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Kish Aquarium | Explore the underwater world in Kish

Kish Island is home to many beautiful and colorful aquatic animals. Visiting Kish Aquarium in Kish Island is perhaps the best way to peek inside the homes of countless marine species. Here, you have the opportunity to learn how these animals live and watch them in action.

The Aquarium in Kish isn't just a place of education; it's a feast for architecture and design lovers too. Here, you can marvel at a wide array of marine species. From colorful tropical fish to magnificent sharks and graceful sea turtles, the aquarium houses an impressive collection of marine life from around the world. Join us to explore the wonders of this aquatic haven and discover different sea creatures that call this place home.


About Kish Aquarium

About Kish Aquarium

Kish Aquarium is one of the unique tourist attractions on Kish Island. The aquarium is located in a ship-shaped building on Ferdowsi Street, divided into two separate sections. Each section has a capacity of 20,000 and 50,000 liters, respectively, accommodating different species of marine life.

Over 70 species of decorative and rare fish from the Persian Gulf inhabit Kish Aquarium. Observing these beautiful creatures in the separate saltwater and freshwater aquariums is one of the most attractive parts of a trip to Kish Island.

It's interesting to note that this aquarium is not only a home for small fish but also houses large fish and sharks, which visitors can enjoy observing.

The small decorative fish are kept in the 20,000-liter freshwater aquarium, while the large fish and sharks are placed in the 50,000-liter saltwater aquarium. Additionally, a section of this collection is dedicated to housing various interesting birds, reptiles, and mammals, which is particularly appealing to animal enthusiasts.


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Different Sections of Kish Aquarium

Different Sections of Kish Aquarium

Kish Aquarium consists of three main sections: the small marine animal section, the large marine animal section, and the third section dedicated to the taxidermy collection of fish.

The large aquarium section has a capacity of approximately 50,000 liters of water and is the ideal habitat for large marine animals such as sharks, dolphins, and large fish.

The small section of the aquarium is dedicated to freshwater creatures, including ornamental fish, turtles, and over 70 species of rare fish. Some shark species can also be seen in this section.

In addition to aquatic animals, Kish Aquarium also houses various land animals such as reptiles, crocodiles, scorpions, two-meter-long turtles, and other terrestrial organisms.

The aquarium is made up of large glass tunnels that allow tourists to easily observe the aquatic creatures behind transparent and curved glass panels. In a specific area of the aquarium, diving equipment is provided for individuals interested in diving and exploring the closed environment.

Trained instructors are available to provide comprehensive diving training to visitors. A visit to all sections of the aquarium takes approximately 2 hours, so it's advisable not to visit this place during the final hours of operation.

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Other Ways to Explore Marine Life in Kish

Other Ways to Explore Marine Life in Kish

In addition to Kish Aquarium and diving in the Persian Gulf waters, there is another way to explore the underwater world. The Kish Aquarium Boat is a popular option for tourists interested in observing marine life and coral reefs. Dining on aquarium boats is also an unforgettable experience during a trip to Kish.

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Types of Aquarium Boats

- Simorgh Aquarium Boat

- Tourist Aquarium Boat

- Tootea Aquarium Boat

- Tika Kish Aquarium Boat

  • - White Whale Aquarium Boat

Which Kish Aquarium Boat is Better?

Which Kish Aquarium Boat is better

Kish Aquarium boats come in various types, each with unique features, and the prices for services on each boat are different. The best time to visit the marine creatures with the aquarium boats is from 10 am to 5 pm. Keep in mind that these boats will not operate during rough sea conditions.

The best time to travel with aquarium boats is during spring and summer when there is a high diversity of aquatic species. Additionally, the Persian Gulf waters are at their calmest during these seasons.

Among the best aquarium boats, we can mention the Setareh Aquarium Boat, Tourist Aquarium Boat, Simorgh Aquarium Boat, and Tootea Aquarium Boat. The facilities on these aquarium boats include free services for children under 4 years old, travel accident insurance, live music on board, various coffee shops with diverse menus, a photography booth, and more.

To use these boats, you must adhere to the travel regulations. One of the important rules is the prohibition of bringing any kind of wheels, strollers, or wheelchairs on board.

Tickets should be purchased two hours before boarding, and you should be present at the pier half an hour early. Each person needs to purchase a separate ticket. If the weather conditions are unfavorable, the sea trip will be canceled. Typically, the boat captains guide tourists to sites where diverse marine creatures can be observed.

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The Difference Between Aquariums and Aquarium Boats

The Difference Between Aquariums and Aquarium Boats

Aquariums and aquarium boats are two different and authorized locations, each with their unique features. Kish Aquarium is constructed within a multi-story building that resembles a boat from the outside.

It is an artificial space where all the constructed parts are made by human hands. Various aquatic species live in this aquarium according to the opinions of experts and researchers.

In an aquarium, you can observe different marine organisms, but there are no marine creatures in the ocean. Individuals who, for any reason, cannot take advantage of diving facilities can visit aquariums or aquarium boats.

Aquarium boats are recreational vessels with transparent floors, and they are made up of many glass windows. By visiting different sections of the boat, you can closely observe the real and living world of the sea.

Keep in mind that the diversity of marine life in open waters is greater compared to artificial places like aquariums. Aquarium boats are multi-story structures with amenities such as cafes, restrooms on the upper levels.

The lower sections of these aquarium boats are dedicated to tourists' visitation of aquatic animals. Aquarium boats come in various types, and tourists can choose them according to their preferences.

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Kish Aquarium Ticket Price

Kish Aquarium Ticket Price

The entrance fee of Kish Aquarium is approximately 170,000 to 250,000 Iranian Rials. However, if you want to obtain the exact price of the Kish Aquarium ticket, you can contact the number 076442463.

Additionally, tourists on Kish tours, especially those accompanied by children, may find visiting this aquarium, particularly its paleontology and 2-meter-long turtle sections, very appealing and enjoyable. It is interesting to know that annually, more than one million people visit the aquarium tunnel, and among them, children constitute the largest portion.


Opening Hours of Kish Aquarium

The Kish Aquarium is open every day (except Fridays) from 8 am to 8 pm, welcoming tourists.


Kish Aquarium Location

Kish Aquarium is located in the southeastern part of the island, near Kish Dolphin Park. It is located in the Kanoon-e-Honar building on Ferdousi Street. This beautiful aquarium is not far from the city center.

To reach this aquarium, you can easily take a taxi, minibus, private car, or even a bicycle, and create unforgettable memories during your trip. It's important to note that this aquarium is not part of Kish Dolphin Park, but it is exactly next to it.

Address: Kish Island, Marjan Boulevard, Kanoon-e-Honar Building, Hormozgan Province.


Nearby Attractions of Kish Aquarium

Nearby Attractions of Kish Aquarium

Among the notable attractions near Kish Aquarium, we can mention Dolphin Park, Hangam Park, Ahovan Park, Waterfall Park, Paniz Shopping Center, and Kish Recreational Pier.


Hangam Park:

Hangam Park is one of the largest and best parks on Kish Island, located near the Aquarium. Tourists can visit this park for relaxation and leisure activities after enjoying the aquarium and shopping.


Ahovan Park:

Ahovan Park is one of the most thrilling places located near the Aquarium. It spans an area of 2 hectares and is situated at the end of Ferdowsi Street (south side of Hangam Park). It is considered the only zoo on Kish Island.


Dolphin Park:

Dolphin Park, or Kish Dolphinarium, is the first dolphinarium in Iran. Apart from dolphins, other animals such as sea lions, seals, orcas, and penguins are also housed in this facility.


Waterfall Park:

Waterfall Park, also known as Abshar Park, has a Mediterranean atmosphere and is located directly opposite Hangam Park. Travelers usually visit this park for relaxation and enjoy the artificial ponds and waterfalls. The exceptional lighting of the park adds to its charm.


Paniz Shopping Center:

Paniz Shopping Center is situated between Pardis 1 and Pardis 2 and is one of the oldest shopping malls in Kish. Tourists and travelers can purchase various goods and items at reasonable prices from this center. It was constructed in an area of approximately 10,000 square meters in 1998.


Kish Recreational Pier:

After visiting Kish Aquarium, tourists can head to the nearby recreational pier for leisure activities. This pier provides an ideal location for listening to the sound of waves and seabirds, enjoying activities like fishing, boating, diving, or even taking a hot air balloon ride. Visitors can also take a walk along the pier and explore its various sections. Bicycle riding on the pier is also one of the most enjoyable activities in this area.


Nearby Shopping Centers to Kish Aquarium

On this island, there are many noticeable shopping centers, each with its own advantages and uses. Among the best shopping centers in Kish near the Aquarium, we can mention Sarina Commercial and Administrative Center, Zeytoon Grand Bazaar, Pardis Passages, Kish Commercial Center, Paniz Shopping Center, ChinaTown Bazaar, and more.

In these markets, you can easily purchase various items you need. These shopping centers offer products from different brands at varying prices, so it's important to pay attention to the authenticity of the products when making a purchase.


Hotels Near Kish Aquarium

Hotels Near Kish Aquarium

After exploring the recreational and tourist attractions of Kish, you need to find a suitable place for your accommodation. Among the closest hotels to Kish Aquarium, you can consider Simorgh Hotel, Shabaviz Hotel, Setareh Marina Hotel, and more.

Each of these hotels offers different services and facilities, and they have their own specific rules that guests must adhere to. One of the most important requirements in all island hotels is to have an identification card with you during your stay. To reserve a room, you should visit the hotel before 2 p.m., and for check-out and settling the room, you should do so before 12 p.m.

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Bottom Line

If you are interested in the underwater world but for any reason cannot go diving, Kish Aquarium is the place for you. In this aquarium, you will experience the feeling of diving into the depths of the ocean by observing colorful fish, beautiful corals, sea stars, and other underwater wonders.

Visiting this aquarium will be an educational and recreational experience for all ages, especially children and teenagers. In addition to witnessing the beauty of the underwater world, you can also acquire interesting information about various aquatic species and their habitats in this place.

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