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Typical Iranian Names with Their Meanings

Many parents consider what to name their child since the gender of their kid has been discovered.

Some arrive at their decision reasonably quickly, while others will decide which name is best and what to choose for a name the day their child is born!

Iranian girls and boys are given names based on historical names, stories, heroes, tales, and famous commanders, most borrowed from Ferdowsi's Shahnameh. Iran has a rich history of civilization and culture. Additionally, a significant portion of Iranian society is religious. As a result of their propensity for Islam, many Iranians choose Islamic names derived from Quran and Arabic for their children.

Which Names Are More Popular in Iran

The term "ancient Iranian names" refers to real Iranian names with Persian language origins, names derived from Iranian mythology and culture, and names of men and women mentioned in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh.

Even though picking a name for a baby who will be born soon is not the trickiest thing in the world, it is unquestionably one of the most crucial! But if you understand the fundamentals, you will be satisfied with the name chosen and its meaning forever.

If you're searching for typical Iranian names in 2023, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the best and most popular ones. These names have been collected from the typical Iranian names database in the National Organization for Civil Registration in late 2022, which you will learn about in the following article.

Tips on choosing a name for your baby

The child's name is constantly linked to his identity and characteristics. Many people later consider changing their names because they are unhappy with them. It's crucial to remember that the baby's name will follow them for the rest of their lives when choosing a name for them. Therefore, before it is decided, it must be well thought out and persuasive so that your child would appreciate you for providing them with a beautiful start.

1. Make sure the name you choose is not jarring to the ears or odd-sounding when spoken aloud. Your last name should complement the name. But try to choose first names that don't rhyme with your last name.

2. Trends change over time. A name that may be popular today, especially if it belongs to a celebrity or a sports figure, may not be relevant tomorrow, even though this is a temptation many people succumb to. Try to choose classic names.

3. It is usually preferable to have an uncommon and unique name. You want many children in the school to have a different name than your child. To avoid creating meaningless and irrelevant names, do not combine different elements in your search for something distinctive.

4. Make sure the name you choose for your baby girl is one that a woman will like. In the long term, anything that first seems sweet could be embarrassing. The same principle applies when selecting a boy's name.

5. A name with a significant meaning is always valued. Look for a name that is straightforward but also has a profound meaning or message. Many individuals search for names of renowned mythical figures or occasions to name their kids after.

6. Another option is to select a name that honors your customs and culture. You can also give your child a name that honors a well-known relative who has influenced you or is consistent with a significant figure from your culture.

7. When your child grows up, a name that was ideal when they were babies may not still be ideal when they are adults. Choose a name for your child that reflects their entrepreneurial spirit as an adult and a newborn.

Popular Persian Islamic Names for Girls

The most chosen holy typical Iranian names for girls are as follows:

  • Fatemeh (فاطمه)

Meaning: A woman who abstains. She has weaned her child. It should be noted that Fatima was the name of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and the wife of Imam Ali.

Pronunciation: [ faa the meh ]

  • Zahra (زهرا)

Meaning: Bright and shining, beautiful and luminous. The title of Hazrat Fatemeh, daughter of Prophet Muhammad.

Pronunciation: [ zaeh - r ah ]

  • Helma (حلما)

Meaning: Patient and forbearing.

Pronunciation: [ hel – mah ]

  • Zeynab (زینب)

Meaning: A beautiful and fragrant flower. Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad

Pronunciation: [ zAI - naeb ]

  • Nazanin Zahra (نازنین زهرا)

Meaning: Combination of two meaningful names. Nazanin is a Persian name for a very dear and lovely girl, and Zahra is a name with Arabic roots meaning shining and bright.

Pronunciation: [ Naa - zae - nihn ] [ zaeh - r ah ]

  • Roghayeh (رقیه)

Meaning: Spell, charm, ascending. Name of the daughter of Imam Hossein.

Pronunciation: [ roh gae yeh ]

  • Maryam (مریم)

Meaning: Beloved, rebellious. The Woman who submits to God.

Pronunciation: [ maer yaem ]

  • Hosna (حسنا)

Meaning: Beautiful, belle, good-looking, worthy. In Quran: Everything that brings joy and happiness and makes people yearn for it.

Pronunciation: [ Hos-nuh ]

  • Mahya (محیا)

Meaning: Life, lifetime.

Pronunciation: [ Maeh yaa]

  • Asra (اسرا)

Meaning: Nocturnal journey, travel at night.

Pronunciation: [ aes – rah ]

  • Kosar (کوثر)

Meaning: Very good-mannered, benevolent and generous, the name of a spring in heaven, the name of the 180th chapter of the Holy Quran, the title of Hazrat Fatemeh.

Pronunciation: [ kow – saer ]

  • Maedeh (مائده)

Meaning: One of the surahs of the Quran. With its Arabic roots, it means a table full of delicious gifts and sustenance and blessings.

Pronunciation: [ m aa eh d eh ]

  • Masoumeh (معصومه)

Meaning: Innocent, protected, sinless.

Pronunciation: [ mae – sou- meh ]

  • Sana (ثنا)

Meaning: Brilliant, praised.

Pronunciation: [ Sae – naa ]

  • Noura (نورا)

Meaning: Enlightened, bright.

Pronunciation: [ Nu – raa ]

  • Reyhaneh (ریحانه)

Meaning: The name of Imam Reza's mother, from the title of Hazrat Fatimah, the name of a fragrant plant.

Pronunciation: [ Rey-huh-neh ]

Popular Persian Ancient Names for Girls

Typical Iranian names for girls derived from history and culture of Iran are listed below:

  • Rasta (رستا)

Meaning: Redeemed, liberated, successful.

Pronounciation: [ raes – taa ]

  • Ava (آوا)

Meaning: Song, reputation, belief.

Pronunciation: [ aa – vaa ]

  • Yasna (یسنا)

Meaning: Praise, worship, the name of the most important part of the five parts of the Avesta.

Pronunciation: [ yaes – naa]

  • Sogand (سوگند)

Meaning: Oath, pledge.

Pronunciation: [ so – gaend ]

  • Bahar (بهار)

Meaning: The Persian name for the season Spring, youth.

Pronunciation: [ bae – haar ]

  • Hamta (همتا)

Meaning: The person who has something in common with another or is completely similar to, alike, similar.

Pronunciation: [ haem – taa ]

  • Aynaz (آیناز)

Meaning: Beautiful moon.

Pronounciation: [ ai – naaz ]

  • Mahsa (مهسا)

Meaning: Moonlike, a belle.

Pronunciation: [ maeh – saa ]

  • Mahdis (مهدیس)

Meaning: A moonlike woman, beautiful.

Pronunciation: [ maeh – dees ]

  • Baran (باران)

Meaning: Rain.

Pronunciation: [ baa – raan ]

  • Negar (نگار)

Meaning: Sweetheart, idol or beautiful beloved.

Pronunciation: [ neh – gaar ]

  • Yekta (یکتا)

Meaning: The only one, unique.

Pronunciation: [ yek – taa ]

  • Panah (پناه)

Meaning: Protection, a safe shelter.

Pronunciation: [ pae – naah ]

  • Dorsa (درسا)

Meaning: Pearl-like, precious and beautiful.

Pronunciation: [ dowr – saa ]

  • Diana (دیانا)

Meaning: In the holy Avesta of Zoroaster, it means pure and beautiful, one who bestows or invokes a blessing.

Pronunciation: [ dee – anna ]

  • Elika (الیکا)

Meaning: Mother of earth, blossom.

Pronunciation: [ e – lee – kaa ]

  • Sarina (سارینا)

Meaning: Pure, virtuous.

Pronounciation: [ saa – ree – naa ]

  • Raha (رها)

Meaning: Free, peaceful.

Pronunciation: [ rae – haa ]

  • Hasti (هستی)

Meaning: Existence, life, world.

Pronunciation: [ haes – tee ]

Popular Persian Islamic Names for Boys

The most popular and typical religious Iranian names for boys are as follows:

  • Amir Ali (امیرعلی)

Meaning: 'Amir' means immortal, king. 'Ali' means excellent, high, noble; Amirali means 'The great king/ immortal.'

Pronunciation: [ aeh - meer ][ aeh – lee ]

  • Muhammad (محمد)

Meaning: The name of the Prophet in Islam, the messenger, the praiseworthy.

Pronunciation: [ muh – ha – muhd ]

  • Ali (علی)

Meaning: Exalted, sublime, elevated. Name of the first man converted to Islam. The son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad.

Pronunciation: [ aeh – lee ]

  • Amir Hossein (امیرحسین)

Meaning: 'Amir' means king, immortal, prince and 'Hossein' means handsome and beautiful.

Pronunciation: [ aeh - meer ][ huh – sihn ]

  • Abolfalz (ابوالفضل)

Meaning: The father of virtue, the owner of grace.

Pronunciation: [ aeh - b oh l - f ae z l ]

  • Hossein (حسین)

Meaning: Handsome, virtuous, lovely, beautiful.

Pronunciation: [ huh – sihn ]

  • Amir Abbas (امیرعباس)

Meaning: 'Amir' means king, immortal, prince and 'Abbas' means stern, lion, serious, grim-faced.

Pronunciation: [ aeh - meer ] [ uh b - b ah s ]

  • Muhammad Taha (محمدطاها)

Meaning: 'Muhammad' means praiseworthy and 'Taha' means pure, mystic.

Pronunciation: [ muh – ha – muhd ][ taa – haa ]

  • Mohammad Reza (محمدرضا)

Meaning: The one with whom the holy Prophet Muhammad is satisfied and pleased. 'Reza' means satisfaction and pleasure.

Pronunciation: [ muh – ha – muhd ][ reh – zuh ]

  • Amir Mahdi (امیرمهدی)

Meaning: 'Mahdi' means the rightly guided and is the name of the expected Muslim ruler(like a messiah in Christianity) who will establish rightfulness throughout the world, the rightful guide and king.

Pronounciation: [ aeh - meer ][ maeh – dee ]

  • Ali Asghar (علی اصغر)

Meaning: 'Asghar' means younger, smaller. 'Aliasghar' means a younger child who is noble and clever.

Pronunciation: [ aeh – lee ][ aes – gaer ]

  • Mohammad Amin (محمدامین)

Meaning: 'Amin' means honest, loyal, and faithful. It is a title for the Prophet Muhammad. 'Muhammad Amin' means faithful and praiseworthy.

Pronunciation: [ muh – ha – muhd ] [ aeh - meer ]

  • Yasin (یاسین)

Meaning: Derived from a chapter of the Quran, meaning rich.

Pronunciation: [ Yaa - seen ]

  • Benyamin (بنیامین)

Meaning: The name of the youngest child of Jacob. Darling, favored.

Pronunciation: [ ben - yea - mihn ]

  • Sobhan (سبحان)

Meaning: Righteous, blessed, beloved, pure.

Pronunciation: [ sob – haan ] 

Popular Persian Ancient Names for Boys

Typical Iranian names drove from ancient culture of Iran are listed below:

  • Arya (آریا)

Meaning: Noble, a faithful friend.

Pronunciation: [ aa – ree – uh ]

  • Mahan (ماهان)

Meaning: Moon-like, as beautiful as the moon.

Pronunciation: [ m uh - h ah n ]

  • Kian (کیان)

Meaning: King, realm, ancient.

Pronunciation: [ k ee - y aa n ]

  • Parsa (پارسا)

Meaning: Holy, devout, pure, abstemious.

Pronunciation: [ pahr – sah ]

  • Arad (آراد)

Meaning: Name of the angel who takes care of the 25th day of every solar month ( the day was considered pure and blessing).

Pronunciation: [ ah – rahd ]

  • Yazdan (یزدان)

Meaning: God of goodness, against the devil, kind, merciful.

Pronunciation: [ y aez – dahn ]

  • Artin (آرتین)

Meaning: Pure, virtuous, flaming fire.

Pronunciation: [ aar – teen ]

  • Aryan (آرین)

Meaning: Of the Aryan race, high-born, noble, superior.

Pronunciation: [ aar - y aen ]

  • Parham (پرهام)

Meaning: Angel of goodness, father of all.

Pronunciation: [ p aer – hahm ]

  • Radin (رادین)

Meaning: Chivalrous, forgiving.

Pronunciation: [ rahd – een ]

  • Aihan (آیهان)

Meaning: King of the moon, moonlike and beautiful.

Pronunciation: [ ay – hahn ]

  • Arsam (آرسام)

Meaning: The name of Ariamene's son and Vishtasab's father from the Achaemenid dynasty, strong and powerful.

Pronunciation: [ aar – sahm ]

  • Rayan (رایان)

Meaning: Wise, powerful, little king.

Pronunciation: [ raay – ahn ]

  • Arash (آرش)

Meaning: The name of a skilled Iranian archer and heroic figure in the Shahnameh (Arash Kamangir), brilliant, luminous.

Pronunciation: [ aar - aesh ]

  • Arvin (آروین)

Meaning: Friend to all people.

Pronunciation: [ aar – veen ]

  • Arsalan (ارسلان)

Meaning: Lion, fearless, powerful.

Pronunciation: [ aer - s ae – lahn ]

  • Samyar (سامیار)

Meaning: Protector/ angel of fire.

Pronunciation: [ sum – yaar ]

  • Mahrad (مهراد)

Meaning: Young moon, new moon.

Pronunciation: [ m aeh – rahd ]

  • Arman (آرمان)

Meaning: Belief, hope, yearning, will.

Pronunciation: [ aar – mahn ]

  • Bardia (بردیا)

Meaning: Lofty, elevated, exalted.

Pronunciation: [ b aer – dee – uh ]

Bottom Line

In this post, we introduced typical Iranian names for boys and girls that have been chosen in recent years. Reading these names can help you choose your child's name.

Comment your favorite name from the list above.


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