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Top 5 Mountains to Climb in Iran

Iran is a vast country with more than 1,648,000 Km2 area. More than 55% area of the country is mountains, therefore, Iran is a great place for mountain climbing. 

Mountains of Iran divided into four main areas; Alburz, Zagros, Central Iran and East of Iran. If you are interested in mountain climbing, there are lots of opportunities for mountain climbing in Iran. In this article, we are going to introduce the best hiking routes in Iran.

1) Damavand Peak

Damavand Peak with 5671 meters’ height, is the highest mountain in Iran, which is popular as “Roof of Iran” among local people. It has a great view from different points of the country especially the city of Tehran.

There are about sixteen routes to summiting the peak, however, some of those are almost impossible to heat the hill. The most common route is the southern route with lots of springs on the way. The other one is through Dashte Dagh.


2) Alamkouh Peak

The other popular peak to summiting is Alamkouh Peak with 4851 meter’s height. The same as Damavand, it is also located in Albury mountains in Takhte Soleyman range. One of the most interesting item about this peak is the 90-degree, ice and rock climbing wall. Among the four routes to the peak, the most accessible one is from Roodbarak in Kelardasht, which is on the north side of the mountain.

3) Sabalan Peak

Sabalan Peak which is located in the Ardabil province is a dormant volcano with 4811 meters’ height. One of the best memories all people tell after summiting the peak is a magnificent view of the sunrise in the lake on top of the peak. The lake freezes in the winter. There are many villages around the foothill of the mountain, Sarein and Shirvan Dareh are the most popular among those. The best time of visit is from the first of July to the end of August.

4) Sahand Peak

Sahand Peak is the other beautiful mountain to hit the peak in Iran. It has 3,707 meters’ height which makes it the highest mountain in the province of East Azerbaijan. Besides being a popular place for mountain climbing, it is also a great place for skiing. The Ski Resort has a 1,200 meters’ length ski area.

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5) Zardkuh Mountain

Zard stands for “yellow” and Kuh for “mountain”, the reason for naming this beautiful mountain Zardkuh is the yellowish color of its soil. The highest peak of this mountain range is Kolunchin Peak which has a 4,221 meters’ height. If you start your trip in the summer, you will be alongside the migration of the Bakhtiari nomadic tribe. During the winter it is also possible to ski in the area.

Please consider that the mountains and peaks named in this article are not the only ones in Iran, but the most popular ones.

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