

Award Title: CinemAvvenire award, Isvema award and UNESCO award at the Venice Film Festival, in 2000

This movie is divided into three sections, each of which relates the tale of a different lady; The first narrative is titled Eve, the second story is titled Ahou, and the third story is titled, Hora. This statement by Simone de Beauvoir—"A human being is not born a woman, but becomes a woman"—serves as the inspiration for the title of the movie.

Directed by Marzieh Meshkini, the movie won the CinemAvvenire award, Isvema award and UNESCO award at the Venice Film Festival, in 2000.

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27. Women Without Men (2009)

women without men

Original Title: Zanan-e Bedun-e Mardan

Award Title: The 66th Venice Film Festival Silver Lion for Best Director was awarded to this movie

The movie based on Shahrenoush Parsipour's novel on the events of the August 28 coup that resulted in the collapse of Iran's elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh, was made by Shirin Neshat. The film's plot explores the precarious circumstances facing Iranian women at the time.

The 66th Venice Film Festival Silver Lion for Best Director was awarded to this movie.


28. Fish & Cat (2013)

fish and cat movie

Original Title: Mahi va Gorbeh

Award Title: Won the special prize of the Horizons section of the Venice Film Festival in 2013 due to its "creative content"

derived from true events The storyline of "Fish and Cat" revolves around a group of students who go to the Caspian area to take part in a kite-flying competition on the Winter solstice. Three cooks who are set to depart on a hunt manage a little diner next to their tent. They have a severe meat shortage. Apart from the students, there is nothing nearby. The movie blends formal experimentation with dread and a cunning sense of comedy in a way that is incredibly uncommon in Iranian film history.

Ranked as one of the best Iranian thriller movies, directed and written by Shahram Makri, “Fish & Cat “ won the special prize of the Horizons section of the Venice Film Festival in 2013 due to its "creative content".


29. Tales (2014)

قصه ها

Original Title: Ghesse-ha

Award Title: Silver Lion for the best screenplay at the 71st Venice International Film Festival

A collection of seven related short stories about various characters navigating life in contemporary Iran. including tales of mother-son love, husband-wife love, and male and female love that provide people with the hope they require to face life's most difficult obstacles. An insightful analysis of contemporary Iranian culture as well as a touching, private glance behind closed doors.

The Tales, directed by Rakhshan Banietemad was able to attain the Silver Lion for the best screenplay at the 71st Venice International Film Festival.

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30. No Date, No Signature (2017)

no date no signature

Original Title: Bedun-e Tarikh, Bedun-e Emza

Award Title: Received two awards at the 74th Venice Film Festival: Best Male Actor and Best Director in the Horizons section of the 2017 Venice Film Festival

Dr Nariman, a trauma surgeon, is involved in a car accident with a motorcycle rider and hurts his kid, who is 8 years old. He offers to transport the kid to a local clinic, but the dad declines his aid and payment. Dr Nariman learns the next morning at the hospital where he works that the little kid had been brought in for an autopsy following a death that seemed strange. Dr Nariman is struggling with the question of whether he is to blame for the child's death from the vehicle accident or from food poisoning, as other experts have determined.

This film, directed by Vahid Jalilund, received two awards at the 74th Venice Film Festival: Best Male Actor and Best Director in the Horizons section of the 2017 Venice Film Festival.


31. The Wasteland (2020)

the wasteland

Original Title: Dashte Khamoush

Award Title: Best film award in the Horizons section of the 77th Venice Film Festival

This Iranian movie, written and directed by Ahmad Bahrami, won the best film award in the Horizons section of the 77th Venice Film Festival.

The movie narrates the tale of Lotfollah, a lonesome foreman in a brick kiln who serves as a liaison between the employees and the kiln owner. The owner of the furnace calls everyone together one day and breaks the news, which will drastically alter everyone's life.


32. Sun Children (2020)

sun children

Original Title: Khorshid

Award Title: Received the "Marcello Mastroianni" award at the Venice Film Festival for the best emerging actor

At the 2020 Venice Film Festival, Iran was represented by the Iranian movie "Khorshid," written and directed by Majid Majidi. The film's lead character also received the "Marcello Mastroianni" award at the Venice Film Festival for the best emerging actor.

Together, 12-year-old Ali and his friends struggle to make ends meet and take care of their families. In a seemingly miraculous change of circumstances, Ali is given the task of discovering buried treasure.

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33. World War III (2022)

world war III

Original Title: Jang-e Jahani Sevom

Award Title: 79th Venice International Film Festival premiere on September 7, 2022, and it took home two prizes in the Horizon category, including Best Film for Houman Seyyedi and Best Actor for Mohsen Tanabandeh

Houman Seyyedi is the producer and director of the Iranian movie World War III. The star of this film is Mohsen Tanabandeh. The movie had its 79th Venice International Film Festival premiere on September 7, 2022, and it took home two prizes in the Horizon category, including Best Film for Houman Seyyedi and Best Actor for Mohsen Tanabandeh.

A day worker who gets cast in a movie is forced to hide his lover on the set or else risk losing her and everything that cinematic stardom has to offer.


34. No Bears (2022)

no bears

Original Title: Khers Nist

Jafar Panahi is the director, producer, and writer of “ No Bears” which is one of the best Iranian movies in 2022. The movie was nominated on September 9, 2022, as part of the main competition for the Golden Lion at the 79th Venice International Film Festival, where it also earned the jury's special prize. Because of its creativity, ideas, and directing, this movie earned favourable reviews from critics.

The plot involves two parallel love tales in which the participants encounter unforeseen, hidden barriers, the strength of superstition, and the workings of political power.


IMDb List of the Best Iranian Movies

One of the most well-known movie websites in the world, IMDb receives more than 100 million visitors each month. This website, where people from all around the world may rank films and television shows, publishes a yearly list of the greatest films ever made.

IMDb has taken note of Iranian films and television shows in addition to foreign productions and has included a few of them in its database. We will expose you to the top Iranian films on IMDb in this section.


35. Mother (1990)


Original Title: Madar

IMDb Rating: 8.5

Director: Ali Hatami

The two independent but interconnected sequences of events drive the plot forward in the movie. In the first season, young family members congregate around their elderly mother to relive their shared younger years. The second line focuses on the elderly woman's preparations for her last voyage and her joyful assistance in organizing the rituals that would be performed following her death. The Movie is one of the masterpieces of Ali Hatami in Iranian cinema history.

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36. The Lizard (2004)

the lizard

Original Title: Marmoulak

IMDb Rating: 8.4

Director: Kamal Tabrizi

Petty criminal Reza (Parviz Parastui) encounters a minister while in jail, which prompts the creation of an escape strategy. Reza dons the priestly robes of his new friend and attempts to get freedom. He quickly discovers that the general population does not treat clergymen with much regard. Reza journeys to the remote areas, where he makes plans to flee the nation. When the villagers welcome him into their society and require him to carry out religious chores, he is forced to postpone his plans.


37. A Separation (2011)

a separation

Original Title: Jodaeiye Nader az Simin

IMDb Rating: 8.3

Director: Asghar Farhadi

A married couple must choose between migrating abroad to better the lives of their kid and remaining in Iran to care for a parent who is suffering due to Alzheimer's illness.

This is the first Iranian movie which won the Oscar prize for Best Foreign Language Film in 2012. At the 61st Berlin International Film Festival, it also won the Golden Bear for Best Film and the Silver Bears for Best Actress and Best Actor.

You can find most of Asghar Farhadi’s movies on the best Iranian movies on Amazon Prime, putting them on your movie night must-watch playlist.


38. Children of Heaven (1997)

children of heaven

Original Title: Bacheha-ye Aseman

IMDb Rating: 8.2

Director: Majid Majidi

A youngster sets out on a series of adventures after misplacing a pair of shoes belonging to his sister. When he can't, he attempts a different strategy to "win" a brand new pair.

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39. Close-Up (1990)


Original Title: Nema-ye Nazdik

IMDb Rating: 8.2

Director: Abbas Kiarostami

The real-life account of Hossain Sabzian, a cinema enthusiast who impersonated the director Mohsen Makhmalbaf in order to persuade a family to act in his fictitious new movie.


40. Life and a Day (2016)

life and a day

Original Title: Abad va Yek Rooz

IMDb Rating: 8.2

Director: Saeed Roustayi

The youngest daughter of a poor family, Somaieh, is married, and panic grips every member of the family wondering how they would deal with their problems without her.


41. Where is the Friend's House? (1987)

where is the friend

Original Title: Khane-ye Doust Kojast?

IMDb Rating: 8.1

Director: Abbas Kiarostami

By accident, 8-year-old Ahmed took the notepad belonging to his friend Mohammad. If he doesn't return it, his friend will be expelled from school. The diligent child makes a determined effort to locate Mohammad's residence in the nearby village.

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42. The Colour of Paradise (1999)

the color of paradise

Original Title: Rang-e Khoda

IMDb Rating: 8.1

Director: Majid Majidi

The tale of Mohammed, a little Iranian kid who is blind, and his father Hashem, who struggles alternately between accepting Mohammed for who he is and forsaking him since Mohammed is a burden for him following the death of his wife.


43. Redhat and Cousin (1995)

kolah ghermezi

Original Title: Kolah Ghermezi va Pesar Khale

IMDb Rating: 8.1

Director: Iraj Tahmasb

Kolah Ghermezi (he always wears a red hat) is a mischievous youngster. He is dismissed from school for being too playful, and he is unable to find a job. Eventually, he makes the long journey from his village to Tehran to work as a performer in a children's play, but finds it more challenging than he anticipated.


44. Turtles Can Fly (2004)

turtles can fly

Original Title: Lakposhtha Parvaz Mikonand

IMDb Rating: 8.0

Director: Bahman Ghobadi

The boy Satellite is in charge of the children in the Kurdish refugee camp on the border between Turkey and Iraq. He installs antennas for the locals and orders them to remove and collect American undetonated minefields in the fields for sale in the street market. Satellite develops an unrequited love for Egrin when the orphans Agrin, her armless brother Hengov, and the blind child Riga arrive at the colony from Halabcheh. The girl was assaulted and her parents were slain during a violent raid on her house, which left her scarred. She wishes to travel with her brother Hengov to a different location and leave Riga behind, but he disagrees with her plan.

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45. Hamoun (1990)


IMDb Rating: 8.0

Director: Dariush Mehrjui

The wife of Hamoon is divorcing him. Additionally, he is attempting in vain to complete his PhD. thesis. He is compelled to evaluate his life. Hamoon explores his past in a sequence of nightmares and flashbacks as he seeks to understand his mistakes.


46. Bashu, the Little Stranger (1989)


Original title: Bashu, Gharibeye Koochak

IMDb Rating: 8.0

Director: Bahram Beyzaie

An Iranian youngster who fled for his life from the south to the north of the country and whose family had perished in the conflict is saved and raised by a middle-aged woman.


47. About Elly (2009)

about elly

Original Title: Darbareye Elly

IMDb Rating: 7.9

Director: Asghar Farhadi

Following the inexplicable disappearance of a kindergarten teacher on a picnic in the north of Iran, her fellow travellers have a string of mishaps.

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48. The Song of Sparrows (2008)

the song of sparrows

Original Title: Avaze Gonjeshk-ha

IMDb Rating: 7.9

Director: Majid Majidi

The narrative of Karim, a naive middle-aged man, is presented in this film. He is captivated by ostriches and has a psychological and emotional bond with them because he works on an animal breeding farm. Unexpectedly, one of the ostriches manages to flee the farm. Karim looks for him for days, but is unable to locate him; as a result, he gets fired. This serves as justification for visiting the city for the first time. He does a delivery job throughout the city on a motorcycle for a living. He runs into a lot of things around the city and learns a lot. In the midst of these events, we are witnessing Karim's transformation.


49. Just 6.5 (2019)

Original Title: Metri Shesh Va Nim

IMDb Rating: 7.8

Director: Saeed Roustayi

A drug kingpin named Naser Khakzad is the target of the police, but when they finally manage to apprehend him, he makes every effort to get away and protect his family.


50. Baran (2001)


IMDb Rating: 7.8

Director: Majid Majidi

Rahmat, a young Afghan labourer, and Lateef, a 17-year-old Turkish worker, are drawn to one another on a construction site in modern Tehran. Rahmat's secret is revealed, and it alters both of their lives.

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51. Here Without Me (2011)

here without me

Original Title: Inja bedoone man

IMDb Rating: 7.8

Director: Bahram Tavakoli

Based on an adaption of Tennessee Williams’ play “The Glass Menagerie”, the storyline centres on the world of a regular family with common aspirations and unremarkable issues. The mother is making every effort to safeguard her family, but unforeseen circumstances cause her plans to fall apart.


52. The Glass Agency (1998)

glass agency

Original Title: Ajans-E Shisheh-I

IMDb Rating: 7.8

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia

The Glass Agency tells the tale of a soldier of war who lives in post-war Iran. It features veterans who are dealing with societal issues following the war. They are misunderstood by society, and the accepted societal conventions clash with their unique personalities.


53. Fireworks Wednesday (2006)

firework Wednesday

Original Title: Chaharshanbe-Soori

IMDb Rating: 7.7

Director: Asghar Farhadi

Nearing Eid, everyone is busy shaking the house to welcome the new year. A young woman named Roohangiz (Taraneh Alidousti), who is preparing for marriage, works for a house cleaning service. On Wednesday, someone from the cleaning agency calls her, and she arrives at a middle-class family's home to clean. The atmosphere in the house is unsteady and uneasy due to the tension and melancholy present as well as the noise caused by the firework explosion.

This movie is one of the best Iranian movies on Netflix. Make sure you will watch it!

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54. The Tenants (1987)


Original Title: Ejareh-Nesheenha

IMDb Rating: 7.7

Director: Dariush Mehrjui

Without a legal heir, the residents of a dilapidated building outside of Tehran confront significant housing issues, including expensive maintenance and the fear of eviction by the building's selfish manager who wants to be the building's owner.


55. M for Mother (2006)

M for mother

Original Title: Mim Mesle Madar

IMDb Rating: 7.5

Director: Rasool Mollagholi Poor

When expecting parents learn that their kid would likely be born with major birth problems as a result of the mother's exposure to chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq war, what at first seems to be a magnificent love story goes sour. Although the mother insists on continuing the pregnancy, the father does not want to bear a kid that is handicapped.


56. Leily Is with Me (1996)

leili is with me

Original Title: Leily Ba Man Ast

IMDb Rating: 7.5

Director: Kamal Tabrizi

During the Iraq War, an absurd series of events leaves an Iranian documentary filmmaker seemingly unable to back out of a risky project documenting the war.

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57. The Painting Pool (2013)

painting pool

Original Title: Hoz-e Naghashi

IMDb Rating: 7.4

Director: Maziar Miri

Because they both have mental disabilities, Maryam and Reza stand out from other people in a very significant way. They must attempt to convince others that the miracle of love has helped them overcome this noticeable difference. However, their only son finds it so challenging to accept this difference that he flees the house.


58. Kamalolmolk (1984)


IMDb Rating: 7.4

Director: Ali Hatami

The film follows the life of great painter Kamololmolk and his interactions with many monarchs.


59. The Willow Tree (2005)

willow tree

Original Title: Beed-e Majnoon

IMDb Rating: 7.3

Director: Majid Majidi

After some time, a guy undergoes surgery overseas and regains his sight; he then experiences issues in his daily life. A man who has been blind since he was 8 years old discovers hope that he may once more be able to see the colours and lines of everyday life. Yusuf makes a pact with his God that if he is able to see again, he will live in the way of God and that simple life. He believes that by discovering his eyesight, he will realize who he truly is and then be able to create a healthy relationship with his God. And to strengthen and broaden his current point of emphasis by taking advantage of this upcoming chance. But when he experiences reality and witnesses the beauty of life, he quakes in his faith like a willow tree.


60. Low Heights (2002)

low height

Original Title: Ertefa-e Past

IMDb Rating: 7.3

Director: Ebrahim Hatamikia

A war refugee with financial difficulties named Ghasem hijacks a domestic flight in Iran. He is willing to go to any length for his family and is looking for a better place to live.


61. City of Mice (1986)

city of mice

Original Title: Shahr-e Mooshha

IMDb Rating: 7.3

Directors: Marzieh Boroomand, Mohammad-Ali Talebi

This Iranian movie is most definitely the best-known puppet show for kids of all ages. Mice are forced to emigrate from their school because a wild cat wants to devour them. Once the cat is finally vanquished, the mice return to their homeland.


62. Muhammad: The Messenger of God (2015)

Mohammad prophet

Original Title: Mohammad Rasoolollah

IMDb Rating: 7.2

Director: Majid Majidi

Muhammad's uncle Aboutaleb is informed by Abousofyan that he intends to kill the Muslim boycotting community and the holy prophet of Islam the next morning. Aboutaleb recalls the previous years when Abraham charged Mecca in order to destroy the temple of God. However, because of God's will, his army is defeated by the millions of little birds that God sent. After a month, Muhammad is born.


63. Gold and Copper (2010)

gold and copper

Original Title: Tala va mes

IMDb Rating: 7.2

Director: Homayoon Ass'adian

A student named Seyed Reza just travelled to Tehran with his family in order to enrol in the lessons of the moral instructor about whom he had heard a much. But after learning that his wife Zahra has MS, he is forced to alter his way of life in order to pay for her medical care.


64. What's the Time in Your World? (2014)

what time is it in your world

Original Title: Dar donya ye to saat chand ast?

IMDb Rating: 7.1

Director: Safi Yazdanian

After a lengthy absence, a woman returns to her native country from Paris. She encounters a man who is quite knowledgeable about her life despite hardly knowing him.


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We discussed some of the greatest films in Iranian cinema history in this post. There are many additional films that are among the top Iranian movies in cinematic history; this list may perhaps have 100 films altogether. However, an effort was made to highlight some of the top Iranian movies in recent years from the viewpoint of audiences and reviewers when writing this article. Which of these movies have you seen, and which did you enjoy the most? Which films on the list of the best Iranian movies that should be viewed, in your opinion, are missing? In the comments box, let us and other users know what you think.

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