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Winters in Iran: Top Places to Visit + Photos

Iran is renowned for its four distinct seasons and offers a delightful opportunity for year-round tourism. Winter in Iran offers a unique and enchanting experience for lovers of colorful nature and snowy places.

From snow-capped mountains and pristine ski resorts to picturesque coastal towns and vibrant cultural cities, Iran offers a captivating blend of experiences during the winter months.

On the other hand, If you're among the many individuals who tend to put travel on hold during winter because of its chilly temperatures, some regions of Iran offer moderate climates during winter that will provide you the unique opportunity to experience all four seasons in one place.

To help you make the most of your winter travel in Iran, we have mentioned Iran's top winter destinations, where breathtaking landscapes, warm hospitality, and unforgettable experiences await. Don't let winter keep you from exploring Iran's beauty- let us guide you to a wonderland like no other.


10 Best Places to Visit in Iran in Winter


Tehran Winters

Tehran is Iran's bustling capital and offers many attractions and activities during the winter season. The city provides a unique blend of historical landmarks, urban scenery, and a glimpse into the daily lives of contemporary Iranians. If you are a ski enthusiast, Tehran boasts three main ski resorts that cater to both novice and expert skiers: Tochal Ski Club, Shemshak Ski Resort, and Dizin Ski Resort.

Also, if you want to enjoy the Tehran winter even more, you can extend your winter vacation by exploring the city's cultural and historical landmarks. A visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Golestan Palace, the bustling Grand Bazaar of Tehran, the iconic Azadi Tower, the scenic Tabiat (Nature) Bridge, and the impressive Milad Tower should be on your itinerary.

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Tabriz Winters

One of the best places to visit in Iran in Winter is Tabriz, the historic capital and largest city in the northwest of Iran. With its green, mountainous landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Tabriz offers a variety of attractions for visitors.

One of the best places to enjoy Tabriz winter is the Eynali Mountain Range, where you will have breathtaking views of the city below. Just remember to dress appropriately for the chilly temperatures, especially at night.

Another highlight of Tabriz is its old bazaar, considered one of Iran's most beautiful bazaars. This UNESCO World Heritage site flourished under the Safavids in the 16th century and offers a delightful experience with its high domed ceilings, caravanserais, and maze-like alleyways.

If you're looking for winter sports activities, you can visit the Sahand Ski Resort near Tabriz. This resort offers the largest ski facilities in northwest Iran. You can enjoy cable cabins, lifts, and ski schools for lessons, as well as comfortable accommodations for a longer stay.

Lastly, take some time to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Shah Goli, Tabriz's iconic lake and promenade. Originally commissioned as an artificial lake, it has expanded over time and now offers an octagonal mansion accessible through the tranquil waters. Boating adventures on the lake are a delightful experience, and you can explore diverse attractions and dining experiences along the picturesque promenade.

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Hot Springs of Sarein City

Hot Springs of Sarein City

Located in Ardabil province in northwestern Iran, the hot springs of Sarein City are a top winter destination for nature-loving tourists seeking relaxation and therapeutic benefits. These natural spas offer a range of health benefits, aiding in the treatment of bone, nerve, muscle, and even certain skin conditions.

Imagine the bliss of immersing yourself in warm to hot water, with snowflakes gently falling around you. While some hot springs now feature covered spaces and modern swimming pools, there are still open springs available, allowing you to fully embrace the exceptional experience of bathing in nature. The warm and soothing water, originating from deep within the earth, has a delightful quality that invigorates the senses.


Parishan Waterfall

Parishan Waterfall in Winter

Located in the beautiful Kermanshah province of Iran, Parishan waterfall stands as one of the most captivating waterfalls in the region. Its source can be traced back to the Parishan heights near Upper Charmaleh village in the central part of Songhor city.

The picturesque surroundings of the waterfall exhibit a truly enchanting sight, particularly during the spring and summer seasons. However, it is during the cold winter months that the frozen Parishan waterfall becomes truly breathtaking.

As you explore this mesmerizing natural wonder, take care to be well-equipped and prepared for the journey, allowing you to fully appreciate the stunning sights while ensuring your safety throughout the visit.


Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island Winters

Qeshm Island is one of Iran's most picturesque and expansive islands, attracting numerous tourists each year. While the weather on Qeshm Island is typically hot and humid, it becomes a delightful vacation spot during the winter months. The mild winter climate allows visitors to forgo thick clothing and enjoy the island's attractions comfortably.

One of Qeshm's notable attractions is Namakdan Cave, located 90 kilometers from the city. Inside the cave, visitors can witness salt formations resembling icicles.

Another breathtaking location is Star Valley, situated just 5 kilometers from Qeshm. According to local legend, the unique pebbles found here are believed to be remnants of a fallen star.


Kish Island

Kish Island in Winter

Kish Island, known for its beautiful winter weather, provides an appealing destination for sightseeing and leisure. Visitors can escape the chilly temperatures and explore the island's natural beauty and historical landmarks. One such landmark is the subterranean city of Kariz, covering ten thousand square meters.

Another historical attraction on Kish Island is the Greek ship, which has become an emblem of the island. This vessel was built in 1322 and ran aground near the island due to poor visibility and the absence of a lighthouse.



Shiraz Winters

Shiraz, with its fabled ancient city of Persepolis, is a top destination for visitors to Iran. Although the ideal time to visit is between May and October, Shiraz still attracts a significant number of local and foreign tourists during the winter months.

If you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, Shiraz offers a memorable winter experience in its beautiful mountains. The region boasts natural attractions such as the lake at Barm Firooz and the ski resort at Sepidan.

You can also visit the Maharloo Lake in Sarvestan if you are a birdwatching enthusiastic. This beautiful lake hosts migratory flamingos from mid-February to March, and its red color will surprise you!

It is also highly recommended to visit the ancient sites of Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rostam, Pasargadae, and the Sassanid cities of Darabgerd, Sarvestan, and Bishapur. The generally bright weather during this season enhances the experience of exploring these historical treasures.

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Isfahan Winters

Isfahan, once the capital of Iran and the Persian Safavid Empire, boasts a plethora of impressive structures that are a testament to its rich history. Despite being surrounded by desert regions, Isfahan remains lush and verdant, making it a picturesque winter holiday destination. The city is adorned with beautiful gardens, a flowing river (although the Zayandeh Rud is currently dry), and magnificent ancient bridges such as Si-o-Se Pol (33-arch bridge), Khajou, Marnan, and Shahrestan.

One of the places you can visit is the Naqsh-e Jahan Square also known as the Image of the World, which is home to several iconic landmarks, including the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Abbasi Jameh Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, and the entrance to the grand Bazaar.

Chehel Sotun and Hasht Behesht's garden palaces are other notable attractions in Isfahan. These palaces surrounded by meticulously designed gardens offer a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the past.

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Chabahar Winters

Chabahar, located in the southeast of Sistan and Baluchestan province, is a destination that should not be missed by any traveler. As Iran's sole ocean port, it offers a unique experience for visitors. One of the must-visit places in Chabahar is Lipar Lagoon. This picturesque lagoon, also known as the Pink Wetland, captivates with its pink hues. It's an ideal spot for bird watchers, offering a chance to observe various bird species in their natural habitat.

The Martian mountains are another remarkable tourist attraction in Chabahar to visit in winter. These mountains, with their red color and conical shape, create a stunning backdrop against the sea. They are aptly named Martian mountains due to their otherworldly appearance. Chabahar is also known for its mangrove forests, Portuguese castles, and rugged beaches.

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Yazd Winters

Yazd is known as the second historical city in the world. It also offers a wealth of historical and archaeological treasures, making it a captivating destination to explore during winter.

In Yazd, you can discover the beauty of the Meybod glacier or Yakhchal, a stunning historical monument located just fifty kilometers from Yazd in Meybod.

You can also immerse yourself in the splendor of Yazd Mosque, an architectural masterpiece adorned with exquisite plasterwork and intricate tiling, representing the grandeur of Iranian mosques.

Lastly, don't miss the opportunity to visit Dowlatabad Garden, where the lush trees create a delightful ambiance. The entire city of Yazd itself is a remarkable winter destination, offering a captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

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How Cold are Winters in Iran?

How Cold are Winters in Iran

Winters in Iran vary across different regions, resulting in a diverse range of temperatures and weather conditions. Here's a breakdown of how cold the winters can be in different parts of the country:

  1. Southern Cities: The southern cities of Iran, such as those in the south of the country, tend to be the hottest during winter. These cities typically enjoy temperatures ranging between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius, providing a warm and pleasant winter climate.
  2. Western Cities: Cities in the west, like Kermanshah, experience a significant contrast in winter weather. They are often covered in snow, creating a picturesque winter landscape. Temperatures in these regions can drop to zero and even below zero, making it a chilly winter destination.
  3. Northern Cities: Cities in the north of Iran, such as Rasht, are known for their snowy winters. These areas typically receive heavy snowfall, transforming them into winter wonderlands. Temperatures can also drop to zero and below zero, offering a true winter experience.
  4. Northeastern Cities: The northeastern cities, like Tabriz, also witness snowy winters. These regions can experience sub-zero temperatures during the winter months, creating a cold and snowy environment.
  5. Central Cities: Major cities in the central part of Iran, including Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz, have relatively milder winters. Temperatures usually range from 8 to 12 degrees Celsius. While occasional snowfall may occur, the overall weather in these cities tends to be pleasant or wet during winter.

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What Months are Winter in Iran?

Winter in Iran generally spans from December to February, with January being the coldest month.


What are Winters Like in Iran?

Winters in Iran are characterized by chilly temperatures, occasional rainfall, and, in certain regions, snowfall. It is a season that offers a unique charm and a quieter atmosphere compared to other times of the year. The landscapes are transformed into a winter paradise, and you can experience the country's cultural and historical sites in a different light.

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Does Iran Get Snow?

Yes, Iran does get snow, particularly in its mountainous regions. The Alborz Mountains near Tehran and the mountains surrounding Tabriz receive significant snowfall during winter. This creates opportunities for winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, as well as picturesque scenes for photography enthusiasts.


Bottom Line

Iran's diverse climates and stunning attractions make it a remarkable choice for a winter getaway, whether you prefer the snowy landscapes of Tabriz or the mild winters of Isfahan, and Shiraz, winter in Iran offers a unique and memorable experience to every visitor. 

You can also explore many captivating destinations including enchanting hot springs and majestic waterfalls. So, Don't let the cold temperatures winter keep you from exploring Iran's beauty. Embrace the enchanting charm of Iran in winter and embark on a journey that promises satisfaction, unforgettable memories, and a deeper connection with this captivating nation.

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