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10 Best Restaurants in Yazd | Foodies Ultimate Guide

Yazd is renowned as the oldest living city on earth and the world's first mud-brick city.

It boasts many ancient landmarks and captivates visitors with its mudbrick towns, badgirs (wind catchers),  winding alleyways, and adobe houses with domed roofs.

Amid this captivating backdrop, Yazd offers many dining options that cater to every palate. whether you’re in the mood for Kubide, a kebab, or perhaps something from the city’s decadent dessert culture, there are so many restaurants that are guaranteed to satisfy your culinary desires at every turn.  So, when faced with such options, it is worth having a handful of stalwarts in your address book to fall back on for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Here are our top picks of the best restaurants in Yazd and their address:


Top 10 Restaurants in Yazd

  1. Hammam-e Khan Traditional Restaurant
  2. Silk Road Hotel Restaurant
  3. Moshir al-Mamalek Restaurant
  4. Firoozeh Traditional Restaurant
  5. Fooka Restaurant
  6. Dad Hotel Traditional Restaurant
  7. Marco-Polo Rooftop Restaurant
  8. Yazd Hall Restaurant
  9. Negin Restaurant
  10. Khan-e-Dohad Traditional Restaurant


1. Hammam-e Khan Traditional Restaurant

Address: Next to Molla Ismail Mosque, Qiyam Street, Yazd

Hammam-e Khan Traditional Restaurant

Located in the heart of Khan Square, Yazd, Hammam-e Khan Traditional Restaurant is a hidden gem that combines history with exceptional cuisine.

It was originally a bathhouse that was built during the Qajar era. In 1994, it was transformed into a restaurant accommodating up to 120 guests. Visitors can explore the historical bathhouse and indulge in a traditional Iranian meal.

The menu at Hammam-e Khan offers a tempting array of Iranian dishes, including mouthwatering options like eggplant curd, meatballs, roast barbecues, and fish chulu. Notably, their stone daisies dish has garnered a loyal following. Additionally, guests can savor traditional Yazdi specialties such as Shuli, Yazdi, and traditional Ash, all within the ambiance of a historical setting.

Hammam-e Khan Traditional Restaurant offers an English menu and English-speaking staff, ensuring a seamless dining experience. Group and exclusive reservations are available, and custom meals can be prepared upon request.


2. Silk Road Hotel Restaurant

Address: Nou Alley, Masjed Jame St., Yazd, Iran

Silk Road Hotel Restaurant

Nestled within a stunning Qajar-era hotel, Silk Road Restaurant offers a captivating dining experience. The restaurant has a traditional decor featuring brick walls and a courtyard adorned with beds and serene ponds, creating a delightful ambiance.

For lunch or dinner, indulge in a variety of flavorful dishes, including hearty stews, aromatic rice, satisfying soups, and mouthwatering kebabs. The restaurant's popular dishes include Kabobeh Kebab, Vegetable Coco, Camel Stew, Indian Chicken Grill, and Eggplant Feed. Additionally, the hotel features a traditional tea house, offering a selection of coffees, teas, and herbal infusions.

To ensure a comfortable experience, the restaurant provides two large water coolers in the courtyard, perfect for refreshing during the summer months. The restaurant is conveniently located near the Jame Mosque and the Fire Temple of Yazd, so you can explore these iconic attractions before or after your meal. Keep in mind that staying at the hotel is not necessary to dine at the restaurant, and worry-free parking is available nearby.


3. Moshir al-Mamalek Restaurant

Address: Moshir al-Mamalek Blvd., Enghelab St., Yazd, Iran.

Moshir al-Mamalek Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the beautiful Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel in Yazd, Iran. The Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel is a Qajar-era building that boasts three distinct restaurants: Painting Restaurant, Yazd Restaurant, and Garden Restaurant, each with its distinctive features that cater to a range of preferences.

In the Painting Restaurant, guests can savor a delightful array of Iranian and international cuisine while enjoying the artistic ambiance created by the painted walls and grilled windows adorned with stained glass. From mouthwatering kebabs and roast chicken to traditional dishes like ghormeh sabzi and fesenjoon, the menu offers a diverse selection of flavors. Additionally, guests can indulge in a variety of snacks and salads from the salad bar.

For a truly unique dining experience, the Garden Restaurant provides an open-air setting where guests can dine on wooden beds amidst the soothing sounds of canopied trees, running water, and singing birds. Meanwhile, Yazd Restaurant, with a capacity of 150, offers a delectable selection of Iranian dishes. From boneless chicken kebabs to succulent salmon, the menu is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates.


4. Firoozeh Traditional Restaurant

Address: Next to Refah Bank, Mahdi Street, Emam Street, Yazd, Iran.

Firoozeh Traditional Restaurant

Firoozeh Traditional Restaurant is located in the courtyard of the traditional Firoozeh Hotel near the renowned Jameh Mosque. Since its opening in 2016, this restaurant has become a favorite among locals and visitors seeking an authentic dining experience.

The restaurant can accommodate up to 80 guests and it has an inviting ambiance enhanced by the presence of wooden beds, tranquil water ponds, and beautiful pottery, creating a truly enchanting setting for a memorable meal.


5. Fooka Restaurant

Address: Yazd, Emam Street, Masjed Jame Street.

Fooka Restaurant

Fooka traditional restaurant is a relatively new establishment that has quickly gained popularity since its opening in 2015. With a seating capacity of 150, this café restaurant offers a delightful dining experience that leaves guests satisfied.

At Fooka, you have the option to dine indoors or enjoy your meal in the serene courtyard or on the rooftop, where you can soak in breathtaking views of the Grand Mosque and wind farms. The restaurant's stylish and unique decorations add to the overall ambiance, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

The menu at Fooka Traditional Café Restaurant features a wide array of Iranian and international cuisines, as well as a selection of hot and cold drinks, delicious cakes, and delectable desserts. You can try mouthwatering appetizers such as Shuli Yazdi, barley soup with chicken, cabbage salad, and local yogurt. For the main course, indulge in muscle food, special kebab for sultani, shah abbasi kebab, barberry rice with chicken, and more. If you're visiting for dinner, you'll also find a variety of pizzas, breadcrumbs, and burgers to satisfy your cravings.

For those looking to celebrate special occasions, Fooka Traditional Café Restaurant offers a VIP section that is perfect for birthday parties and other gatherings, allowing you to surprise your loved ones in style.


6. Dad Hotel Traditional Restaurant

Address: 10th Farvardin Street in Yazd, Iran.

Dad Hotel Traditional Restaurant

Dad Hotel is a beautifully designed traditional hotel that exudes charm, especially when its lighting illuminates the night. It has two restaurants and two coffee shops.

The Ayeneh Restaurant is one of the hotel's dining options, featuring a diverse menu that includes Iranian dishes such as Kebab Soltani, morsel kebab meal, muscle feed, neck dish, salmon fodder, and kebab chicken. It also offers traditional Yazdi delights like Yazdi meatballs and Kevme Yazdi stew, as well as international cuisine. The restaurant offers a daily special, including dishes like chicken with special sauce, fesanjan stew with meat, and ghormesabzi stew. Appetizers like kashk and eggplant, soup, Shirazi salad, and yogurt are also available.

For family and friendly gatherings, the Roofing Restaurant is the ideal choice. Here, you can relish a variety of traditional dishes while enjoying the company of your loved ones. The menu boasts delectable options such as chicken schnitzel, chicken and spinach sandwiches, chicken pasta, fried milkfish feed, grilled shrimp feed, Alexander Kebab, Chejeh and Kubedeh, and grilled wings. Appetizers like Mirza Qasemi, Shuli, yogurt and shallots, or Shirazi salad complement the main courses perfectly.


7. Marco-Polo Rooftop Restaurant

Address: 6th Alley, Masjed'e Jaame Alley Imam Khomeini Street, Yazd

Marco-Polo Rooftop Restaurant

Located at the Orient traditional hotel, the Marco Polo rooftop restaurant offers a mesmerizing view of the surrounding buildings in Yazd. This vantage point provides a unique outlook that is truly captivating.

With its unparalleled views, this rooftop restaurant offers a romantic setting for visitors to enjoy a delightful meal. The skyline adorned with minarets and domes adds to the charm while guests indulge in a delectable selection of stews, kebabs, and freshly baked bread.


8. Yazd Hall Restaurant

Address: Jomhouri Blvd., before the Quran gate, Yazd, Iran.

Yazd Hall Restaurant

Yazd Hall Restaurant, also known as Haji Chef and Mr. Ghahrechi, is a beloved restaurant that has been delighting customers since its establishment in 1985. With its reputation for excellent food quality, diverse menu options, and a clean and inviting atmosphere, this eatery has become a local favorite in Yazd.

It was founded by Haj Gholamali Ghahrehchi Al-Hosseini, known as Haji Chef, and it offers a range of Iranian and foreign cuisines, as well as an assortment of delectable desserts and beverages.

One of the standout dishes at Yazd Hall restaurant is the Baali Polu with muscle, known for its unique and flavorful taste. The restaurant also serves a variety of other main dishes including Caucasian Food, Leaf Meal, Soltani Meal, Feed to Plum Customized, Puffy Shrimp Feed, Salmon Roast Fish, Meat Fesenjan, Mince Yazdi, Tabrizi Dumpling, Mirza Ghasemi, Dolmeh Barg Mo, and more. The fixed menu options, such as kabob kebab, chulu morsel, Chelo Vaziri, chicken chulu with sauce, and vegetable rice with fish milk, offer a diverse selection for diners.

Yazd Hall restaurant also caters to those who enjoy fast food, with tempting options like meat and mushroom pizza, pepperoni pizza, shrimp pizza, vegetable pizza, breadcrumb wings, breadcrumb arm, mix thighs and spicy chest, walnut burgers, zinger burgers, chili burgers, caramel burgers, and pasta dishes.


9. Negin Restaurant

Address: Modarres Boulevard, Shohadaye Mehrab Square, Yazd, Iran.

Negin Restaurant

Negin Restaurant, meaning "jewel," is a culinary gem nestled in Shohada Mihrab Square, Yazd. This tranquil eatery offers a delightful selection of traditional and flavorful dishes, all prepared with the utmost quality and offered at fair prices.

It was established in 2006 and has garnered a reputation as one of the city's most renowned dining establishments. It has a seating capacity of 700 and offers both Persian and foreign menus, making it a highly recommended choice in Yazd.

The appetizers include tantalizing options like shallot yogurt, olives, and a delightful salad bar. When it comes to the main course, guests can choose from a variety of mouthwatering dishes, ranging from the grilled arm and kebab barbecue to muscle chulu, chaloo Vaziri, caucasian chelo, grilled fish, vegetable stew, sweet plo, milkfish chulu, fried chicken broth, fenjan stew, and more.


10. Khan-e-Dohad Traditional Restaurant

Address: Khan-e-Dohad Traditional Hotel, Shahid Asizadeh Blvd,  Salman St, Amir Chakhmagh Square, Yazd, Iran.

Khan-e-Dohad Traditional Restaurant

Khan-e-Dohad Traditional Restaurant, located in Yazd, is part of the Khan-e-Dohad Residence, where guests can enjoy a meal even without staying at the hotel. As one of the oldest restaurants in Yazd, this establishment has gained popularity among both locals and tourists due to its delicious food, excellent service, experienced staff, ample parking, and charming restaurant space. The restaurant features two courtyards, one for the public and the other reserved for guests. On Friday evenings and during lunchtime, live music performances add to the dining experience.

The restaurant's ambiance is enhanced by rooms with long windows and stained glass, surrounded by the courtyard. Traditional carpets and backrests create a cozy atmosphere. Guests can choose to dine traditionally on the floor around a tablecloth or opt for a covered courtyard with chairs.

The menu at Khan-e-Dohad Traditional Restaurant offers a range of Iranian dishes and fast food options, all known for their high quality. Bulgarian Kebab, Kashk & Eggplant, Mirza Ghasemi, Sour Kebab, Yazdi Minh, Kebab Chicken, Special Kubadeh, Shishlik Kebab, Tahchin Chicken, Tahchin Ghormeh Sabzi, Digi Kebab, Indian Meat Grill, Tabrizi Meatballs, Court Kebabs, Fried Shrimp, and more are among the favorites. The restaurant also serves breakfast and special Yazdi Ash Ash, a local specialty.

For fast food enthusiasts, the restaurant offers breadcrumbs, sandwiches (hamburgers, double burgers, hot dogs, roast beef, fried fillets), and a variety of pizzas (special pizza, bacon pizza, meat and mushroom pizza, chicken and mushroom pizza, cocktail pizza).

Yazd Best Restaurants

Bottom Line

Yazd is a city that offers a diverse and vibrant culinary scene, and these restaurants stand out as some of the best restaurants in Yazd. From the traditional ambiance of Moshir al-Mamalek Restaurant to the renowned flavors and unparalleled views of Marco Polo Rooftop restaurant, these establishments have earned their reputation for exceptional food quality, and inviting atmospheres. Whether you're craving Iranian delicacies or international cuisine, these restaurants have something to satisfy every palate. So, if you find yourself in Yazd, make sure to visit the top restaurants in Yazd we mentioned in this blog and indulge in a memorable culinary experience.

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