Yazd, the city with unique architecture

May 18


It is believed that the name of the city is derived from Yazdegerd I, the Sassanids king of Persia. The word Yazd means God. After the conquest of Arabs in Iran, many Zoroastrians migrated to Yazd from all neighboring provinces and it is still the most well-known city for being the center of Zoroastrians.

In addition to Farsi, the traditional language spoken amongst the Zoroastrians of Yazd and Kerman is called Dari. The language is almost the same as the one spoken in Afghanistan.

Yazd is very well-known for its unique architecture, its high-quality handicrafts, such as silk weaving fabrics called Termeh (the brocades textile made with traditional Iranian patterns) and it amazingly designed carpets and last but not least, its various pastry such as Baqlava, Pashmak, and Qotab.

Shooli Ash is a delicious Persian soup made of spinach, parsley, leek, fenugreek, and beetroot, seasoned with vinegar or pomegranate paste.

The city is located in the middle of the Iranian plateau, almost 270 km south-east of Isfahan with the population of approximately 560,000 inhabitants. The altitude of Yazd is approximately 1210m above sea level. The city is the driest city in Iran with precipitation amount of 49 millimeters on annual basis. The weather is very hot and dry in summer due to its location which is between two main deserts of Dasht-e Kavir and the Kavir-e-Lut.

One of the most magnificent architectural attraction in Yazd is the underground water supplement system named Kariz or Qanat which was listed by UNESCO in 2016 as a World Heritage Site. The other unrivaled and unique item with its incredibly wise architecture is the Windcatchers. The one in Dowlat Abad Garden with 33 meters’ height is the highest one in the world. Due to many examples of Windcatchers in Yazd which was built for adaption of its desert surrounding the nickname of the city is “City of Windcatchers”.


There are several must see attractions in Yazd among which Yazd Jameh Mosque, Amirchaqmaq Square, Water Museum, Varahram Fire Temple, Alexander/Harun Prison and Dowlat Abad Garden in the city of Yazd and the Towers of Silence and Zein-o-Din Caravanserai outside of this beautiful city are highly recommended.

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