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Iran Nomad Tours

Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life, discover Iran's authentic and less-traveled side, and gain a deeper understanding of the country and its people?

Iran Nomad Tours offers a unique and authentic opportunity to explore Iran's rich history, culture, and natural beauty like never before. On Iran Nomad Tour, you will visit many natural and historical attractions ranging from tall mountains and mesmerizing forests to captivating geological sites, historic villages and vast deserts. These tours provide an opportunity to experience the nomadic way of life, including living and interacting with them. Nomads travel and move with their tribe, family, and belongings from place to place in search of new pastures and meadows. Nomads and their way of life, language, music, local food, clothing, song, handicrafts, dance and local costumes, and rituals such as local celebrations and weddings have always attracted many enthusiasts. Hence, the Iran Nomad tour focuses on nomads and nomadic culture. It presents authentic travel experiences expressly designed to showcase the lifestyle of the nomad tribes. In these tours, travelers and adventurers can enjoy an authentic and unfiltered, rarely-witnessed side of Iran that focuses on Iran's indigenous people.

Eavar's Iran Nomad tours provide extraordinary opportunities to meet and travel with nomadic tribes as they migrate with their sheep, goats, and mules. Travelers will have the chance to submerge themselves in the historic culture and lifestyle of different Iranian tribes, learn to live like a nomad, and become part of a nomadic family during their tours. You will sleep under a roof of twinkling stars, wake up to the sound of birds and sheep bleating, drink spring water, take walks in nature, dress up like a nomad, and dine on exceptional food cooked over fire. You may even give the nomads a hand at milking their sheep, collecting wood, making bread, churning Mashk, and weaving a carpet!

At certain times, you might get the chance to be a part of a unique nomadic custom or ceremony. Each nomadic tribe will treat you to unique traditions, clothing, and characteristics. Eavar Nomad Tour is different from your usual tour. This is a genuine and eye-opening kind of tour where you will be guided by our professional tour guides who know the terrain and its people and have followed paths across the mountains for ages. You will immerse yourself in the dazzling landscapes of the Zagros Mountains, their soaring peaks, deep valleys, and beautiful flora and fauna. You will experience the mountains humming with the history of its people, hopping from one village to another through rivers, mountain passes, ravines, plateaus and waterfalls. On our Iran Nomad Tour, you will also visit some fantastic natural beauty one could wish for, and you will find some of the most incredible life stories you will ever encounter. At each stopping point on this tour, you will be welcomed by fantastic inhabitants; you will live in a land where time passes differently, and modernity has crept in surprising ways while preserving authenticity in almost every aspect of their daily lives.

Iran Nomad Tours

Iran Nomad Tours

The term "nomad" (Kooch Neshinan) refers to a group of people who live in Iran and migrate from place to place with their tribe, family, and possessions. Tribal nomads live a nomadic lifestyle, and herding is the backbone of their income. One of the most critical aspects of nomad life is seasonal movement, from colder rural regions in the summer to warmer ones in the winter.

The most notable characteristic of the Iranian nomad tribes is their lifestyle, which is characterized by constant migration and relocation of their black tents and herds, in contrast to rural and urban settlements. In all regions of Iran, including the west and southwest, east and southeast, northwest, northeast, and central Iran, there are nomadic tribes, which constitute one of the country's primary cultural tourist draws.

Iran nomad tour packages provide a fascinating look into this ancient way of living that still exists today. You get the chance to discover Nomadic culture and live like one of Iran's powerful tribes through these tours. The traditional food prepared over a wood stove, the distinctive method of livestock herding, and a greater comprehension of Nomad traditions are all included in this experience. Immerse yourself in the world of Iran's Nomads by booking your tour now. You can contact us via to book the nomad tour packages.

Iran Nomad Tour Packages

Nomads of Iran

Tribes have long been a part of Persian history; a century ago, they comprised one-fourth of Iran's population. In Iran nowadays, there are still about a million nomads or 1.25% of the country's population. Together with Asian nations like Mongolia, Iran, therefore, has one of the most significant numbers of nomads of any country. However, just about 100,000 members of the nomadic community still migrate in the old manner now. To help conserve this cultural legacy, Eavar offers migration tours to tourists interested in this ancient culture.


Bakhtiari Tribe

One of Iran's biggest and most well-known tribes is the Bakhtiari. They are located halfway between Khuzestan and Chaharmahal-e-Bakhtiari (You read it correctly! They inspired the naming of the province). They are Shia Muslims, like most of the nation, and speak the Lori dialect of Persian.

The seasonal movement of the Bakhtiari people and the fact that their livestock is their primary source of wealth form the foundation of much of their culture. For example, they avoid eating much meat when migrating because it would make them feel heavy and slow them down. Instead, their primary sources of nutrition at this time are milk, yogurt, and dough. The Bakhtiari nomads embark on a 300km travel over mountains and highlands twice a year to find pasture for their livestock.


Qashqai Tribe

The Qashqai tribe, with Turkic ancestry from Central Asia, settled in Iran's southwest desert during the 11th and 12th centuries. They go from the pastures north of Shiraz to the southern part of the nation, close to the Persian Gulf, where the winters are milder, every year. It is a 480-kilometer-long epic adventure.


Shahsavan Tribe

The Shahsavan are a group of nomadic peoples inhabiting the Mugan Plain who are of unclear origin but are almost certainly Azeri. Whatever their origin is, it is clear that they are liberated, traditional people roaming in the northwest of Iran's vast Mugan Plains.


Mamasani Tribe

The Elamite civilization flourished in the third, second, and first millennia BC on the territory known as Mamasani. The four tribes that make up the Mamasani people are Rostam, Doshman Ziari, Bakhsh, and Javid. Additionally, tribes from Fars Qashqai (Shuri and Kashkoli valleys) that have split into different branches live as nomads in the southern part of the city.

The Mamasani people speak a dialect called Lorish (Luri). They are Muslims who adhere to the Twelve Imams' Shiite sect. Tribal groups make up the social structure in this area. The governmental structure, founded on a tribal system, has this ethnic structure. Family patrilineal relationships are the cornerstone of this political organization's social network.


Khamseh Tribe

Around 1400 years ago, groups of Arab tribes from the Arabian Peninsula and Iraq invaded Persia and lived close to important cities and administrative hubs. This was after the establishment and expansion of the land of the early Muslims. Due to its pastoral summer and winter areas, Fars Province has drawn the interest of tribes and nomads. During the Qajar era (19th century), a group of tribes got together and took the name Fars Khamseh tribes. These Arab tribes exploit the vast grasslands of the Jahrom area and are primarily cattle breeders. The Khamseh tribe speaks Persian, Turkish, and Arabic.

Iran Nomad Tour Eavar

Iran Nomad Tour Packages

Eavar offers different classes of Nomadic tours, including Royal Class, First Class, Premium Class, Cost Class, and Budget Class, each providing a truly remarkable experience with the most genuine nomads of Iran. You will have an epic adventure that provides an authentic interaction with nomads.

Eavar Tours offers genuine trip experiences specifically created to highlight the way of life of the nomadic tribes and to advance ethical and sustainable tourism. Our excursions provide one-of-a-kind chances to interact with and hike alongside nomadic tribes as they travel with their goats, sheep, and mules. You will be able to communicate with the nomads and learn about their culture with the help of translators; you will go where they go, eat their food, and sleep in their beds. These trips are adventurous. Get lost in the stunning scenery of the Zagros Mountains, including its deep valleys, lofty peaks, and spectacular flora and fauna. Be ready for anything to happen! Be prepared to be adaptable!

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Why Should I Visit Iran's Nomads?

Iran's nomadic population has drastically decreased recently. They are diminutive, yet their appeal is unmatched. Their sheep and goat-filled meadows are excellent during spring kooch. A visit to the indigenous Nomads living in the Zagros Mountains is essential for anybody looking to fully immerse themselves in Iranian culture. Here are the top 5 benefits of staying among the Iranian nomads.

You Will Find Out What It Is Like to Live Like a Nomad.

You will lead a modest, primitive existence for a few days, sleeping in a tent at dusk and rising before dawn. You will make your own bread, take care of the sheep, collect firewood and water, and spend quiet afternoons in the nomads' tent. These experiences will extend and have a significant influence on you thanks to these activities. The experience will be genuinely exceptional and unforgettable.

You will experience what it's like to be a shepherd, away from the daily grind, caring for sheep and goats. You will observe how these challenging, unflappable individuals live their lives far out in the bush.

It Seems Extraterrestrial.

You will be immersed in a very different world from the quick-paced, technologically driven one you are used to after experiencing the breathtaking Zagros Mountains, where nomads roam in search of grazing pasture for their herds. The chance to live among Iran's Nomads will be an excellent and unique experience in addition to the gorgeous landscape.

It Would Be A Multicultural Experience.

An extremely worthwhile experience would be learning about a unique and old civilization that little is known about. Visitors may obtain firsthand knowledge of the nomads' distinctive culture and manner of life; the nomads could be inspired to maintain their traditions if they saw that people valued and appreciated their culture.

It Would Resemble A Heroic Odyssey.

You are about to go through some extraordinary things that will change you for the rest of your life. These experiences shape you and help you remember things you had previously forgotten. They provide you with meaningful, profound insights into life and act as analogies for the difficulties you encounter. You can learn a lot from how others behave in real-world situations.

The Journey Would Be Extremely Exciting.

It will be a fascinating and thrilling adventure to join the Nomads in their annual migration (known as "Kooch") through the Zagros hinterlands.


What is the Best Time to Meet Iranian Nomads?

Iranian nomads may be located and tracked throughout the whole year. You can observe how their distinct way of life is linked with the symphony of nature in each season. Iranian nomads can be encountered at different periods of the year, depending on the tribe you are interested in and the weather or environment. However, the mild spring and summer are the ideal times to observe these good-hearted folks at work. With the first breezes of disagreeable weather, the nomads move toward more pleasant pastures with all their animals and belongings. However, the best seasons to experience the life of these kind-hearted people are the warm spring and summer.

Iran Nomad Tour Packages price


Iran Nomad Tours Price

The Iran nomad tour price is affordable for tourists due to Iran's cheap currency. However, the Iran nomad tour price depends on various factors such as travel time, accommodation, etc.

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