Standard 23 July 10

Arg-e Bam: The Fascinating Citadel of Ancient Persia

Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of the devastating 2003 Bam Earthquake, Arg-e Bam, also known as the Bam Citadel, is a magnificent ancient mud city and the largest adobe structure on earth.

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Standard 18 June 02

Bam Travel & Tourist Attractions Guide

Iran is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and therefore, there are a number of cities in the country which has more than thousands of years of history. One of these cities is Bam in Kerman Province. The city and its cultural landscape were listed as the World Heritage Site of UNESCO in 2004.

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Standard 18 November 15

7 Alternative Places in Iran that Tourists Should Visit

The first-time itinerary of Iran often counts the cities of Esfahan and Persepolis as must-visits, along with Shiraz perhaps. However, there are many overlooked spots which definitely deserve their place at the top of the list. Here is our round-up of the most underrated cities in Iran.

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Standard 18 July 30

Date Palms in Iran

Date palms in Iran are more than just a sweet treat; they are a complete diet and a crucial component of Iranian culture and cuisine.

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