Iran Culture 28 Jun 2018 BY The Authors Group

Iranian Folkloric Dance

Local dances in every corner of Iran, are not only beautiful but have signs of mysticism, prayer, and martial arts. 

You will be surprised by the choreography of these dances and for sure you will be interested in joining a group to travel to Iran and watch dancers closely, not only in a video!

Turkmen dagger dance is a symbol of war and battle, Kurdish local dance represents the unity and majesty, and Azeri dance display warrior and power.

You will not only be amazed by every single move of local dances which has a reason to be part of the dance but you will also enjoy the wide verity of colors in the costumes of women.

The colorful costumes of Iranian nomadic women and companionship of them in every ceremony is the sign of unity, sodality, and passion for life.

By traveling to Iran and companion with local Iranian you will enjoy an authentic experience.

We would like to invite you to a nomadic feast to be part of their celebrations and become familiar with their life. This is a great chance for you to live like a local, and enjoy an unexpected journey.


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