Standard 18 June 02

Bam Travel Guide, and Tourist Attractions

Iran is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and therefore, there are a number of cities in the country which has more than thousands of years of history. One of these cities is Bam in Kerman Province. The city and its cultural landscape were listed as the World Heritage Site of UNESCO in 2004.

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Standard 19 May 22

8 Most beautiful local Bazaars in Iran

Since centuries ago, bazaars have an important cultural influence in Iran. Whenever a city was about to develop, the first thing was done by the governor at the time was establishing a bazaar, a school, a bath, and a mosque all as a complex at the center of the city.

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Standard 19 February 20

Top 10 places to visit in and around Kerman

When most people start planning their travel to Iran, they include cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, and Tehran. However, the attractions of Iran does not limit to these cities, and there are also others that you can consider to visit. As an example, the city of Kerman, with a great heritage and numerous places to visit. 

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Standard 18 November 15

7 Alternative Places in Iran That Tourists Should Visit

The first-time itinerary of Iran often counts the cities of Esfahan and Persepolis as must-visits, along with Shiraz perhaps. However, there are many overlooked spots which definitely deserve their place at the top of the list. Here is our round-up of the most underrated cities in Iran.

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Standard 18 September 02

Cultural Landscape of Maymand

There are some amazing villages all around Iran, and as a matter of fact, Maymand is one of those. The village is believed to be a primary human residence in the Iranian Plateau, dating back to 12,000 years ago.

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Standard 18 August 28

Top 7 Distinct Hotels in Iran

There are so many historic and traditional hotels all over Iran. However, some of them are exceptional for their architecture, beauty, or the history of the place. In this article, we are going to introduce some of the most distinct hotels in Iran to give you an idea about these magnificent places.

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Standard 18 August 12

Pateh Weaving Handicraft

In every city in Iran, you can find a unique piece of art which has a history behind. From north to south, and east to west of the country, there are various types of Iranian local handicrafts. 

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Standard 18 July 30

Date palms in Iran

Travel to Iran, especially to the southern part of the country is not completed without enjoying the cool shadow of palm trees in the area.  

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Standard 18 July 24

Shahdad with magnificent landscapes of Kaluts

When most people who have never travel to Iran, think about the country, they usually picture a deserted-country which is not true for all the country, but for some parts of it. 

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Standard 18 July 16

Lut Desert

Iran is a vast country with great history, so far 21 cultural and one natural property of the country has inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO (in 2018). 

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Standard 18 July 07

Top 9 Persian Gardens

“Iranian love for trees and flowers has gradually turned into an eternal love which has manifested itself in Persian Gardens”.(Arthur Pope)

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Standard 18 June 23

Koloocheh; the Iranian local cookie

Koloocheh, the Iranian cookie cooked with different ingredients and recipes in various parts of Iran. 

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Standard 18 May 24

Kerman travel guide and Top tourist attractions in Kerman

Kerman metropolis city is the capital city of the vastest province of Iran with the same name of Kerman. 

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