Standard 18 November 17

A Tour of Iran's Most Famous Architectural Landmarks

Iran is full of landmarks whether they are cultural, historical, or natural. Architecturally speaking, though, it has been greatly influenced by both its various ruling dynasties and pre- and post-Islamic elements. Read on and take our tour of the most iconic architectural landmarks in the country. 

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Standard 18 August 01

Zanjan travel guide and top tourist attractions

If you travel to Iran, it is impossible to ignore some cities. One of this cities that you should visit it when travelling to Iran, is Zanjan. Zanjan is situated on the north-west of Tehran on the main highway from Tehran to Tabriz, about 20 kilometres south of the Qaflankuh Mountain Range. 

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Standard 18 June 09

Dome of Soltaniyeh; the oldest double-shell dome in Iran

The reason for the importance of Soltaniyeh is the Mausoleum of Il-khan Öljeitü also known as Muhammad Khodabandeh; the eighth Ilkhanid ruler. 

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