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14 Day

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Desert Tours


Marcopolo, Alfons Gabriel, and Sven Hedin might be the most famous characters ever passed through Iran deserts. In this tour, you perceive a fascinating and alluring atmosphere. You will visit not only the architecture, culture, and lifestyle of desert dwellers but also the natural wonders of Lout and Kavir deserts. You will encounter a picturesque scene, lit up by stars and formed by sands. You’re requested to travel light-headed and barefoot.

Departure / Return location

Shiraz , Isfahan , Garmeh , Yazd , Zein-o-din Carvanserai , Kerman , Tehran


  • Visa Services
  • Accommodation
  • Disposal coach
  • One internal flight
  • Daily excursions with tourist guide
  • All entrance fees
  • Breakfast
  • Daily refreshments
  • Travel insurance


  • Lunch and dinners
  • Any hotel extra charge
  • International flights
  • Iran SIM Card


This day by day itinerary is based on the latest operated program. It may change without prior notice due to different reasons.


Arriving at a Hotel in Shiraz

Arrival in Shiraz

Our trip begins from Shiraz, one of the most charming cities in Iran. After arrival at the airport and transfer to hotel, our visit in the morning starts with Karimkhan Citadel right at the center of the city and continues to Vakil historical complex with its bath, bazaar, and mosque. Enjoying our lunchtime at the heart of the city, we will go to Narenjestan-e Qavam garden and Nasir Al-Molk mosque then. With its mystic atmosphere at night, Hafez tomb would become one of the everlasting scenes from Iran in our mind.


Excursion in Shiraz


Our second day in Shiraz is allocated to visiting Pasargadae (135 km from Shiraz), the remnants of first Persian Garden and tomb of the most popular King of ancient Iran, Cyrus the Great. After having lunch and visiting Naqsh-e Rostam relief, we will head to Persepolis (60 km from Shiraz), the glorious monumental ruins of the ancient civilization of Persia with a total area of 125,000 square meters. Then we return to the hotel, entering the city through Qoran Gate.


Heading Towards Isfahan

Shiraz- Isfahan

Today we leave the hotel after breakfast to continue our way to one of the most beautiful cities of Iran, Isfahan (480 km). After having lunch on the way, we arrive in Isfahan in the afternoon while having enough time to spend the evening visiting two of city’s historic bridges, Siose pol and Khajou Bridge.


Excursion in Isfahan


We are going to spend an unforgettable day in Isfahan.  Today we will visit Naqsh-e Jahan square (The Image of the World it means) with four highlighted sites located around it: Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque, Ali Qapu and Traditional Bazaar. After enjoying our lunchtime near one of World’s largest squares, we will head to Hasht Behesht and Chehelsotun Palace.


Heading Towards Garmeh

Isfahan - Garmeh

Since we should leave the hotel to head to the heart of the desert, a village named Garmeh(470 km) in the afternoon, still there is enough time to keep on visiting Isfahan by going to Vank Church and Jame’ mosque of Isfahan. By leaving the city after lunch time, we arrive at Garmeh at night, getting ready for tomorrow’s surprises.


Excursion in Garmeh


Today we wake up in a village full of surprises. This green oasis in the desert will help us touch and understand the true sense of desert life. Tall palm trees, scorching sands, particular architecture of the region and local foods would leave us an unforgettable memory.


Heading Towards Yazd

Garmeh - Yazd

Today we leave Garmeh after breakfast to continue our way to Yazd, the center of Zoroastrian culture in Iran (300 km). On our way, we visit the ruins of the historical village of Kharanagh. We continue to Yazd then and arrive in the hotel at night.


Excursion in Yazd


Today is our only day in the city of mud-brick architecture. To take the most out of it we will visit city’s Jame’ Mosque with its magnificent tiled entrance, and then enjoy walking in one of oldest towns on earth, feeling the rich history of Yazd’s old city. After lunchtime, we head to Dolat Abad Garden which has Iran’s loftiest wind catcher, with over 33 meters height. We finish today visits by going to the stunning three-story facade, Amirchakhmaq Complex.


Heading Towards Zeinodin Carvansaray

Yazd - Zeinodin Caravansary

Continuing our journey, we arrive at Zein-o-din Caravansary (75 km) and gain the opportunity to stay in a desert camp and visit Persian Zebra, an endangered endemic mammal of Iran.

DAY 10

Heading Towards Kerman

Zeinodin Caravansary - Kerman

To visit our next city, we leave to Kerman today (300 km) and after a short stop in Rafsanjan, we arrive at the hotel in the evening.

DAY 11

Excursion in Kerman


To take the most out of our stay in Kerman, we leave to Shahdad desert to visit the structures which wind has carved out of sand hills through ages. On the way back to the hotel, we will visit the amazing Shazdeh Garden, a flourishing garden right at the heart of the desert.

DAY 12

Heading Towards Tehran

Kerman - Tehran

To understand the history of Kerman city, today we go to Ganjalikhan historic complex including the historical bath, school, mosque, cistern, and bazaar) before going to the airport in the afternoon. By leaving to Tehran (1hr 30 min) we get prepared to visit the capital of Iran.

DAY 13

Excursion in Tehran


It’s the last day of our trip. To understand the most about the history of Iran’s capital, we are visiting some highlights such as Golestan Palace Complex, Iran National Museum, and National Jewelry Museum. We will enjoy our farewell dinner in Iran in a traditional restaurant.

DAY 14

Departing from Iran

Leaving Iran

And finally, it’s time to bid farewell to Iran as we are transferred to the airport early in the morning for our return flight home.

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Iran Desert Charm Tour