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13 Day

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Nomad Tours


Don’t miss the opportunity to meet varied ethnic groups of nomads with their specific lifestyles, dialects, and costumes in one political entity. Emigration and ranching have always been part of Iranian lifestyle from olden times. We put your hands in nomads’ for you to find out the meaning of kinship and tribe. You’ll also spend some days in Iran’s outstanding cities to relax. In this trip, you face all three social lifestyles in Iran: Nomadic, Rural, and Urban.

Departure / Return location

Tehran , Isfahan , Chelgard , Shahre Kord , Semirom , Yasuj , Gachsaran , Shiraz , Pasargade , Shiraz


  • Visa Services
  • Accommodation
  • Disposal coach
  • One internal flight
  • Daily excursions with tourist guide
  • All entrance fees
  • Breakfast
  • Daily refreshments
  • Travel insurance


  • Lunch and dinners
  • Any hotel extra charge
  • International flights
  • Iran SIM Card


This day by day itinerary is based on the latest operated program. It may change without prior notice due to different reasons.


Arriving at a Hotel in Tehran

Arrival in Tehran

Our trip begins from Tehran. After arrival in the IKA airport and transfer to hotel and some rest, to understand the most about the history of Iran’s capital, we visit some highlights such as Golestan Palace Complex, Iran National Museum, and National Jewelry Museum.


Heading Towards Isfahan

Tehran- Kashan- Isfahan

We should leave the hotel early in the morning and have our buffet breakfast at one of the restaurants on the way to Abyaneh Village (320 km). Arriving at the village, we have a chance to get familiar with history, architecture, and anthropology of the area. After lunch time, we will be back on the track to Isfahan, one of the most beautiful cities of Iran (175 km from Abyaneh).



Excursion in Isfahan


We are going to spend an unforgettable day in Isfahan.  As one of the most important sites in Iran, we will visit Naqsh-e Jahan square (The Image of the World it means) with four highlighted sites located around it: Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfullah Mosque, Ali Qapu and Traditional Bazaar. After enjoying our lunchtime near one of World’s largest squares, we will head to Hasht Behesht and Chehelsotun Palace.


Heading Towards Chelgerd

Isfahan - Chelgerd

In order to touch the ebb and flow of nomads in Iran, today we are going to spend a day with an ancient southwestern Iranian ethnic group, Bakhtiari people in Chelgerd (190 km). On the way, we visit some of the natural wonders such as Kouhrang Dam and Dimeh fountain.


Heading Towards Shahrekord

Chelgerd - Shahrekord

To spend our second among Bakhtiari tribe, we head to another region called Gol Cheshmeh, on our way to Shahrekord city (90 km from Chelgerd).


Heading Towards Semirom

Shahrekord - Semirom

To get familiar with the lifestyle of another ethnic group in Iran, today we are staying with Qashqai people, enjoying a local lunch in the magnificent countryside of Semirom (150 km).


Heading Towards Yasuj

Semirom - Yasuj

Still around Zagros mountainous area and heading to Yasuj city (160 km) we visit the landscapes of Dena protected Area while spending time with nomads of this region.


Excursion in Yasuj

Yasuj, Gachsaran

Our adventurous journey still continues. After heading to Gachsaran (155 km) we will visit the stair village of Marin.


Heading Towards Shiraz

Gachsaran - Shiraz

Today we continue to one of the most charming cities in Iran, Shiraz (260 km). With its mystic atmosphere at night, Hafez Tomb would become one of the everlasting scenes from Iran in our mind.

DAY 10

Heading Towards Pasargadae

Shhiraz - Pasargadae

Our first day in Shiraz is allocated to visiting Pasargadae (135 km from Shiraz), the remnants of first Persian Garden and tomb of the most popular King of ancient Iran, Cyrus the Great. After having lunch and visiting Naqsh-e Rostam Relief, we will head to Persepolis (60 km from Shiraz), the glorious monumental ruins of the ancient civilization of Persia with a total area of 125,000 square meters.

DAY 11

Heading Towards Shiraz

Pasargadae - Shiraz

By spending last night in a local house, today we take the chance to go and visit the ethnic group of Bavanat region. After experiencing a day full of natural and cultural wonders, we return to Shiraz city in the evening.

DAY 12

Excursion in Shiraz


Today we have planned to discover more about this previous capital of Iran. Our visits start with Karimkhan Citadel right at the center of the city and continue to Vakil historical Complex with its Bath, Bazaar, and Mosque. Enjoying our lunchtime at the heart of the city, we will go to Narenjestan-e Qavam Garden and Nasir Al-Molk Mosque then. By enjoying our farewell dinner in an Iranian traditional restaurant, we get ready to finish our journey in Iran.

DAY 13

Departing from Iran

Leaving Iran

And finally, it’s time to bid farewell to Iran as we are transferred to the airport early in the morning for our return flight home.

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