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Iran Cultural Tours

The first thing we seek while visiting a new country is its monuments and museums. Visits to cultural and historical sites are the best way to get to know the cultures of other ethnic groups. Due to the significance of monuments and museums worldwide, governments make every effort to keep them in excellent condition.

Iran is endowed with distinctive rituals, beliefs, attitudes, art forms, handicrafts, and other practices thanks to Iranian culture and civilization. Iran is a mysterious nation with deep roots in its customs, culture, and history. Iran gets more amusing the more you attempt to take in its core. This country, renowned for its rich heritage and history, has a certain charm that explains its sovereignty, customs, beauty, and other characteristics. Every city is unique in this regard, resulting in a cluster of variety that no other nation can offer. 

The Iran cultural tours are planned at the ideal moment to take in grand festivals, traditions, and customs. These tours frequently center on well-known regional festivals that bring visitors and locals to attend.

The ancient Persian-inspired traditions are only one aspect of Iranian heritage. There is a mixture of Arab, Mughal, Chinese, and Western cultures. This variety cluster introduces you to various celebrations, sights, customs, structures, foods, and more.

The region combines various cultural traditions, from the Iranian Nomads to Yazd's famous Ashura ceremonial spectacle. Do you need help deciding when or where to take a different kind of vacation? Eavar helps you pick the ideal location and time to experience the finest local culture and customs. You can always count on enjoying a special event, an intriguing ceremony, and great hospitality in a country with many different religions and cultures. You can contact us via for more information about our cultural tour packages. 

Iran's Cultural Highlights

If you have never been to Iran before, taking a cultural tour of the country is one of the most remarkable ways to quickly learn about the nation's rich historical and cultural traditions.

Choose whatever aspect of Persian culture you want to learn more about before going on a cultural trip to Iran. What was it that initially caught your attention about Iran and Iranian culture? The food, perhaps? Was it the customs and festivals that Iranians have managed to preserve for thousands of years?

Was it the nation's control over the area that grew over hundreds of years? Or did you fall head over heels for the souvenir? Was it the renowned Isfahan's Gaz that initially captivated you? Or was it Kerman's Baghlava or Yazd's Pashmak?

Are you a passionate art collector who is a die-hard admirer of Persian carpets and cannot get enough of them? What about the ceramic and clay dishes from Iran? How much do you value Kerman-made copperware that is famous around the world? How much do you enjoy eating out of copper bowls? If you love archeology, do you long to see some of Iran's ancient ruins that stretch back thousands of years?

Do you want to know more about Jiroft of Kerman, the site of the first discovered human archival records? Do you like to learn more about the Iranian folk music created in different provinces?

Your location on a cultural tour in Iran will vary depending on the period of Iranian history you choose to identify with and learn more about. Some of Iran's cultural highlights are as below; these sites offer the chance to discover more about the nation than what is shown in the news.

  • Persepolis in Shiraz
  • Naghsh-e Jahan (Map of the World) Square in Isfahan
  • Cyrus Tomb in Pasargadae in Shiraz
  • The Palace of Darius in Susa
  • Golestan Palace in Tehran
  • Hafez's (famous poet) tomb in Shiraz
  • Saadi (renowned poet) tomb in Shiraz
  • The Amir Chakhmagh Complex in Yazd
  • The Grand Ali Qapu Palace in Isfahan
  • The Old Family homes in Kashan
  • The Old Synagogues of Central Tehran
  • The Pink Mosque in Shiraz
  • The Garden of Paradise (Eram Garden) in Shiraz
  • Masouleh, the Rooftop Village on the Mountain in Gilan (Northern Iran)
  • The Tomb of Avicenna (the great scientist) in Hamedan
  • Khaju Bridge in Isfahan
  • Si-o-Se Pol (33 bridge) in Isfahan
  • The Chehel Sotoun Palace in Isfahan
  • The Palace of 8 Heavens "Hasht Behesht" in Isfahan
  • Vakil Bath in Shiraz
  • Fin Garden in Kashan
  • Tabiat "Nature" Bridge in Tehran
  • Vank cathedral in Isfahan
  • Emamzadeh Hassan Village, Jangal district
  • The Palace of Tachara in Shiraz
  • Azadi Tower in Tehran
  • Dolat Abad Garden in Yazd
  • Ghare Kelisa in West Azerbaijan province
  • Ghare (cave) Alisadr in Hamedan
  • The Bam Citadel in Kerman
  • The Niavaran Palace in Tehran
  • The Palace of Ardashir in Shiraz
  • The Grand Bazaar of Tehran
  • The Emam Reza Shrine in Mashhad
  • Gonbad-e Qabus tower in Golestan
  • The Blue Mosque in Tabriz
  • Masjed-e Jame (Jame Mosque) in Isfahan
  • The Firuzabad Ensemble and old Sassanid Art (224 CE–651)
  • The Soltaniyeh Dome in Soltaniyeh
  • The Ancient Caravanserais of the desert in Khurasan-e Razavi, Isfahan and Yazd Provinces
  • The Collection of Historical Bridges in Lorestan Province
  • The Taq-e Bostan "Arch of the Garden" rock reliefs in Kermanshah
  • Anahita (The Goddess of Water) Temple in Kermanshah
  • The Ancient Soleymanieh Spring in Kashan
  • The Chogha Zanbil in Khuzestan
  • The Historic Centre of Yazd
  • The Historic Bazaar of Tabriz
  • The Takht-e Soleyman (Fort of Solomon) fortification, West Azerbaijan province
  • The Ancient Rocky Village of Meymand in Kerman
  • The Behistun Inscription Cliff in Kermanshah
  • The Burnt City "Shahre Sukhteh" in Sistan and Baluchistan province
  • The Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System in the Island City of Shushtar
  • The village of Dizin, Alborz Mountain range, Iran
  • The Castle of Alamut (The "Eagle's Nest"), Qazvin
  • The Ancient Borujerdi House in Kashan
  • Naghsh-e Rostam and Naghsh-e Rajab Necropolises in Fars Province 
  • The Qavam House and Naranjestan Garden in Shiraz
  • Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz
  • Shah Cheragh in Shiraz
  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan
  • Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse in Kashan
  • Tomb of Daniel in Susa
  • Imam Mosque in Isfahan
  • Niavaran Palace in Tehran

While traveling and seeing Iran's beautiful features, you may easily sense and learn about the splendor of Persian culture, which has shown itself in literature, architecture, religious traditions, and many other areas.

Iran tours are a well-planned exploration of the rich Persian culture, Iranian cuisine, history, fantastic architecture, and valuable traditions and customs.

Prepare to travel to Iran and experience Iranian culture by packing your baggage. You can contact us via to book the best Iran Cultural packages.