Standard 18 August 19

Wonders of the Persian Gulf

If you ever check the map of Iran, you will notice that it is limited by the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea in the southern side of the country. There are so many beautiful islands with amazing wildlife in both of these bodies of water and therefore numerous tourists travel to these islands all around the year. 

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Standard 18 August 04

Iranian Lenj boats in the Persian Gulf

If you are planning to travel to Iran, we suggest to visit the Persian Gulf and see the process of building the lenj boat, the traditional skills of building and sailing the Lenj boats.

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Standard 18 July 31

Zar ceremony in Hormozgan

The proximity of Bandar Abbas to the sea is the most significant reason for differences in customs and traditions of this area in comparison with other parts of Iran to seem amazing and extraordinary. 

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Standard 18 June 11

Qeshm Island with a unique Geo Park

When planning to travel to Iran, don’t forget about having a visit to the Persian Gulf and the amazing Islands in the area. 

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