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Imam Reza Bazaar in Mashhad | Shop for Authentic Souvenirs

Mashhad is the heart of religious tourism in Iran. The Shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad attracts millions of pilgrims from around the world to this city, creating a truly multicultural and spiritual atmosphere.

While visiting the shrine is undoubtedly a priority, there is another gem that should not be overlooked while in Mashhad: Bazaar Reza.

Imam Reza Bazaar is Mashhad's most famous traditional market. It is situated in close proximity to the sacred shrine and offers a unique shopping experience for those seeking souvenirs and local treasures.

In this blog, we will delve into the rich history of Bazaar-e Reza of Mashhad and explore its shops, location, attractions nearby, and opening hours.


About Bazaar Reza in Mashhad

About Bazaar Reza in Mashhad

Bazaar Reza in Mashhad is a bustling shopping destination and a popular tourist attraction in the Khorasan Razavi province. Located in close proximity to the revered Imam Reza Shrine, it serves as the go-to place for tourists seeking souvenirs and mementos.

Reza Bazaar is managed primarily by the Shrine of Imam Reza. It has shops specializing in silver and precious jewelry, saffron and dried fruits, and perfumes.

As you wander through Reza Bazaar, you'll encounter a delightful array of handicrafts, jewelry, and local delicacies. The bazaar's charm lies in its vibrant atmosphere, where the scent of saffron and the allure of unique souvenirs beckon visitors to explore its diverse offerings.


History of Bazaar Reza in Mashhad

History of Imam Reza Bazaar in Mashhad

Imam Reza Bazaar in Mashhad has a significant history that dates back to the Pahlavi era, specifically during the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah. The Pahlavi government recognized the need for a large market near the shrine of Imam Reza to cater to pilgrims and tourists seeking souvenirs and other items. As a result, the construction of Reza Bazaar was initiated and received approval from the parliament.

The responsibility for constructing the expansive Reza Bazaar was entrusted to the governor of Khorasan Razavi province at that time. Prior to the establishment of Reza Bazaar, the deputy governor, who held authority under Pahlavi rule, issued an order to demolish the old shops and buildings in the Sheikh Tousi Street area.

Subsequently, a piece of land measuring approximately one kilometer in length and 33 meters in width was allocated for the construction of Reza Bazaar. Each merchant was assigned a shop within the bazaar, which would become the most prominent market near the shrine of Imam Reza.

The construction of Reza Bazaar commenced in 1975 and was completed within a span of 11 months, culminating in its inauguration in 1976. Since then, Reza market has remained a pivotal marketplace, serving as a vital commercial hub in close proximity to the revered shrine of Imam Reza.

The establishment of Bazaar Reza fulfilled the need for a dedicated market where pilgrims and tourists could conveniently shop for souvenirs and other items. It has since become an integral part of the religious and cultural landscape of Mashhad, attracting visitors from far and wide.

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Architecture of Bazaar-e Reza of Mashhad

Architecture of Bazaar-e Reza of Mashhad

Imam Reza Bazaar in Mashhad showcases a traditional Iranian architectural style, reflecting the cultural heritage of the region. The entrances of the bazaar are particularly notable, designed with a stepped structure and adorned with a brick facade.

Upon entering the market, visitors are greeted by a ceramic flooring that adds to the traditional ambiance. One distinctive feature of the bazaar is the absence of glass or walls separating the shops from the customers. This open layout creates a direct and engaging interaction between shoppers and shopkeepers.

While Reza Bazaar may appear as a single market at first glance, it is, in fact, composed of six separate markets. Each market culminates in an octagonal area that provides benches and a water fountain, serving as resting spots for visitors. Staircases are conveniently located next to each octagon, allowing access to the second floor of the bazaar.

Reza Bazaar boasts a significant number of shops, with 156 shops located in the larger markets one and six, and an additional 176 smaller shops scattered among markets two, three, four, and five.

In total, the bazaar encompasses an impressive 2,092 shops. The bazaar is also equipped with 11 inns and 17 crossroads, facilitating the movement of visitors within the bustling marketplace.

All shops within the Bazaar feature wooden doors, locks, special glass, and metal shutters, ensuring the security and functionality of the shops. To access the side markets, visitors can utilize any of the 12 entrances conveniently placed throughout the bazaar.

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Different Sections of Bazaar Reza

Different Sections of Imam Reza Bazaar, Mashhad

Imam Reza Bazaar in Mashhad is divided into distinct sections, each offering a unique shopping experience and showcasing different aspects of the traditional marketplace.


Ground Floor

The ground floor of Reza Bazaar is a bustling hub of activity and a must-visit destination for travelers exploring Mashhad. With its traditional architecture and strategic location, this section of the bazaar attracts a large number of tourists. Here, you will find a wide variety of shops selling an array of goods and souvenirs. From jewelry, goldsmithing, and silverware to fabrics, clothing, spices, saffron, groceries, toys, prayer beads, stamps, and prayer mats, the ground floor of Reza Bazaar offers a diverse range of products to cater to different tastes. The reasonable prices of the goods and souvenirs further contribute to the popularity of this section.


Second Floor

Running parallel to the ground floor, the second floor of Reza Bazaar holds its own significance and allure. This floor is primarily dedicated to workshops where skilled artisans practice their crafts.

Here, you can find stone carving workshops, turquoise carving studios, and workshops for various handicrafts. Additionally, the second floor houses goldsmithing workshops, photography studios, and embroidery workshops. Exploring the second floor provides visitors with an opportunity to witness traditional craftsmanship and interact with artisans engaged in their artistic pursuits.

The overall layout of Reza Bazaar is designed in such a way that accessing the second floor requires navigating through 12 secondary corridors, adding to the charm and uniqueness of the marketplace. The interior architecture of Reza Bazaar is adorned with 17 quadrangles and 11 caravanserais, contributing to the striking appearance of the bazaar as a whole.

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Souvenirs of Imam Reza Bazaar

Souvenirs of Imam Reza Bazaar

Imam Reza Bazaar in Mashhad offers a wide range of souvenirs that make for memorable gifts or personal mementos. Here are some of the notable souvenirs you can find in the bazaar:

  1. Saffron and Barberry: As you enter Reza Bazaar from the Falekhe Ab entrance, you'll come across shops selling high-quality saffron and barberry. While saffron may be priced higher in this section, its quality is exceptional.
  2. Cocoa, Chocolates, and Pastries: Further along the bazaar, you'll find shops dedicated to cocoa, chocolates, and pastries. These delectable treats make for delightful souvenirs or indulgent treats for yourself or loved ones.
  3. Perfumes: Imam Reza Bazaar is home to numerous perfume shops where you can explore a variety of fragrances. Perfumes from this bazaar can serve as a lasting reminder of your visit to Mashhad.
  4. Prayer Rugs: For those interested in religious souvenirs, Reza Bazaar offers a selection of prayer rugs.
  5. Jewelry and Precious Stones: On the second floor of Reza Bazaar, you'll find jewelry and precious stone shops. If you're looking for luxurious and valuable souvenirs, exploring these shops can be a worthwhile experience.
  6. Toys: Imam Reza Bazaar also caters to the delight of children, with several toy shops within its premises. If you're looking to bring joy to a child in your family, these toy shops offer a variety of options.

Additionally, if you're interested in regional specialties, Imam Reza Bazaar and Mashhad are known for their barberry, cardamom, and Nabat (rock candy). These products can be found in various shops within the bazaar, offering you a taste of the local flavors and culinary traditions.


Opening Hours of Bazaar Reza in Mashhad

Reza Bazaar operates from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, allowing visitors ample time to explore its vibrant markets and shops.


Best Time To Visit Bazaar-e Reza

Best Time To Visit Bazaar-e Reza of Mashhad

It's important to note that on certain days of the year, such as some religious holidays and Nowruz (Persian New Year), Mashhad is very crowded, and navigating through this bazaar might be a bit challenging.

Therefore, it's better to plan your trip to Mashhad during quieter times to avoid crowds, especially if you intend to visit various attractions, particularly Reza Bazaar.

Additionally, during the winter season, this place is quieter due to the cold weather, and because it's covered, you'll have the opportunity to explore even during the coldest times of the year.


Bazaar Reza Location

Imam Reza Bazaar is conveniently situated in close proximity to the holy shrine, making it easily accessible for visitors. It is located on the eastern side of Imam Reza Street, specifically between Ab Square and 17 Shahrivar Street. The expansive Bazaar complex extends along Sheikh Toosi Street, covering a distance of approximately 400 meters from Ab Square.


How to Get to Bazaar Reza

There are several transportation options available to reach the Bazaar:



If you have just completed your pilgrimage at the holy shrine, you can easily visit the Bazaar by walking. Head towards Bab al-Reza and make your way to Ab Square. From Ab Square, you can enter the bazaar and explore its vibrant shops and stalls.



The metro system in Mashhad provides a convenient and efficient mode of transportation. Although the nearest metro station to Reza Bazaar, Bab Al-Javad Station, is not yet operational, you can still use the metro to reach the bazaar. From the 17 Shahrivar Metro Station or Basij Metro Station, which are nearby, you can take a short walk to reach Imam Reza Bazaar.



Taxis are readily available throughout Mashhad and offer a flexible transportation option. You can take a taxi from any location in Mashhad and request to be dropped off at either Ab Square or 17 Shahrivar Square, which are both close to Bazaar-e Reza of Mashhad.



If you find yourself on Imam Reza Street, you may come across the BRT bus lines. These buses can be utilized to reach Bab al-Javad Station, which is just a few steps away from Reza Bazaar.


Nearby Attractions of Imam Reza Bazaar in Mashhad

Nearby Attractions of Imam Reza Bazaar in Mashhad

Imam Reza Shrine

Imam Reza Shrine is the largest and most important religious attraction in Iran, enjoying significant popularity among domestic and international tourists. This site, which is one of the largest mosques in the world in terms of area and capacity, has a unique spiritual atmosphere and is full of tranquility. Besides visiting the shrine, you can also see the Goharshad Mosque or visit the tombs of famous figures such as Sheikh Bahai, Sheikh Tusi, and others.


Imam Reza Shrine Museums

The Central Museum of the Holy Shrine consists of several museums, treasures, and a hall of works by Master Farshchian. The Carpet Museum, the Museum of Gifts to the Supreme Leader, the Quran and Treasures Museum, and the History Museum of the Razavi Shrine are undoubtedly among the most popular sections of the Central Museum. Stamp and postal item collections, banknotes, coins, aquatic life, astronomy, clocks, dishes, medals, and more are also worth seeing.


Mashhad Ethnography Museum

The Ethnography Museum displays collections of clothing and items of daily life of various ethnic groups. This museum is located in the Mahdi Gholi Beyk Bathhouse, where you can get acquainted with one of the buildings of the Safavid period up close and learn more about the structure of a historic Iranian bathhouse.


17 Shahrivar Bazaar

17 Shahrivar Bazaar is one of the most affordable shopping centers in Mashhad, specializing in men's, women's, children's clothing, mantos, scarves, and formal attire. Located 750 meters away from Ima Reza Bazaar, visiting it is easily possible.


Bottom Line

Bazaar Reza in Mashhad hosts millions of visitors from all over the world every year. This bazaar has  a  total of 2092 shops and stalls selling traditional goods, local souvenirs of Mashhad and stone masonry workshops.

Visitors can explore and purchase various souvenirs, including saffron, barberry, chocolates, perfumes, jewelry, toys, and more. Reza Bazaar is a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic and vibrant shopping experience in Mashhad.

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