Kish Island

Standard 19 January 06

Kish Island travel guide and top tourist attractions

Iran is most famous among all people in the world as a country with vast deserts, and people who are planning to travel to Iran and visit Iran, never think of possibilities of scuba diving, and other water sports in the country. But, all of these sports activities are available in Iran, especially in the southern part of the country.

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Standard 18 November 15

7 Alternative Places in Iran That Tourists Should Visit

The first-time itinerary of Iran often counts the cities of Esfahan and Persepolis as must-visits, along with Shiraz perhaps. However, there are many overlooked spots which definitely deserve their place at the top of the list. Here is our round-up of the most underrated cities in Iran.

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Standard 18 August 19

Wonders of the Persian Gulf

If you ever check the map of Iran, you will notice that it is limited by the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea in the southern side of the country. There are so many beautiful islands with amazing wildlife in both of these bodies of water and therefore numerous tourists travel to these islands all around the year. 

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Standard 18 July 16

Kish Island travel guide and top tourist attractions

When most international visitors think about traveling to Iran, they never think of possibilities for swimming, scuba diving, and other water sports in Iran. 

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