Standard 24 June 16

Nasir-ol Molk Mosque: The Pink Mosque of Shiraz

Renowned as the Pink Mosque or Rainbow Mosque, Nasir-ol Molk Mosque is one of the most ancient and stunning mosques in Shiraz, Iran, and offers a visual feast unlike any other.

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Standard 19 July 04

Best Hotels in Shiraz You Never Want to Leave

Shiraz is absolutely one of the most popular and visited cities in Iran due to a number of amazing and historical places in the city.

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Standard 19 July 10

Top 15 Traditional Hotels in Shiraz to Stay in

Shiraz is one of the most visited cities in Iran by both local people and international visitors who travel to Shiraz in the hope of visiting some of the most magnificent sightseeing in and around the city. If you are planning to travel to Iran and Shiraz is in your itinerary, you may wonder about where to stay.

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Standard 23 August 21

Naqsh-e Rustam: Ancient Treasures & Zoroastrian Legacy

Located in the city of Marvdasht, Iran, Naqsh-e Rustam stands as an archaeological treasure trove.

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Standard 23 August 09

Pasargadae: Legacy of Cyrus the Great & Ancient City

Pasargadae, an ancient city located in present-day Iran, holds immense historical significance as the capital of the Achaemenid Empire and the final resting place of one of history's most renowned leaders, Cyrus the Great.

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Standard 23 January 16

Tomb of Hafez | Famous Persian Poet

There is no way a Persian will hear Shiraz's name and not immediately think about Hafiz.

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Standard 23 July 20

Best Restaurants in Shiraz You Shouldn't Miss!

Steeped in history and culture, Shiraz is a vibrant city where succulent kebabs, aromatic saffron rice, and fragrant spices fill the air and beckon you to indulge in the ultimate Persian dining experience.

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Standard 18 July 07

Top 9 Persian Gardens | UNESCO World Heritage Sites

“Iranian love for trees and flowers has gradually turned into an eternal love which has manifested itself in Persian Gardens”.(Arthur Pope)

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Standard 22 September 04

Persepolis; The Great Ancient Persian Capital

There are numerous attractions in Shiraz, such as the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque of Shiraz and Hafiziyah.

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Standard 22 November 01

Persian Griffin Meaning & Statue

A significant percentage of any country's arts and culture is influenced by the thoughts and attitudes of its citizens.

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Standard 18 December 05

Nasir-ol-molk Mosque, the Magic of Colors

There are a number of mosques in every four corners of the world, and while they share some characteristics, sometimes they have a unique design. One of the best examples of an extraordinary mosque is Nasir-ol-molk Mosque in which the magic of colors takes place and you can enjoy the colors at this magnificent place.

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Standard 19 July 01

The Most Beautiful Gardens in Shiraz

The city of Shiraz in one of the most amazing cities in Iran which has a number of beautiful gardens. If you travel to Shiraz in spring, you will be amazed by the magnificent fragrance of orange blossoms which spread all over the town. Here, we are going to introduce some of the most beautiful gardens in Shiraz.

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Standard 19 June 27

13 Best Places to Visit in Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the most historical cities in Iran which has wonderful gardens, amazing monuments, and breathtaking mosques.

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Standard 19 February 06

Shah Cheragh Mausoleum | The Magnificent Mirrored Mosque in Shiraz

There are a number of mosques, holy shrines, and Imam Zadeh in Iran, and Shah Cheragh Mausoleum is the third most important religious sites in the country. The mausoleum attracts millions of tourists on an annual basis. 

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Standard 19 January 24

Hafezieh | Review of Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz

With a long history, and being the center of culture in Iran, Shiraz is well-known for being home to a number of sightseeing, including traditional houses, historical monuments, and tombs of greatest poets in Iran; Hafez and Sa’adi.

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Standard 19 January 02

The Magnificent Colorful House of Qavam in Shiraz

In addition, to be one of the most historical and popular cities in Iran, Shiraz is home to a number of beautiful historical housed date back to centuries ago. Among all of these houses, the magnificent colorful house of Qavam in Shiraz, which is also known as Narenjestan-e Qavam or Qavam Garden, is the most popular historical house in the city.

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Standard 18 December 09

Shiraz Travel Guide | Top Tourist Attractions

Shiraz is one of the most amazing and historical cities in Iran which is also well-known for its famous poets, Persian Gardens, traditional houses and of course the Persepolis. The city is almost included in all tourists’ itineraries, and people who travel to Iran for the first time, never go back to their homes, without visiting Shiraz, the city of art and poems.

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Standard 18 November 17

Eram Garden | Paradise on Earth

The moment you hear the name of city Shiraz, you can definitely smell the fragrance of citrus, with unparalleled effects in front of you. You can go for hours wandering on its streets and fulfilling your moments with a magnificent flavor, or give your heart to Hafiz and Saadi, and review their poems to learn life lessons.

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Standard 18 November 17

A Tour of Iran's Most Famous Architectural Landmarks

Iran is full of landmarks whether they are cultural, historical, or natural. Architecturally speaking, though, it has been greatly influenced by both its various ruling dynasties and pre- and post-Islamic elements. Read on and take our tour of the most iconic architectural landmarks in the country. 

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Standard 18 October 25

Vakil Complex; Combination of Citadel, Mosque, Bath, and Bazaar

With a great heritage, there are numbers of historical houses, gardens, and monuments in Shiraz, which makes the city one of the most visited one in Iran. Among all of these places, one of the most popular ones in the heart of the city is Vakil or Zandiyeh complex.

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Standard 18 July 03

Fire Temple: The Holy Places Where Zoroastrians Worship God

Zoroastrians worship in fire temples or as it's said in Farsi “Atashgah” which are also called “Dare Mehr”, or “Agiyari”.

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Standard 18 June 03

Pasargadae: The Capital City & the Tomb of Cyrus the Great

Pasargadae was the capital city of the Achaemenid Empire under the governance of Cyrus the Great which is also his tomb. 

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