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Hoz-e Soltan Salt Lake; The Natural Mirror

Travel to Iran is not limited to the historical places, Iran is a wonderland with magnificent natural items in every corner of the country, one of the most beautiful phenomena is salt lakes, there are some small and large salt lakes in Iran. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the one in the middle of the route between Qom and Kashan named Hoz-e Soltan.

Hoz-e Soltan Salt Lake is located in the eastern part of the city Qom in about 100 kilometers (62 miles), and 60 kilometers (37 miles) to the Kashan. It stands at an elevation of about 790 meters above the sea level.

Hoze Soltan

The lake covers an area of 1,800 Km2, while, the most part of the lake is dry and only and water covers only 1 Km2, however, the lake display different characteristics, sizes, and shapes in the year. Due to evaporation, the lake is very rich in mineral sedimentation.

The lake is visible from the Qom-Isfahan highway, and you can have a visit of Hoz-e Soltan Salt Lake when you travel to Kashan or Isfahan.

Caspian Sea, Urmia Lake, Hoz-e Soltan Salt Lake, and some other bodies of water in the Plateau of Iran are remnant of the Paratethys Sea which started to dry in the Pleistocene epoch.

One interesting experience while visiting the lake is the sound of crunch layers of salt when you walk on the surface of the lake. It is also called as a natural mirror as its shallow water covers a vast plain of salt deposits.


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