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18 Day

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Cultural Tours


If you’re an adventurous traveler, try this tour! You are invited to an epic journey. From thousand years ago, when the book of “Shahnameh” was written, it has always been the most remarkable Persian epic, which Iranians have always been proud of.

In this adventurous effortful journey, you will travel to ancient cities, great citadels, and less-known sites around Iran like Rostam, the protagonist character in Shahnameh who passed through them. This path will show you eastern Iran: it is full of unexampled attractions and not-yet-discovered for most Iranian or foreign travelers.

Departure / Return location

Tehran , Mashhad , Ferdows , Birjand , Deh salm , Zabol , Zahedan , Bam , Kerman , Tehran


  • Visa Services
  • Accommodation
  • Disposal coach
  • One internal flight
  • Daily excursions with tourist guide
  • All entrance fees
  • Breakfast
  • Daily refreshments
  • Travel insurance


  • Lunch and dinners
  • Any hotel extra charge
  • International flights
  • Iran SIM Card


This day by day itinerary is based on the latest operated program. It may change without prior notice due to different reasons.


Arriving at a Hotel in Tehran

Arrival in Tehran

Our trip begins from Tehran. After arrival in the IKA airport and transfer to hotel to have some rest, we will visit Sa'dabad palace complex late in the morning. Then head to Tehran’s mountainous area, Darband to have a light trekking, watch people’s everyday life and enjoy the fresh air.


Excursion in Tehran


On our second day in Iran’s capital, we are visiting some highlights such as Golestan Palace Complex, Iran National Museum and National Jewelry Museum which are all located in an area of Tehran’s grand bazaar.


Heading Towards Mashhad

Tehran - Mashhad

Before leaving Tehran to discover the eastern regions of Iran, we go to Carpet museum in Tehran and take an afternoon flight to Mashhad. Early at night we will visit Imam Reza’s holy shrine and return to the hotel.


Excursion in Mashhad


Today we have an excursion to Neyshabur (120 km) and visit the Tomb of Omar Khayyam. Returning to Mashhad we will go to the Tomb of Ferdowsi and visit Nadershah Museum as well.


Heading Towards Ferdows

Mashhad - Ferdows

From today on, we get familiar with desert architecture more and more. As the first example, we visit Riab village (285 km) on the way to Ferdows (360 km).


Excursion in Ferdows


In the morning we go on an excursion to Boshrouye (95 km). While enjoying the amazing natural beauties, we visit desert sands and on the way back to the hotel in Ferdows, we discover secrets of Toon historical city.


Heading Towards Birjand

Ferdows - Birjand

Continuing our journey, we head to Birjand city (200 km) and take a walk in its traditional bazaar before having lunch. Next go to visit one of 5 listed Persian Gardens of UNESCO World Heritage, Akbarieh Garden in the afternoon.


Excursion in Birjand


As there are more than expected to visit in Birjand, we head to Furg Citadel in the morning and visit Shokat Abad Garden in the afternoon.


Heading Towards Deh Salm

Birjand - Deh Salm

As our next city, we go to Deh Salm (280 km). A green desert village, famous for its palm trees and top heightened sand hills.

DAY 10

Heading Towards Zabol

Deh Salm - Zabol

After lunchtime, we leave our hotel for Zabol (260 km). However, on the way, there is still a lot to visit including Nehbandan windmills. And arrive at our hotel in Zabol at night.

DAY 11

Excursion in Zabol


On our only day in Zabol, visiting Shahr-e Soukhteh (The Burnt City) is a must, which takes half of our day. In the afternoon we visit Mount Khajeh (45 km from Zabol) has always played a sacred role in different beliefs through ages.

DAY 12

Heading Towards Zahedan

Zabol - Zahedan

Heading to the main city of Sistan Va Baluchestan province, Zahedan (210 km) is our next destination. On the way to Zahedan, we visit some of the ancient castles in the area and arrive at the city for lunchtime. Afterward, we go to Zahedan grand museum and next to the hotel to have some rest.

DAY 13

Heading Towards Bam

Zahedan - Bam

We are going to visit the world’s largest mud-brick village, the Citadel of Bam (325 km) today. So we leave the hotel in the morning to spend the rest of the day in this old city of Iran.

DAY 14

Heading Towards Kerman

Bam - Kerman

Before leaving for the center of Kerman Province, Kerman (210 km), we visit another great citadel of the region on the way. Left full of surprises from Rayen Citadel, we go to visit the desert garden of Shazdeh in Mahan and head to the hotel in Kerman afterward.

DAY 15

Excursion in Kerman


To understand the history of the city, today we go to Ganjalikhan historic complex including the historical bath, school, mosque, cistern, and bazaar). Then we head to Jebelie dome and visit the stone museum. By the evening we return to the hotel.

DAY 16

Excursion in Kerman

Kerman (Shahdad)

To take the most out of our stay in Kerman, we leave to Shahdad desert to visit the structures which wind has carved out of sand hills through ages. On the way back to the hotel, we will also visit the old cypress tree of Sirch on our way back to Kerman.

DAY 17

Heading Towards Tehran

Kerman - Tehran

Today after a short time on own in Kerman, we fly to Tehran (1hr 30 min) and enjoy the traditional farewell dinner together.

DAY 18

Departing from Iran

Leaving Iran

And finally, it’s time to bid farewell to Iran as we are transferred to the airport early in the morning for our return flight home.

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Iran Epic Cities Tour