Standard 24 March 12

Shirez Canyon: Discover a Majestic Beauty

Shirez Canyon is truly a remarkable geological formation that will leave you in awe of nature's power. But what exactly makes Shirez Canyon so impressive?

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Standard 18 December 23

Ilam Tarvel Guide | Top Tourist Attractions

Being a large country, there are different types of climate and geographical conditions in Iran. For instance, the mountains of Iran contain about one-third of the country. The most important of them are Alborz Mountain in the northern part and the Zagros Mountain in the western part of the country. One of the most amazing cities at the foot of Zagros Mountain is Ilam, which has magnificent scenery, especially during spring. If you are a nature lover, Ilam; which is known as the paradise for eco-tourists, would be a perfect place for you to spend some days.

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